Why Does it Seem People Have Already Given Up in the Battle of Good vs. Evil?

“They’re already going to win? Why bother fighting…” is a sentiment I’ve heard a lot recently. Scrolling through social media, listening to discussions of politics and the world, it seems to be everywhere. This sentiment pops up every time the subject of the presidential election, the dictatorship of companies and 1%ers who want to decide our fate, globalists, or any other kind of evil arise. I wonder when people say this, do they realize the reason why the enemy is going to win is because they aren’t even trying? They look out on the horizon and see what looks like an army, swords drawn, coming down toward them, and instead of drawing their own sword to fight for themselves, their family, and their futures, they go, “eh, I’m out, just let them mess us all up.”

There are a lot of famous quotes about this very subject, but recently I keep thinking of one:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

So why does it seem like so many good men are sitting down in a time when they are needed? Here is my theory:

Their Spirits Are Broken55dcc3197c2d3a5035d8e2493e10a6d3

Throughout history, on a yearly and even monthly and daily basis this battle rages on. When people don’t have a strong community and support group around them, trial after trial can wear you down. This is how they destroyed spirits in prisoner camps of all kinds and there are numerous psychological studies on this. It’s why when EU votes fail that the EU wants, they conti
nually push for referendums until enough people stop showing up that their desire wins: they are breaking the spirits of people through repeated exposure in the same way an object exposed to natural elements wears down overtime.

It’s kind of strange to think about people having so little faith when our box offices are full to the brim with superhero and good versus evil movies where evil always loses. The increased popularity in superhero movies tells us that people are looking for heroes, they want to see good triumph over evil, and the darker our times get, the more people want to see good triumph over evil. But rather than taking that to the streets and fighting for what’s right, they prefer a more passive role. They’re told, “You’re too small to make a difference. When a true hero comes along, you will be able to tell by his iron suit or red, white, and blue jumper. But you? You’re just an extra and all you can do is watch.”

Despite ‘generation snowflake’ kids shouting at everyone about how special they are, I more than certain this is done out of insecurity. They don’t think they’re special, but at least in saying so, maybe they can delude themselves into thinking they are. Then when a problem arises when the special truly must stand up, they let their ego fade away just long enough to do nothing. 

They’re Pacified With Distractions

Movies, Netflix, HBO, that new car model, that promotion: it’s not a bad thing to strive for soemthing, but it’s a bad thing to become numb to the world around you because you are so focused on the small distractions in life. I think this is one of the ways that our current society has become like Aldous Huxley’s depiction of the future in Brave New World. In Brave New World no one wants to deal with mild discomfort or unhappy feelings so they developed the drug ‘soma’ to erase those things. Depending on how bad someone feels, they can take more of the drug to have stronger effects, the strongest effect causing unconsciousness for days. They go to the movies and watch “feelies” which are nothing more than superficial films about sex and action that are also connected to machines to cause sensations on the watchers. Beautiful art, intricate stories, and anything that has to do with emotion has been removed because it’s too hard to deal with.walle-hoverchair05

People in our society allow the movies and television shows especially to distract them day in and day out. I know so many people at work who only come to work then go home and watch television. They have a full-lineup all week and have little else to talk about than the shows they’re watching. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with watching television and movies, but to allow them to create complacency because they distract you from disaster is exactly how evil gets into power. It’s willful ignorance to know the left hand is doing something but to pretend you don’t see it and pay all mind to the right hand which is juggling.

Television and other comforts are often used as nothing more than a distraction from discomfort and it’s weakening the morale of humanity.

They Lack Confidence

When I think of the fight of good vs. evil I see battles like David vs. Goliath or the story of Gideon who took only 300 men into battle with 15,000 Midianites. The enemy is overwhelming, they appear huge and I think another reason why people are so eager to stand down is because they feel small when looking at what’s ahead. I know when I look at the news recently, it feels like this:


Which I know will cause a lot of people feel like this:


When evil looks like a swarm of huns and snow coming down the mountain I don’t think the average person has the confidence in themselves and their convictions to take it on. If that someone lacks a strong community around them, they will feel even less inclined to do anything because it will feel like a slaughter coming toward them, but I have good news: it only takes one person to change history.

Their Source of Hope is Corrupt or Non-Existent

Call me a skeptic, but when I look at people I often think, “Wow, you are freaking terrible.” So where do people look for “good” if they have removed God from life and society? They look for it in other people and in other people they will never truly find pure goodness. People are, by nature, selfish. They aren’t good on their own. I believe that from birth, humans are self-serving and must be taught how to be good. They must be taught good behavior and they must be taught how to be good to others. The most simple way to prove this is in how you have to teach your children to share and say thank you. If you didn’t, they would take everything for themselves and leave nothing for anyone else. If people were naturally born good, then you’d think you’d need to teach them to be selfish, wouldn’t you?

I think a huge reason why people aren’t willing to fight for good anymore is because they don’t know what it is. “Goodness” is becoming more human defined as people reject the truth and reject God. I’ve had plenty of conversations where I was responded to with, “What? You think if the Bible didn’t tell us not to kill and steal that we would?” Yes, I actually do. People are not objective in defining rules. People think in terms of how they can gain more from a situation, not how to benefit others on a whole.

If we rely on humans to define what’s “good” then we will see a decrease in the actual good that surrounds us. As God is removed from society, so is a majority of the good and when good becomes an allusion of bad, “What’s the difference?” they might say, then what’s the point of fighting? Hope is disappearing from humanity because the value of good is being redefined by humans and it is becoming worthless. If there’s no difference between good and bad, then why risk anything trying to defend it?

If I were to look at other humans to become a source of hope and goodness, I would give up on goodness too. I have plenty of experience being mistreated, tricked, and destroyed by people I should have been able to trust. If we look to people for stability, reason, and justice, we will never fully find it. People are agents and soldiers for good, but they cannot be the source. We don’t have the moral mentality and integrity to define good for ourselves, but we do have the ability to spread it from the source.

When Evil Wins, Everyone Loses

a_brave_new_world___the_morning_after_by_luuds-d5rvxtgSo much pessimism is floating around in society. We’re told we can’t make a difference unless it’s donating all our food and money and clothes away. Those aren’t ignoble things, but they aren’t the same as fighting evil. If you see evil. You don’t have to resign yourself to it. It affects everyone whether you live in your cave or not, isolated or not, it will come for you and by assuming evil has won, especially at the beginning of the battle, you’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s not easy to fight for good. The agents of evil often appear to outnumber the agents of good and carry large, intimidating weapons, but the modest weaponry good people carry has been stronger than anything the agents of evil carry which is proven when ultimately good triumphs over evil.

As you consider your role in this war, keep this question in mind: if you’re not an ally for good, then who are you aiding?


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