A Response to “Trans Men Explain Male Privilege”

Earlier this week Laci Green’s channel, “Braless” released a video entitled “Trans Men Explain Male Privilege” where she had procured five transmen who claim they experienced ‘both sides’ and now who now want to lecture everyone about male because they feel like scholars in the subject now and if you disagree, well, you’re wrong. No literally. That’s the video’s first line. Check it out:

Don’t worry if you don’t want to watch it because I’ll be recapping the statements made in the video and responding to them throughout this blog entry and at the end I’ll wrap it all up nice and neat with my thoughts on this project as a whole. Let’s begin.

“If you don’t think male privilege exists, then you are wrong.”

Whoa! Color me surprised when leftist feminists don’t make an argument, but trot out the dictatorship immediately. They don’t want your conversation; they want your subordination, bitch.

“Male privilege is the bullshit idea that men are better than everyone else.”

Actually, no. Even googling the phrase will pop up a definition like, “the idea that a man’s access to benefits depends on his male characteristics.” What you’re thinking of is closer to misogyny. The fact you’re melting the two together says more about either your intelligence, the way you think about men and women, or both.

“Male privilege is the way to move about the world in the way that you want to.”

So, are you telling me that in the USA, you cannot walk where you want, go where you want, and do what you want as a woman? What? Were you chained down in a basement when you were a woman? Please, tell me how what stopped you from navigating the world. Clearly you were able to navigate to your therapist (maybe) and the doctor well enough to transition.

“It’s the experience of being left alone and free to be yourself.”

Are you seriously saying it’s a male privilege to be ignored by the world? Tell that to the growing male suicide rates, the victims of domestic and sexual violence that aren’t heard, and the men who literally just want a friend. Yeah, being ignored by society and told you don’t matter really is a good thing, isn’t it?

“Privilege is also like the absence of experience.”

Privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

Experience: practical contact with and observation of facts or events.

(Antonym) Ignorance: lack of knowledge or information.

Not even slightly the same thing. Or are you saying that men are dumb because they’re men? I would only accept that if it’s your admittance of being an idiot.

“As a man I have the privilege of getting on the New York City subway train and don’t have to worry about a man wagging his dick at me. That is a male privilege that I like.”

  1. If a guy is gonna wag his dick at people on the subway, he’s not gonna care if you’re male or female. That’s not really why these people do that.
  2. You do get to see regular dick wagging in the men’s room. So. Uhm…
  3. You’re an idiot.

“The first time I noticed I had male privilege was when I was walking home with a bunch of friends who happened to be women. They had expressed being a little worried about walking home in the dark and while I was walking I realized that I had no worry in the world about being talked to or stared at or followed or assaulted.”

You know, because men are totally safe walking alone at night too. It’s not like they can get mugged or raped or attacked in any way.

Except wait, men are more likely to be murdered and robbed and almost as likely to be abducted! So why does being a man make you less worried to walk around in the dark? Though I guess this is really mostly about being talked to? Sounds like feminist bullshit where every interaction with a woman makes it rape or sexual harassment… because again, men are more likely to be followed and assaulted than women… Get over yourself.

“A man can just walk down the street and no one is going to bother him. No one’s going to ask him to smile. No one’s gonna ask him where he’s going. No one’s gonna ask him if he’s married. No one’s gonna ask him if they can walk with him. But this is something that I know women experience every day.”

If you’re a hot guy, then yes, you are approached by women in the street. Is this literally all you feminists have to say about men? “I want to be left alone. Why are people talking to me?” You’re freaking pathetic.

“Post-transition life, my god, walking down the street is so glorious–I can actually think!”

Are you saying women can’t think?

Why is it that all of you just like to spend your time walking down the streets?

“First time I ever experienced male privilege was on social media. I’ve always been the type to express myself and talk real crazy and when I did it prior to transition it wasn’t okay, but the minute that I transitioned and everyone looked at me as a male figure it was like, ‘ah man, that’s hilarious.’ I’m like, ‘hey, guy, I been hilarious all this time. So what’re you talking about?’”

This just sounds like you became confident in yourself.

“An unexpected aspect of male privilege for me was being taken way more seriously than I was before and it’s funny because I have all the same ideas, still thinking about the same things, and yet sometimes I would literally just be talked over or laughed at. Now people will often quiet down.”

Again, sounds like self-confidence. You know what unconfident people do? They talk softly. You know what unconfident people do when someone talks louder than them? They quiet down, stop talking, and shrivel up. Confidence is not male privilege.

“And having experience that from both sides of the spectrum, as female and male, I call bullshit on that right now.”

