Encouraging Mental Illness Is Child Abuse

I see a lot of articles criticizing transgenderism from people who are not trans and none of them can speak for the experience I have as an afflicted person. Many on the left hail transgenderism as mega oppressed superheroes (underneath Muslims) and gender revolutionaries while the right often just categorizes them as entirely insane or perverted with very little effort given to listen or understand. I don’t blame some of them.

With that said, let’s dive into this:

North Carolina schools recently revealed the gender unicorn, to their grade schools in order tgender-unicorno teach kids about gender identity. They have also been ordered to stop using words like “boys,” “girls,” “FTM/MTF”, “drag king/queen,” and other gendered words. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. I don’t see schools creating, “Depression Razor Blade” and telling kids to cut. I don’t see “The Bipolarbear” or “The Schizophrenia Snake” making visits to classes to teach about mental illnesses–and that’s just the problem. Schools, government officials, regressive leftists, and children on websites like Tumblr have no idea what “transgender” really is.

Let me make it easy for you: transgenderism is a mental disorder; “transgender” is just a less clinical way of saying, “person with gender dysphoria.” There’s nothing inherently wrong with mental disorders. Typically they cause complications the life of the afflicted, they can make things more complicated, and they can even require drugs to correct. There is no way to cure bipolar because it is a chemical imbalance that someone is just born with. However, bipolar medication can help individuals with bipolar cope and manage their symptoms. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. It should not be encouraged  in children as a “life decision” anymore than you would encourage your children to “become bipolar or schizophrenic.” If you know someone who is trans, has been taking the correct steps, and struggling with themselves, then by all means, support them. There are legitimate cases. The problem is, institutions, government, and random internet communities are encouraging mental illness where there is none.

all-gender-bathroomsIn 2013, Antonio Guillamon released a study on the brain of transexuals. He took 18 pre-treatment female-to-male patients, MRI their brains, then compared them to 24 biologically normal men and 19 biologically normal women. The MRIs should that the brains of the transexuals were remarkably similar to the brains of the biologically normal men and different from those of the 19 women. While we have not done enough studying to conclude everything about the transgender brain, we know that ‘gender’ is not merely a ‘social construct,’ but it IS something born inside the individual. How do we know this?

One tragic example is the “John-Joan-John” case, where a boy who lost his penis at 8 months was surgically turned into a girl, including the administration of estrogens and receiving psychological counseling. Although raised a girl all her life, she had the unshakeable feeling that she was in fact a boy. She transitioned back to male at age 14, and attempted to live as a male, but eventually, due to financial instability and a failing marriage, committed suicide. (Bao)

– The David Reimer Experiment

There was no way Daniel could have known that something was off, but he did, and it affected him. It affected him in the same way that if you gave a biologically health man estrogen, the hormones would screw up his head and he would become extremely depressed. The same can be said when administering testosterone to women who are not truly transgender. For those with the mental illness, it adds some level of mental equilibrium by aligning the body and the mind in a similar way that bipolar medication evens out bipolar episodes.

Also consider: the brain and the genitals develop at different times in the womb which means a misalignment between the genitals and brain can develop, leading to either an intersex condition or a transgender individual.

Kim Petra, Youngest MTF to receive full treatment.

Transgenderism is the mental counterpart to an intersex condition. It is a mental disorder/illness, or, if it helps you understand better, it is a mental deviation. That is why it is considered to be so rare. We don’t have half the population running around with intersex genitals. However, if you ask medical professionals, most will tell you that 1 in 1500-2000 babies have noticeably different genital variation. This is a much higher number than those that display gender dysphoria. Perhaps it’s due to how hard gender dysphoria can be to trace, how little it’s been studied, or that there are just half as many cases of gender dysphoria vs. intersex conditions.

With that being said, the people pushing garbage like Gender Unicorn are the same people who are disassociating transgenderism with mental illness, physical differences, symptoms, and science in general. These people are making it about ‘self-discovery’ rather than diagnosing a problem that some people live with. When the symptoms of an illness are erased, so is the plight of the people suffering it. Go to any mainstream story about someone with transgenderism and you will mostly see comments calling for anger and institutionalization or special rights. Neither of these situations sees transgenders for what they are: people just trying to live their life.

Ryan Sallans, FTM

Most people spearheading arguments on mainstream media, calling for new legislation, and ‘education’ are not transgender, but people trying to use a mental illness as a class of people and create a dictatorship. InfoWars recently released a video with trans pornstar River Stark arguing with a crowd. A man in the blue shirt says, “Why not just be a man? Why not just be a woman? Why be trans?” and Stark makes up all the reasons in the book to not just be ‘normal.’ Reasons to elevate themselves, creating a distinction that can then be used to create special rules for herself.

Getting back to schools teaching transgenderism to kids: no. All children, every last one, goes through a period of “who am I.” This doesn’t make someone transgender. It makes them normal. Questioning who you are and trying on different identities is something kids and teenagers have always done and will continue to do. These kids trust the adults around them to take care of them, educate them, and keep their health and growth in mind.

To teach transgenderism and remove all of the symptoms is not only disgusting, but it is child abuse. Physically changing your body in any way takes a mental toll, and that’s not including the social aspects of transitioning that must be dealt with nor the reality that you will probably never look exactly the way you imagined. Often times young people think the transition from their current appearance to their desired appearance will be immediate: its not. If it ever happens, it most commonly takes years. This is an uncomfortable reality that most people teaching transgenderism in a casual setting don’t consider and which increase suicide rates when expectations are not met and hope falls further than it was originally. You are actively increasing suicide rates by teaching falsehoods and encouraging children to mutilate themselves. 

You have a responsibility to kids and that does not include lying, presenting censored or purposefully misleading information, and encouraging the mutilation of children. Transitioning is a medical decision that only a legal adult should make after going to a legitimate therapist for an appropriate amount of time. If you are a parent, educator, politician, activist, or doctor, your first job is to protect children. By teaching falsehoods and half-truths and encouraging children to make decisions they are not old enough to fully understand, you become an active proponent of child abuse in our country and a silencer to those actually suffering from mental illness.



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