What the Media Doesn’t Show You Still Happens


The media is panicking. It really doesn’t take that much digging to find that the MSM are basically writing carbon copies of each other’s ‘commentary’ pieces that have very little truth actually written into their ‘reports.’ The RNC and DNC, Black Lives Matter, campus racism and rape, the migrant crisis, censorship, and so much more–the elites in power are desperately trying to hide what is actually happening in our countries, and instead, they’re writing their own fantasy lands in unison to control the way you think and act. Go to any mainstream media website and read through their articles. They’re frighteningly similar, filled with false hyperbolic experiences that never happened and scrubbed clean of actual experiences. There are so many examples of this in just the last week that it’s sick–no wonder trust in the media is at a whopping 6%, the lowest it has ever been and at this point it feels like the MSM aren’t even hiding their corruption anymore. They’re just hoping you’re dumb enough to accept what they say. Screw fact-checking, you have pokemon to catch, don’t you?

mediaThe mainstream media hasn’t been honest for a long time–which is unfortunate since, you know, the definer of their job is to go see stuff happening and then just report what happened. Apparently that job is too complicate for places like MSNBC, CNN, Fox, HuffPo, WashPo, Reuters, (the list goes on)… but this election cycle has highlighted the obvious bias and corruption within our ‘reporting’ system. Between it and the migrant crisis/western invasion, it feels like the elite and their fable-writing team are falling apart rapidly (we can hope).

The media has been pretty iffy for at least 40 years, if not more than that, but they’ve been exacerbating the issues especially in the last 5-10. Why? Because they were promised money and protection for doing what they’re told (kind of like the mob). What do I mean by iffy? What biases?

Let’s take some obvious ones like the Black Lives Matter attacks that started what, 2 or 3 years ago? When the media is reporting the ‘death’ of innocent black men, when most of the people who have been martyred were literally criminals, but the media didn’t report on that, did they? The media pushed this “hands up, don’t shoot” for Michael Brown which has been proven false multiple times, but the mainstream media makes a claim and they never go back to correct it–because whether they knew it was wrong at the start or not, they don’t care. Their narrative is whatever they decide it to be and that’s just how it is. That becomes the history of what happened. Take for instance:

Bet you never heard any of that in the MSM. Let’s look at the race-baiting on school campuses like students at Yale called it racist to teach English or random people calling for the removal of historic structures or names of people who invested in places because the person owned slaves, and thus, the history is now racist and shouldn’t be taught. I guarantee you in all these cases the whiners were a very small minority, that should of course say whatever they want, this is America, but their opinions are wrong and they shouldn’t be indulged with responses, news coverage, or compliance! But of course, MSM likes to stir the pot, so they take a few loud voices of a small group and make it look like an epidemic.

Why? In order to control the masses, the MSM and their masters are creating a false reality that feeds into the fears and prejudices of the easily manipulated, especially those who think with their feelings, not with their logic. When they engage your feelings, you stop thinking, and you make mistakes, and you let other people control you. Tell me again what the bad guy does in the movies when he wants to get an advantage over the good guy? That’s right, he pisses him off because an angry person acts like a bull seeing red–and in that way, you can lead the bull wherever you want him, as long as you keep waving the red cloth.

How about DNC coverage versus RNC coverage? During the RNC, we spent 3 days hearing about how Melania Trump ‘plagiarized’ Michelle/Michael Obama. That was probably the biggest, hardest worked piece of the entire convention. Then there were a couple articles about the RNC being dirty for inviting  to speak a mother of a soldier who died in Benghazi thanks to Hillary Clinton–yet during the DNC (and afterwards) we got a bunch of articles about some random Muslim who had a son in the US army and how wonderful it was and how mean it is to say things about him or his son–yet the media was leading an attack against the mother of the Benghazi soldier. Also the stories about how it’s Trump’s fault the guy is dead, when Hillary was the one who voted for the war the kid died in? Don’t even get me started on that logic because there is none. Did I mention that the muslim guy at the DNC has ties that point to him being an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood? The media sure didn’t. Instead they wrote articles calling it a smear without sharing the actual claims and then provided no proof for their rebuttal which was basically just, “you racist piece of shit.”

donthinkbrainwashAt the start of the RNC there were a handful of articles that talked about the division of the party because of the Cruz situation, but they didn’t last long because there really wasn’t a division. There were articles about protesters, including the one about the naked women, which trended on Facebook, but NOTHING about the thousands of protesters outside the DNC, the ones burning flags, including American and Israeli, the ones climbing the walls the DNC put up or about the reporters who were not being allowed to report because of DNC security. We saw nothing about the 1100+ Bernie Sanders delegates who walked out of the convention, or the dozens of illegal aliens speaking at the DNC–criminals in this country. We heard nothing about the DNC’s divide being so bad they were hiring people to fill seats and put up white noise machines to block out protesters they could not remove.