There it is, the feminist talking point every feminist wishes they could say and shut men up for real, but can’t.

“Male privilege and sexism isn’t just a problem for women. It’s also about liberating ourselves. Masculinity is very diverse. Masculinity is what it is to you. You don’t have to be a brute. You don’t have to be an athlete, and my masculinity looks like a man who likes puppies and babies and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Are you assuming a man can’t like sports, fighting, and puppies or babies? Isn’t that close minded of you?

But actually, masculinity does have a definition: “possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men.” That doesn’t mean you can’t be a man and possess other qualities that are not traditionally associated with men, however, masculinity is not for an individual to define. What you’re trying to do is destroy language and identity by erasing and/or outlawing the inherent ability humans (and all animals) have to recognize and categorize things. By destroying words, you destroy the ability to think and that is very Orwellien of you… but again, also plays right into the palm of the dictatorial left who is PUSHING this identity politics crap to divide and erase at the same time.

“I was in the club this night and my brothers are around. I think it might have been single lady and I’m like, ‘OH. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES. ALL THE SINGLE–’ and they go, you’re a man now. Men don’t wile out to Beyonce like that and I said, ‘but it’s music!’”

Your story sounds so fake it hurts and if your friends really said that to you, you need new friends because guys dance and they do silly things and they are clearly still men.

You obviously haven’t seen the US Soldiers doing this video to “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen:

Or this video of Steve Kardynal Chatrouletting it up to “Peacock” by Katy Perry


Seriously. Youtube it and get new friends.

“There’s no one way to be a man. There’s a spectrum of masculinity and just, like, be chill.”

…If you have nothing to say, then just don’t speak. You’re literally retarded and, just, like, be chill.

“If a guy really wants to understand male privilege, understand what it is, talk to him.”

“Step back, listen to what other people are going through. Ask someone what they’re going through and I think you’ll see the world doesn’t run exactly as you think it does.”

…Being a man doesn’t automatically make someone uncaring. Masculinity is not ‘uncaring.’ Why are you assuming men don’t listen? Don’t care? Especially when most warriors are men. They are the protectors .You can’t protect if you’re not observing the world. Get off your feminist soap block.

“You’re doing nothing wrong by having privilege. It’s just what you do with it that matters.”

What privilege? The privilege to have the world ignore you? How do you do anything when your special ‘ability’ is literally being ignored? –Oh, right, and being able to think. My bad.

“Wanna know what else is male privilege? We actually have a bunch of men having to talk about what male privilege is even though women have been talking about this for years. We ain’t shit!”

You mean the whole ‘grass is greener’ mentality?

Privilege of any kind is a made up phrase to dehumanize and discredit certain groups while repelling personal responsibility. Acknowledging someone has strengths different than your own doesn’t assign those strengths to everyone and doesn’t automatically make someone else a failure. Every person in this video and every claim is an example of that. “I wasn’t listened to, because of you. I couldn’t think, because of you. I couldn’t exist, because of you.”

No. You were afraid. And instead of taking that upon yourself, it’s just easier to blame someone else whom you don’t understand. That’s what this is really all about.

All of you in this video make me sick.

But there’s more than just blatant lying or obvious cluelessness behind those involved in this video… There’s the purposeful deception by Laci Green and her producers to minimize the meaning, role, and importance of men in society and what they have to say. Everyone should be listened to–unless you’re men. If that’s the case, let women do the talking because–well, you’re wrong just for being men.It’s freaking disgusting.brad-pitt-fight-cl_2982907b

Green and her payers don’t care about these people, nor do they care about western society. Ultimately, they only care about control, shutting down conversations, and creating an echo chamber of their own thoughts. Note how everything parroted in this video is no different than what third wave feminists have been saying for years; blaming the patriarchy for their own, personal failures and lack of confidence. Green used transmen the same way the democrats have been using blacks for votes and I can assure you that the moment these transmen are proven ineffective for her purpose, she will dump them and move onto the next afflicted group she can get to spew her garbage.

That’s the recipe and the transmen in this video are tools of their own demise. If you don’t believe me, try this, just for one second: say something against the grain of what she expects and see how quickly she, and people like her, turn on you. Your compliance offers you temporary membership, but when you’re no longer helpful, you will be turned out in the same way members of the LGBT don’t think gay men are oppressed enough to be included anymore and once you’ve isolated yourself from the normal people and have been tossed out by your ‘allies,’ tell me who will you have left to care about you?

I can’t think of anyone.

Meanwhile, check out this documentary of a woman who lived as man for 18 months, and then chose ‘female privilege’ over ‘male privilege’ because it was better.


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