3 Ways Hillary Clinton May Try To Steal The Election

We are less than a month away from election day and the threat of a rigged election is very real. Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has always made calling out a rigged election part of his campaign. He mentioned it during primaries and he has mentioned it during his general election campaigning. There are plenty that would call this “conspiratory” or just someone being a poor loser if they lose, but the claims of a rigged system are not unfounded. With recent WikiLeaks email leaks back in July, it was proven that the DNC did, in fact, rig the system against Democratic Presidential candidate during the primaries.

It’s also not unfounded considering the powers who are attempting to control the election cycle of the USA are the same people who tried to control the BREXIT vote. Did you know that the morning of the BREXIT vote, the ‘polls’ showed an overwhelming support for stay, yet, when the actual polling numbers came out, a majority of the country wanted to leave. There was an attempt to fight this ‘unfavorable’ decision in the same way the UN has changed every decision in the past: continual referendum until they get the answer they want.

Think about that for a second. It’s like a child asking their parent if they can get a toy day in and day out until finally the parent is unable to say no or is not able to sleep and has to say yes. Democracy is not dependent on getting the answer you want. In order to have a true democratic republic, you must have an informed citizenship with all the correct information, unbiased journalists, and the acceptance of what the majority wants, even if it’s not what you want, no cooked numbers. We are already in a major threat of a rigged election. Here are 3 ways Hillary Clinton may attempt to steal the election, not from Donald Trump, but from the American people.

1. Complete Control of the Media

At this point in the year, you can’t even pretend that the media has been unbiased when it comes to reporting. If numbers like this weren’t enough:


The WikiLeaks emails contain important information as it pertains to candidates actual policies, beliefs, business deals, morals, and so much more. Through WikiLeaks it was revealed very clearly that everything Hillary Clinton says is a lie; that she believes in having a private and public policy in order to be ‘successful in politics’; in some of her emails her staff members stated how she was ‘beginning to hate average Americans,’ meanwhile on television she tells the world she wants to lead all Americans–and the next day she calls everyone who doesn’t like her some kind of name and denounces them as worthy. Does this information get any airtime? Nah. Not only has the mainstream media completely controlled the narrative by ignoring important information in order to put forth celebrity-gossip level ‘news,’ but CNN has recently said no one BUT them should be allowed to read things like WikiLeaks emails. Can someone say dystopian society? Can someone say dictatorship when news media are telling the average person they aren’t allowed to investigate information not being reported on themselves?

The two ways to an assured dictatorship:

  1. Control of Media.
  2. Disarm the Citizens

Through WikiLeaks, it has been revealed that Hillary Clinton OWNS the media; she is threatening and paying them to do everything she says. If they don’t; they get the axe, figuratively and quite possibly literally.

2. Stuffing the Boxes

It’s not even a conspiracy theory that voter fraud is actually happening in the United States. It was revealed in earlier WikiLeaks email leaks earlier this year that the Democratic Primary was heavily influenced by big money in order to create a Hillary win. Through recent email links, Hillary Clinton accused Obama of committing voter fraud in 2008 . And as far as early voting goes, there have already been cases of voting fraud caught in Colorado. Those saying that it doesn’t happen or that it’s not a big deal are lying. According to research, up to 1 in 8 registrations could be fraudulent. That reaches a total of 18 MILLION votes, more than enough to swing an election.

Voter fraud is a very plausible thing for the general election considering it has already been committed this election season and it has been claimed to have happened in recent years/past elections. This is why Donald Trump has made it a point to say voter fraud could happen for over a year now and is encouraging people to volunteer as poll watchers. If you have time, please volunteer your time to help keep elections as honest as we possible can.

  1. Distracting the Public by Starting A Nuclear War

You know, for months, maybe even years, many have said that Obama would try and stop the next election via martial law so that he would not be removed from the White House. Obama and those who are with him don’t want a democratic republic and they don’t want the American Identity. They want world domination and in their attempt to enact globalism the Obama administration is now itching to pick a fight with Russia. For months now they have been claiming that Russia hacked into their emails, however they have presented zero evidence to lead them to this conclusion.

The Obama administration, with the support from Soros and the globalist team, are ready to start a digital and nuclear attack on Russia. This incredibly dangerous move is unnecessary and couldn’t be done at a worst possible time. Why, do you think, of all times, would now be the best time to fight Russia? When they aren’t attacking us, but radical Islam is actively assaulting the west? The Obama administration has more readily jumped on blasting Russia in the last 6 months than it has radical Islam in the last freaking 8 years. Why do you think that is?

We’re less than a month away from election day. Everything that the globalist regime are sending out to destroy Trump has only been making him stronger, meanwhile, as more and more emails leak from the globalists, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and her corrupt associates, things are looking darker for her campaign. With half the population receiving their only source of information from the lying, paid off MSM, I cannot believe that we are on the cusp of a nuclear war with other countries because the global elite would rather risk war, killing millions of people, than go to jail for their crimes.
This, people, is where we are at.


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