Why France’s Burka-Ban is Justified (And Why We Should Do The Same)

In the past few months, you may or may not have seen the following image circulating through social media:


It’s accompanied by “100 years later women’s bodies are still being controlled by men.” This was in response to a Muslim woman in France being told to remove her burkini or leave the beach.  While it’s true to an extent, the people reposting this image are completely skirting around the real issue of Islam’s control on women, and instead, focusing their energy on demonizing western society, of course.

France is completely justified in banning the “burkini’ and all Muslim garb for that matter. To say otherwise after the numerous terrorist attacks that took place on French soil in the past few years is asinine and dismissive of the danger France is in. But let’s start with this claim that banning the burkini (or burqa or whatever) is a women’s rights issue.

Forcing women to wear a burkini (or burqa or whatever) is a woman’s rights issue. Do you know why these women insist on covering up to the extent that they dehumanize themselves into black bags of cloth? Because Islam tells them they must cover up or they deserve to be raped. In Islam, women are not seen as people. They are seen as property. They buy and trade sex slaves because raping a sex slave is not a crime, nor is it considered infidelity in marriage.

What is the purpose of wearing a burqa or a hijab as it pertains to Muslims? To quote TheReligionOfPeace.com:

“There is some disagreement as to whether the face should be veiled, but almost all scholars agree that a woman’s hair should be covered. The covering of cloth is supposed to keep the sexual appetites of passing men at bay when women travel outside the home. This might even save a woman’s life, since she is usually assumed to bear the responsibility of unlawful sexual encounters and thus subject to stoning.”

So if a woman is raped or assaulted in any way, she is blamed, regardless of what she is wearing. Unders Sharia Law, you can be stoned to death for not doing wearing a veil. Where are the feminists defending women’s rights to exist without the men of Muslim countries (and those invading western countries) controlling their every move? Oh, that’s right, to criticize a political system is racist. I forgot. But it’s okay to say all white men are rapists or to say that when ‘migrants’ rape women, it’s not as bad as when white men rape women. It’s okay that sexual assault in Sweden (and many other European countries) is up because its immigrants, but it’s okay. They don’t count–so much so that Sweden and other countries have had to stop recording the ethnicity of the assaults in order to hide the true number of migrant/invader rapes occurring.

Banning the burkini and other Muslim garb is a necessary step western civilization needs to take in order to preserve its culture and laws. When Imams are infiltrating countries stating that those who don’t follow Sharia deserve to be punished. They’re saying Sharia Law supercedes country laws. They’re saying ‘non-believers’ of Islam should be punished by Sharia Law. This makes it more than a religion. This makes it a political system that is trying to take over another political system and all the countries that don’t currently run under it.

I find it hard to believe that self-proclaimed feminists find it ‘freedom’ for women when they are forced to wear extra clothing that their husbands don’t have to. I find it hard to believe that self-proclaimed feminists never seem to talk about the limitations Islam forces on women: they can’t drive, they can’t go out alone, it’s okay to beat your wife, it’s okay to marry multiple people and keep sex slaves, if a woman is raped or assaulted, it’s her fault, and how do self-proclaimed feminists think of it when a Muslim man can go to a beach wearing as little as he wants and can enjoy feeling the sand between his toes, brush against his legs and get stuck in his hair, but a woman is not allowed to experience the elements in the same way. She must interact with the sand, the water, and the air through a veil or risk assault or stoning.

If those were your options, it’s no wonder that most Muslim women ‘choose’ to veil themselves–but this is hardly a choice and I would like to see self-proclaimed women’s rights activists discuss some of these issues. The only blame I ever see is being at western societies and white men.

Face Islam for what it really is and stop blaming individuals and countries for trying to protect their people and their cultures from invasion and destruction. Islam is creeping into our countries one percentage at a time and France’s burqa ban was a much needed law to slow down, and hopefully lead to ending the world domination of Islam.

You think it’s not happening? There are Muslim no-go zones all over Europe now. We have no-go zones in the US where you are in danger if you are a non-muslim. We also have a city in Michigan run by Sharia Law, NOT the US Constitution and they are pushing for more places where Sharia Law supersedes American law. In Europe and America, Muslims and the MSM are stating it is racist to even talk about Sharia law and that non-Muslims are not allowed to speak about it. Ironically, that is part of Sharia Law too.

Where does the insanity end?

This is a take over. If the self-proclaimed women’s rights activists want to stand up for women, I want to see them talk about Islam’s control over women and the punishment women receive rather than it being ignored and handed off to anyone and everyone in western society. Only then might I take your “100 years later women’s bodies are still being controlled by men” argument seriously. Until then, you are an enabler of laws and political systems that devalue women and leave them prone to victimhood and overreaching control.

To learn a bit more about Islam, the political system, watch these excellent interviews with Islam Researcher Bill Warner on the Rubin Report.


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