Social Media Made a HUGE Statement About Gays, Islam, and America

Milo Yiannopoulos, author at Breitbart and professional provocateur, was surprised this morning when he found out he had been banned from Twitter. Why? Because he is a gay who spoke out against the dangers of Islam.

Over the weekend, a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL faced the worst Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11. 49 individuals died in the club, 53 others were sent to the hospital in variation conditions, and the terrorist, dead. Following this attack, Yiannopoulos reached out to the liberal gay community, once again expressing his fear in the incompatibility of Islam and any free-open society, which in this case, is American society.

He is no stranger to the subject as he has written many articles on the subject in the time he has worked for Breitbart, including: Milo’s Warning on Islam and The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. However, as Islamic terror is viciously attacking western civilization and destroying its culture, the reality that it has come to American soil is too close and going too far.

While liberal media and leftist individuals turned this into a gun rights issue, there were very few willing to call it what it is: An Islamic Terror Strike on US Soil. The media has made excuses to push its agenda, all while saying it cares about gays, but never pointing at the largest killer of gays in modern time: ISLAM.

Immediately following the attack, Yiannopoulos set up a press conference called Absolutely Haram where he intended to talk about Islam and gays. It was set for Tuesday, June 14th at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. However, as he prepared the space for his speech, the event was cancelled as police said they could not promise his safety or the safety of his guests from the religion of peace. Free speech was effectively shut down by Islam. Quick question: Are we still in the United States?

The following morning, June 15th, he was surprised when, while on the air with Gavin McInnes, he found out that his Twitter Account had been banned. Why? Because a Muslim Account with more than 1 million followers rallied his followers to then go and harass the reporter. His account was reported as inciting harassment and banned for being the victim. Banned for speaking out against the dangerous ideology that is the basic foundation for at least 11 Islamic countries whose people are now flooding Western societies. As I write this, his account has been re-established, but that doesn’t negate what this action means.

Banning someone for speaking out against Islam in the United States sets a dangerous precedent and the fact that this isn’t even the first time, and that it’s happening all across the internet, makes it even scarier. It says that the media, and those who refer to themselves as liberals, have chosen sharia and totalitarianism over not only gays, but American values and freedom. This is not just an online war, this a war on our culture and always has been and some of the most powerful people have chosen their side, and it’s not with you. Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all been accused of changing search results, editing trending tags, and censoring people.
Are they truly afraid of a gay republican journalist who they believe is wrong or do they fear the light that truth will shine on them?

Censorship doesn’t care if you’re open-minded. It doesn’t care if you believe love conquers war. All that censorship cares about is that you follow its rules. You stand where it tells you to stand and you say what it wants you to say. If you think you will be spared because you submitted to hate speech rules, cultural diversity classes, and ‘anti-Islamophobia’ early on, you’re wrong. The people in charge don’t care who you are or what you believe. All they want is to pound you into submission and if you don’t comply, they will remove your voice. You know, I’m sure this increase censorship has nothing to do with the prince of Saudi Arabia’s share ownership in Twitter.

It’s not about one gay, one republican, or one journalist. It’s about closing down every facet of information and defense until people are helpless. They will shut the one guy up you don’t like, and then they will come after another group, and then another, and another until you cannot speak, you cannot act, you cannot deviate from the script handed to you.

Are you prepared to give up your rights, your country, yourself? Do you understand that when you loan to the devil, it is never given back? You’re gambling with global freedom.


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