Laziness, The Poison to Success

Look, I get it. You would rather spend your time doing something you enjoy rather than being somewhere doing arbitrary tasks that you feel waste your time. You don’t want to put effort or energy into something you really dislike. You don’t want to spend the time going to some place that you despise, and in fact, you dread the idea of going to bed at night thinking, “I hate that place, but in a few hours, I will be there and I will use a third or more of my day there.” So you look for ways to avoid working, right now you may be on welfare because you just don’t have the patience for people nor the desire to do something you hate 5 days a week. I get it. I really do, but you need to suck it up. Here’s why:

  1. Most Everyone Feels The Same Way As You


As someone who has worked in offices, retail, and the kitchen, I can tell you that I’ve noticed one thing every workplace has in common: most employees are looking for ways to do as little work as possible. I have experienced managers who said that ‘overseeing the team’ was not their job. The same manager said that organizing paperwork and attending meetings with partners to coordinate success for both of our teams was also not part of his job. I have seen IT guys, whose only job was to update the computer system to keep it running smoothly, yet they ignore the updates for six months until an inspection, then update it all at once and chaos ensues. Why? Because when you leave a bunch of updates to one time, they can take forever, come in out of order, and then interfere with each other. Why did they ignore the updates? Because they just didn’t want to work. The very definition of their job is making sure the computer systems are secure, working, and up-to-date.

In both these cases, the individuals were avoiding doing what they were hired to do. Why? Because they don’t want to work. Because they are lazy. Because they’re selfish. Because they would rather do other things with their time, but they have to be here, counting down the days until the weekend where they can go home and sit on their couch for 48 hours, lamenting the return to work for the final 24 while asking their spouse when the next national holiday is.

If you still don’t believe me: look at congress. How many vacations do they need? How many ‘sit-ins’ where no actual work is done, yet they order takeout on our tax dollar? Bills are passing that they’ve never read. They are clearly not doing their jobs. Literally everyone hates working, but anyone refusing to put effort into what they agreed to do needs to suck it up.

  1.  Boredom Breeds Trouble

We might not like work. We might not like being busy in general, but to some extent, it’s very important to have things to do most of the time. When people, especially teens and young adults, become bored for long periods of time, they become antsy. These people generally do not know how to self-entertain or deal with their boredom in a productive way and this can develop two ways: sleeping all the time and becoming depressed or going out and causing trouble. Both are bad for health, mental and physical. By working, you fill time with something that may otherwise be left up to watching TV, sleeping, eating constantly, wondering around, or doing nothing at all.

  1. Unproductivity Causes Depression

It is ingrained in our brains to want to add something to society. We want to build in our community and feel useful. When you keep yourself out of work you cheat yourself out on personal happiness, growth, skill building, and can lead yourself into major depression. When people do not feel like they have anything to offer anyone else, be it skills, a service, the often begin to feel worthless and helpless. While you might think that staying home 7 days a week is a great way to get everything done you’ve ever wanted, it’s often found that most things that take ‘work’ to accomplish are often exchanged for more time doing nothing. It’s hard to feel motivated when you’re doing nothing. People who have low self-esteem and no outlet will often wonder why they should even try because they obviously have nothing to offer right now.

When I first moved to a new state, I had no job for three months. I had no friends. I had no anything. As a writer, I would have thought this would be my most productive time. I could study, read, and write my heart out. If I stayed focused, I could have gotten so much content out. Instead, the longer I was left unemployed, the more depressed I became and the less motivated I was to do anything. My self-worth plummeted and one day of doing nothing turned into two. And then I forced myself to get up and do something before it became a third.

Recovering from unproductivity isn’t easy because you have to do things despite a lingering feeling of depression in order to return your mental state to a healthy place.

  1. If You Are Not Moving, You Will Not Go Anywhere

I don’t know where it comes from other than laziness dreaming, but expecting to become successful while putting no work or effort into anything is insane. That’s like climbing into a car without keys or gas and just expecting it to get you to the store without ever turning it on. If you lay on the ground and refuse to improve yourself, your life will never improve. That is one of the greatest things about America: you can always be as successful as your skills and effort allow. That’s not a privilege many other countries have. To expect success at the expense of someone else is nothing short of selfishness and to complain that you have to put in an effort to receive something is nothing short of lazy.


426905-r3l8t8d-650-saitFace it: the majority of working people don’t want to work and they especially don’t want to serve nasty people, continually push the same button, or even risk their lives just to survive, but they realize it’s necessary. Most people realize that to have a cohesive, working society, people must contribute. What we are actually doing is trading one service for another in a less direct way because we all benefit from the work other people do in our countries. If you decide that you don’t need to work, that other people will pick up the slack for you because you just ‘don’t wanna,’ then you are nothing more than a full-grown crybaby; self-servient, lazy, and quite frankly, slowing down the growth of your community.

FYI, Being out of work momentarily is not the same as refusing to work because someone else will foot the bill for you.


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