Stop Worshiping Islam

The media is leading us all on and slowly indoctrinating us through the way they report on Islam. I was disgusted when I saw the news from the Olympics asking Michael Phelps to hand down the honor of carrying the American flag to a Muslim.


Now hold on, let’s look at the details in this story. Michael Phelp’s has an incredible michael-phelpsrecord. He holds an all-time high of 22 gold medals and over the last few days, he received a new medal and broke a record set said to be morefthan 2,000 years old. It’s not easy to even make it to Olympic level, and the fact he has won so many times should be admired. Those gold medals symbolize hard work, determination, and consistency. They symbolize hours, days, weeks, months, years of time used to master the skill. To hold the American flag for his team is to honor his accomplishments, something that no one could give him, something that he solely had to work for and get for himself.

FENCING-OLY-2016-RIOThen you have a Muslim woman who has not won anything. However, she gets all the news coverage for wearing a head-dressing… oh yes, for wearing a piece of clothing, a woman gets a bunch of attention. I’m curious, isn’t it the left that says we need to talk more about the ambitions and skill of women and less about what they wear? So why was her outfit so ‘ground-breaking’? Was it because she didn’t actually have skill so they needed to talk about something else instead? I only say this because she lost fencing by the second round. No medals, no honors, no special skills–but hey, she deserved to hold the flag just for being a Muslim–just for wearing something that the religion of peace insures as will keep women from being raped.


And this is how I see the west, and western media, worshiping Islam. You have a man who has competed and won and set major records. His accomplishments should be noticed. He should have special recognition such as carrying the flag. He should have articles written about him because he has accomplished something major through hard work and dedication. Then you have someone who has done nothing, has received nothing, but immediately, according to MSM, she should be elevated above Phelps and all his accomplishments.

The message that has been pounded into us for months is that Muslim people are at the top of everything. They are at the top of the oppression Olympics, despite having one of the most oppressive cultures still around today. They are at the top of special privileges, because a woman feels like she can sue an airline for having to do a job she agreed to do when she signed the work contract. They are at the top of the societal pyramid because when they rape someone or commit crimes, the media is quick to defend them with “cultural differences” while rape and violence victims will stay quiet because they don’t want to seem ‘racist.’ We are literally letting people get away with murder.

This is more than an issue of carrying a flag at a national event. This is about the way the media, and the left, are trying to rewire you into subordination. They’re small gestures that keep getting larger. This is about removing Americans from America and replacing them with everyone else. If you’re not looking at it from the point-of-view of accomplishments versus non-accomplishments, look at it from the point-of-view that it’s the United States team, and again, here is a push, to have someone who is was not even born on American soil. This is about erasing culture, erasing identity, and becoming slaves to the new invaders and the media is assisting in this, already falling to their knees before every Muslim they see.

Look at the crimes. Look at the removal of responsibility. The special interests of locals being forced to give up their homes for people who won’t pay for them, but will gladly wreck them. Look at the lack of contribution by the majority. Look at how a woman’s head-dress overshadowed the physical labor and triumph of the human spirit. Can you honestly tell me that western society is not being taught to worship Muslims?

And if that is what’s happening, tell me, what do you think is the next step once the majority of western society falls in line?

To Phelps who did not budge and still carried the flag: Thank you and congratulations on your new win and record. To the overreaching media who has been telling us what to think, say, feel, and do for far too long: go home. You have no power here and we are not apologizing for telling you off.



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