The Intentional Abuse of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s health has been an intriguing topic in American politics for months now. She has been known for having abnormal and long coughing fits, noted for her inability to stand, and questioned for the amount of time she spends napping and resting on the campaign trail while her political opponent, Donald J. Trump continues to hold 2-3 rallies per day on most days. Her health has been a major question as many American citizens and journalists wondered if her health would stop her from doing the job of commander in chief. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the position is one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs on earth. Just look at Obama after 6 years in office:


But listen, I’m not here to talk politics today. I’m here to question to purpose a question regarding Hillary Clinton, her health, and her ability to survive as long as possible.

Yesterday on the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 attack, Hillary Clinton attended a 9-11 memorial in Washington DC. She then left early, her campaign citing a medical emergency. She was carried into a van and rushed off. Some said they were going to the hospital, a few hours later, the media stated she was being taken home. The media was kept pinned in a sort of corral, not allowed to observe the event as it happened. They were effectively kept from doing their job, but what’s more, is the cover up that followed this medical episode.

Many mainstream media outlets claimed that Clinton suffered from heat exhaustion and simply needed help getting into her van. They also, oddly, focus on her losing a shoe. The CNN hosts spent an awful lot of time mentioning she lost her shoe which feels like redirection if you ask me. Here’s a video of her being taken into the van. Let me know if you think it looks like heat exhaustion:

At the beginning of the video, she is leaning against the concrete beam for support while the handler to her left is holding onto her, keeping her balanced. She bobs when her support (the column) is no longer behind her. Then if you watch her feet, they are barely touching the ground. She’s not standing on her own; they are dragging. Her body guards and handlers literally dragged/carried her into the van.

There has been a lot of name calling over the last few months when it comes to reporting on Hillary’s health. People have been called sexist for questioning her health or conspiracy theorists for posing the idea that something was medically wrong with her despite the fact that democrats have questioned the health of people like John McCain and made it a staple of their campaigning.

We have legitimate doctors questioning Hillary’s health saying that it looks bad; Over 70% Of US Doctors Surveyed Say Hillary’s Health Concerns Are “Serious, Possibly Disqualifying. Before they commented, Dr. Drew and then shortly after lost his show. The only people saying Hillary is health are people who are not doctors and people who have everything to gain from her getting into office; her campaign, her media outlets, and in some cases, her family. The majority of doctors who have spoken their concerns have disagreed with the Clinton Camp so I have this question to pose:

If Hillary Clinton is unhealthy, so unhealthy that she cannot stand on her own; so unhealthy that she may be constantly injected with drugs to keep working; so unhealthy that she has to take days worth of breaks at a time… if this is her condition, is it not the more compassionate, merciful thing for anyone who supports her to request that she drops out of the race? Is it not considered elder abuse to know that she is physically and mentally unable to campaign, but they encourage and enable her to do so anyway at the price of her own health? Most of us who don’t like her for obvious reasons also hate to see injustice and there’s something incredibly wrong with pushing a very ill person to the edge of their body’s abilities.

Just think about it.

According to the CDC, elder abuse can be neglectful care and is defined as: failure by a caregiver or other responsible person to protect an elder from harm, or the failure to meet needs for essential medical care, nutrition, hydration, hygiene, clothing, basic activities of daily living or shelter, which results in a serious risk of compromised health and safety. Examples include not providing adequate nutrition, hygiene, clothing, shelter, or access to necessary health care; or failure to prevent exposure to unsafe activities and environments.

If Hillary Clinton is as unhealthy as she appears (or worse) then everyone, including the media, her campaign staff, the DNC, and her family, are all conspirators and active hands in her abuse. Her health is deteriorating and continuing along in the way that she is can only cause her health to diminish quicker than before. Let me ask you, Clinton supporters and news networks; is winning and power so important to you that you are okay stretching a 69 year old woman past her physical and mental limits? Is it okay for you to sacrifice her well-being and what little health she has left in order to make it for 2 months to the election? You don’t have any problem at all with this campaign resulting in her deteriorating health and may ultimately lead to her death?


I would like to hear the response to this. If she is truly this ill, is winning worth her sacrifice? If, say, she were able to last until November, but the physical and mental strain killed her before January of 2017, would you be okay knowing that you were an active hand in the death of an old woman whose health couldn’t handle the stress? Are you okay with being an abuser as long as you get what you want?

CNN, NBC, ABC, Daily Beast, The Guardian, and every other news network who has actively covered up Clinton’s health for the past few months; Obama, Soros, and every last actor or entertainer who has supported Hillary and called those talking about her health sexist or conspiracy theorists: you, the casual or passionate Clinton supporter who has continued to turn a blind eye to her health and decided to remain ‘ignorant’: you are all abusers of this old woman. You don’t stand for justice. You don’t stand for what’s right. If you did, you would feel at least a little bad as her health has declined before our very eyes for the last couple of months. Is this really the principle in which you want to build the net 4-8 years of America on? Is this really what America means to you?
If your answer is yes, then I feel sorry for you. You are truly wicked and compassion is a stranger. What is said through this race is that you, as a person and individual, don’t matter. It’s okay to use a person up until they are nothing, as long as it accomplishes your goal–and that is truly disgusting. 


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