Why Can’t The Elites Seem to Beat Donald Trump?

This election cycle has been a lot like an HBO television series: full of backstabbing, betrayal, lies, and sex scandals. The most interesting thing about this election cycle has been watching the rise of Donald Trump and the countless, merciless attacks on his character and his family. Before he started his run, there was little bad anyone had to say about him. Before he began to run for American presidency, he wasn’t referred to as a racist, but Jesse Jackson actually praised Trump for a lifetime of helping the black community.

During primaries the establishment wasn’t really that worried about Donald Trump. In fact, through Wikileak email leaks, it shows that they were overconfident, thinking that he would be one of the easiest opponents to beat when it came to the general election. The last six months have prove them very, very wrong. They have tried labeling Trump sexist, racist, xenophobic, and every other ist and ism in the book. They have tried to accuse him of fraud and embezzlement. They have tried to bring him down by appealing to feelings rather than logic and fact and every attempt has backfired and only grown his support exponentially stronger. They’re currently in a tailspin wondering why can’t they knock Trump down? Why does it seem impossible to demotivate his supporters? I think there’s something phenomenal behind Trump supporters that the establishment didn’t count on: the American spirit and what’s interesting to me is just how little the elites, global powers, and establishment seem to know about true American nationalism and pride.

Identity Politics Don’t Work

The left likes to use shame and name calling to silence people. We see it all the time. When someone disagrees with pop culture they are labeled an ‘ist’ or ‘ic’ of some kind. Ableist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic–These terms are not meant to unite, but to shame, divide, and demonize normal people. You’re called extreme for holding normal views if only you disagree a little bit with what those holding the mic say. This doesn’t work on people with American spirit because Americans truly look at the person rather than the skin they wear. They look at action as opposed to words. They are true believes in the first amendment; you can say whatever you want, to whomever you want, and if you are a nasty person, you won’t be able to hide it. That’s why so many despise Hillary Clinton despite her apparent ‘ability’ to say everything ‘right’. True Americans watch what you do and judge you for that, nothing less.

In addition, identity politics tends to appeal to feelings rather than logic. It tells people, “if you carry this label, you will not find a job. You will be fired. Your life will be ruined.” So a lot of opposition plays on the hopes that people will be intimidated enough by the name calling to step down, but the overuse of the buzzwords and the obvious lack of evidence in almost every cause of ‘hate crime’ in the last couple of years has rendered theses words meaningly and actually encouraged people to stop caring. As more people began to ignore the false cries of wolf, others gained courage and the momentum has only continued to grow.

Americans Love Diversity of Thought

meeting_13When progressives push the diversity meme, they only do it in the most superficial of ways. They mean anything not white. They don’t consider the diverse white cultures that exist within white continents or even the diverse cultures that exist in nonwhite continents. I like to refer back to one interview Dave Rubin gave where he said he stopped using the term “African-American” because he said it to one of the black guests he had on the show and the guest responded, “I’m not from Africa. I’m Jamaican.” The left likes to play identity politics while also erasing identity–interesting concept and very Brave New World. If disagreeing in public isn’t enough, look at the number of leftist/progressives who are pushing to make it illegal to disagree: US Department of Justice says, “Climate Change Deniers Should Be Arrested.”

What the left absolutely hates is diversity of thought; they never ignore a chance to attack people who don’t fit into their box of thoughts. If you’re black and you don’t agree, watch how quickly they call you “uncle tom” or “coon.” If you’re a woman and disagree with abortion or liberal values, watch how quickly they call you a gender traitor. Some even go so far as to do this if you simply say you like feminine things and/or want to have children and be a mom. If you are gay or trans and you do not line up with their ideology, watch how quickly they eject you from the ‘community.’ The left is only interested in yes men and can’t possibly fathom what it means to enjoy the company of or be comrades of people you don’t agree 100% with.

Think of the most recent debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The moderators asked Trump about the Iraq war, stating his running mate’s opinion. Trump flat out said he had not spoken to his running mate about the issue, but he disagreed. The moderators were flabbergasted that anyone could have a partner who didn’t agree with them 100%. Pence and Trump also don’t have the same views on the LGBT. It doesn’t matter.

ins_8may_cognitivediversity-pngHere’s the thing: diversity of thought creates problem-solving machines. Different thoughts are created by different points of view. Different points of view will observe problems from different angles and develop different solutions. This creates a stronger, fairer machine for problem solving, but progressives don’t get that. Progressives want servitude and compliance. They want silent agreement and if you don’t just nod your head, you are ejected from the relationship.

