“Sit Down and Shut Up,” They Always Say

No, it’s not easy to stand up for what you believe in; yes, people will hate you for it and in today’s social climate, there could be real-world ‘punishments’ taken on those who deviate from what’s ‘expected’ of them. What’s worse, when you look through history or folklore, consequences often fall upon those doing the right thing and we don’t see those in the wrong suffering from their decisions. Often people look at the evil and think they should do it too because it seems to pay off more than doing the right thing. In fact, it seems that people demonize those who do good more than those who do bad.

Just look at New York’s policy on paying criminals to dissuade them from committing crimes. Where is the free money for people who have never done anything wrong? This is an obvious example of how being bad is more beneficial than being good.

When you evaluate the world, those in power, and the outspoken individuals who seem to be succeeding in life, how can you even toy with the idea of doing right when it seems all the people with the wrong ideas make it the biggest? Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has made her living from doing the wrong things; she steals money from the people, sells American property to foreign governments, and so much more yet… she’s one of the most powerful people in America and has not been punished in the slightest for her crimes which others have committed to a lesser extent and received punishments that did not fit the crime. It’s seems so easy to succeed if you just do the wrong thing; if you focus on yourself and use self-interest only to move forward, then everything seems so much easier, doesn’t it?

60650_348907435265209_4840833268283627340_nDefinitely. You look at people who are calling out true injustice or simply stating their different opinions and they are disowned by the communities who declared them as neighbors. We see keyboard warriors who take it upon themselves to find out the employers of others and get them fired because they don’t like what someone is saying. It’s because of this threat to livelihood that a lot of good people have stood down. Not everyone is able to sacrifice their careers in order to stand up to the loud minority that control everything around them. There have been so many interviews recently from entertainment stars saying there are lots of people in the entertainment industry who are more conservative, but if they expressed their different opinions, they would be blacklisted and their jobs? History.

It’s beyond ridiculous that we are at the point in America where not playing along with those in power means that you are no longer allowed to have a job. Don’t tell me that’s not what they’re doing. When someone goes online or hears you speak in person and you simply say you support one thing or another and someone says they want to have you fired, they release your personal information, and/or send people out to get you, they are telling you that because your opinion isn’t theirs, then you do not deserve to have a job; you do not deserve to support yourself, find success, secure your family. They are making decisions toward their destined society by attempting to doom those who don’t agree with them.

So what if you don’t agree with everyone? You never will and you should never try to convince everyone else that you (or anyone else) is 100% right. It’s impossible and you may disagree with me on this, that we can all agree 100%… and… well, I’d have you review the evidence and get back to me, because I’m not changing my mind. You can disagree and move on with your life or relationship if that person is someone you care about.

How to Deal With Disagreement

So let’s pretend you support something that I don’t support. Your duty as a supporter of a cause is to provide reasonable proof/justification as to what you believe and why. Empty answers like, “LOL LOOK IT UP” or “I CANT EVEN BELIEVE YOU DON’T KNOW” are not reasonable proof or justification. “Shut up you don’t know anything” is also not proof or justification. A debate is not a screaming match and disagreement does not have to mean the termination of a relationship. In fact, healthy adults can maintain different ideas AND relationships. Imagine that.

You Have to Be Fair And Honest

It can be really easy to get sucked into tribalism or competition when dealing with disagreement. Things like the election even come down to my team vs your team mentalities; there are way too many people who vote based on political party team name and not the nominee, their ideas, and  their ability to do a good job. This isn’t actually red vs blue; it’s not a sport; you don’t win by being the loudest and you should never hope that anything as important as world/country leadership is won only by yelling over other people. This is a recipe for disaster and quite honestly turns into a fight to put the least qualified person into office. If you hear something you disagree with, be honest about it and why. If you have a counter argument that you’d like to state, do so respectfully. State why you believe what you do, and walk away knowing it’s okay to disagree. You won’t die (in most cases) by disagreeing with someone and every debate or idea exchange doesn’t have to end with the destruction of someone else.

Losing a Debate Doesn’t Make You A Victim

Something I’ve seen trending in the last few years is that people go picking fights with others they strongly disagree with, then when voices are heard from their intellectually/ideological opponents, some people will respond by crying, falling back, and screaming victimhood. They were picked on; someone is some type of terrible ‘ist’; they disagree so they must be shut down and taught to never do it again in the most public, painful way possible.

How about instead bring up your facts, be honest, sincere, understanding, find middle ground you can agree on or understand you don’t have to disagree, and stop pretending to be the victim. You can’t be ‘surprised’ when someone disagrees with you. You can’t ignore the facts, and you can’t just pretend facts you don’t like are lies, personal attacks, or hate speech. The truth doesn’t see color, sex, orientation, or whatever. If you can’t deal with the truth, then get out of the game of propaganda. Anyone who believes in good will fight you and even if you are a part of the mob, you will not be able to destroy everyone.

There’s something called a ripple effect that we’ll talk about in a different blog. That is, some people are at the head of the herd, they are financially well off or do not have to worry about their family/livelihoods as much as others. If they do have these things to lose, maybe they’re just braver. They take the first step against the mobs and take a majority of the harsh gang-up assault from all sides, but their courage weakens the power of those who have everyone else in a stranglehold. This enables others who don’t have as much freedom to begin to raise their voices and stand up for what’s right and as more people encourage others, the good comes to the top and overruns evil, dictatorships, and lies. For an example of this in entertainment, watch or read V for Vendetta.



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