Instead we were bombarded with MSM article after article about how great the next “insult Trump for 30-40 minute” speech was. They literally talked about Trump more than the RNC.

One more thing before we move away from the Disastrous Ninny Convention–just before the DNC, Wikileaks presented 20,000 emails (and later some voicemails) exposing the corruption of the DNC, and there was not one news article from the MSM talking about them. There were no articles about how the speakers at the DNC did not even acknowledge the emails. Instead, we got more than two dozen articles from MSM, not about the corruption, but pointing fingers at who released them. There was literally no problem with the content–it was all about who spilled the evil beans. What a joke.

The MSM also didn’t report on the Clinton Foundation or the lack of its mention from anyone at the DNC. Considering it’s one of Hillary Clinton’s ‘greatest accomplishments,’ you’d think it’d be something she’d mention as a reason for her qualifications? We might be able to thank Clinton Cash for that one, which was released just before the DNC and gives a brief peek into what the Clinton Foundation is all about:

The United States isn’t the only place where the media and elites are going crazy. As Muslims invade every European country they can get their sandy little feet into, police are telling people not to post information about the latest terror attacks, politicians, police, and even victims of crimes are lying about the ethnicities of attackers because they don’t want to appear ‘racist,’ people are being actively raided and arrested for telling the truth on their Facebooks, Twitters, or other online medias. The truth can be as minute as, “my sister was raped by a muslim refugee.”

We live in a time where the people in power are paying those entrusted with truth telling to tell lies instead and a time where students are taught there is no difference between fiction and nonfiction. As someone who just finished receiving an MFA in writing, I had the disgusting pleasure of hearing my fellow students and professors defend fiction mixed into nonfiction and selling it as truth. When they said, it’s okay to make things up, be experimental with what happened, and label it as the truth. Experimentation isn’t what happened. Make stuff up, but as soon as you do that, you can’t say it’s the truth. You can say it’s inspired by what happened or a dramatization of what happened, but it is in no way what actually happened and it was sickening to me to hear people encourage the fabrication of facts when you are in a position of truth telling. tumblr_static_5m5ohheooj0ows4cggo0gk848People trust you and you’re taking advantage of them for your own selfish agenda. I only have two words for you for people like you.

We live in a world where those in power don’t want anyone beneath them to become independent, self-sufficient, intelligent, or aspirational. They want to coddle false realities, dictate the way you act and the things you see, control your mind. If you are a critically-thinking person, you should never take what is said as the truth without checking multiple sources when possible, and these multiple sources must be from unlinked places. Avoid places paid for by the same people otherwise it’s like writing a thesis and using Charles Darwin to confirm Charles Darwin’s hypothesis. You need outside resources. Look for clues, look for things that match and things that don’t, look for photos, and piece together what is actually going on.

Most people hate the truth because it’s uncomfortable and dangerous. It doesn’t always make us happy. Often is tells us things we don’t want to hear, exposes a darkness we’re afraid of, disagree with, or don’t want to face. Most humans are cowards and would leave the dangerous stuff up to someone else, preferably someone they don’t know, so they don’t have to suffer a personal loss of any kind, but it’s imperative to make truth seeking a top priority.

Humans are the same as they’ve ever been. They go through patterns, behaviors don’t change, and if you read history, you know what to look for in evil dictators and deceptive communities. There’s a reason why government run schools don’t want to teach history anymore. If a queen wants to come to power, the best way to do it is to disarm people of their knowledge and ability to stop and defeat a dictator. If you can’t see her coming, she will take the throne.

bnp_media_poison_1To close your eyes when you hear lies is to allow evil to happen. You become an accessory and despite the, “I didn’t know,” you are still responsible. Turning away doesn’t abolish the part you had in the success of a plan and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Quite honestly I go out of my way to expose myself to media and people whom I don’t really agree with just to have their opinions, to know what is going on and being said, even when it doesn’t apply to me. It’s irritating at times, but it’s better than not knowing.

To find truth, you have to deal with discomfort. You have to ask questions and accept things you don’t like, but with that understanding, you grow. There is no right to personal comfort, so stop using it as a crutch to silence people. The wicked multiple in the dark and without courage and determination, you will fail.

The truth of the matter is, no one owes you the truth and there are too many people who can gain from your lack of knowing. If you don’t fight for the truth, you are to blame for the lives ruined by the lies you knowingly perpetuated.


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