I have been ejected from personal relationships for having a different opinion; familial relationships ended because rather than discussion and accepting differences, it’s easier to say bigot and lock oneself away in an echo chamber of, “You are so right” and feel good about yourself, but it’s so bad for you. It’s unchallenging, it’s dangerous, and it threatens logic, understanding, and empathy.

My best friend and I couldn’t have more different opinions on a lot of serious issues, and I love it. Yeah, it’s frustrating at times to want to turn to someone and express irritation and something and they don’t necessarily agree, but it’s the difference in my friend’s and my approaches that expands my empathy, that helps keep me in check from becoming belligerent to others. I think this is one of the biggest reasons we see such violent dictatorship from the left right now. They do not allow others to ask questions or hold discussions. Look at how many college students are demanding people step down because they suggest having a discussion rather than outright banning things. Intolerance of thought diversity trains hostility toward others.

Divided We Fall

Progressives have tried desperately to separate the country; wars between races and sexes to cease discussion. Here’s why:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

– Honest Abraham Lincoln

Not all Trump supporters like Trump, there are plenty who say he leaves a bad taste in his mouth, however they understand that division equals the death of America and the death of freedom. Cdivided-we-fall-620x350andidates who base their entire campaign on identity politics and division via, “sexist, racist, deplorables, basement dwelling losers,” and more, they know this candidate is not for unity. Meanwhile Trump has reached out to every community in America; held meetings, taken in concerns, listened to the people as a whole regardless of identity. Trump supporters understand that in order to protect America, we must stand together. A campaign of division does not promise unity, but more destruction.

People Aren’t As Stupid As Elites Think

There has been a lot of conditioning to teach citizens not to think or to brainwash them into believing they are powerless. The elites were counting on this, as recently in the Prodesta emails one was found with the campaign stating it wanted citizens “unaware and compliant.” The recent TrumpTapes campaign was based on this idea that the word ‘pussy’ is wrong or talking about how if you’re rich, women will pretty much do anything. Professionals and the media wanted everyone to be outraged and ashamed, but for anyone who views pop culture even slightly, that’s impossible.

95% of rap songs are literally about how you can get laid and take what you want if you’re rich. A majority of pop songs are the same way. The highest paid ‘musicians’ in our society dress and dance like whores. The people telling us to be outraged at ‘pussy’ are the same people promoting ‘slut walks,’ ‘female sexuality liberation,’ and sharing STDs. These are the same people that have turned into HBO shows like Game Of Thrones for what, seven seasons? You’re not fooling anyone with your outrage except for maybe yourself.

Remember: the only standards the establishment has are double standards.

They Know America’s History and Are Proud of Its Culture

America is by no means without its problems, but it is by far the greatest country on the planet. No other country in the history of the earth has promised its citizens freedom of speech, freedom to defend themselves, and the ability to thrive if they are willing to work for it. There is a reason why people from all over the country want to immigrate to America, but rarely want to leave. As much shit as it gets, America is one of a kind and it is great.americanpop2

Trump supporters know this and I can bet it’s one of the reasons they were drawn to Trump. For the past few years especially leftists and progressives have been touting this, “America was never great” idea, the theaters are currently being overhauled with films to frame America as nothing more than a racist slave owner that did nothing for no one. Political leaders like Obama and Hillary Clinton have said the same thing… and then just recently turned around and started saying, “America is already great.” Problem is, again, people aren’t as stupid as they think. We have taken notice to them blaming Americans for their division. We have noticed them saying America is garbage, then changing their tune when Donald Trump’s blatant patriotism received warm, unbridled support.

True Americans believe in strength, courage, hard work, kindness, discussion, honesty, and justice. This is why the establishment can’t shake Trump supporters and this is why they will lose. This is not just an election, but a revolution of Americans taking their country back from the brink of dictatorship.

To prosecute a politician because of the laws they broke is not a tyrannical. To hold someone above the law because they are too powerful and/or rich is.


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