Because “Genderf@ck” is Just Another Way of Whining, “Mom! You’re in My Room!”

You know ten years ago when everyone feeling emotional anguish would dawn their darkest, thickest black eyeliner, turn off all the lights, and bob their heads to Three Days Grace? While we may be past the ‘emo’ fashion phase of rebellion, the age of rebellious teenagers is still among us and will always be among us, but instead of eyeliner and chains they’ve decided to wear something a bit more dangerous: mental illness.

Kids today are dawning transgenderism like its Tripp pants in the mid 2000s. They’re playing a game of ‘biggest victim’ by putting on whatever mental illness or living hardship they can in order to give their voices ‘more power’ over those who they have deemed as ‘not suffering enough.’ Recently added to this list was gay men, who the NUS say are not oppressed enough to have LGBT representatives.Now this victim complex thing wouldn’t be a problem if kids just sat in their room and tortured their souls while listening to emo music from musicians who sounded just as tortured as them, however, this is not what’s happening.

These teenagers and young adults are trying to remove the classification of mental illness from legitimate problems like transgenderism and are pushing legislation and rules to allow the mutilation of children. As a person suffering from gender dysphoria myself, I refuse to consider myself a part of the “LGBT,” because they are so toxic and so illogical, from the refusal to admit the dangers of Islam to people pretending that a mental illness is a personal choice that does no damage on the psyche and has no symptoms. Oh, that’s right, there are literally people pushing that, “You don’t have to feel any dysphoria/issues to have transgenderism. You can just decide and then you are that way.” That’s like saying you don’t have to have the symptoms of depression to be clinically depressed–and in doing this, there are MAJOR damages being done to the individuals buying into this.

Of course leave it to third-wave feminists and rabid progressives to erase illness. They just want to pretend they’re not insane, but we all know that if asylums were still around, they’d be admitted immediately.

Transgender Treatment Changes The Body Forever

3092595530_55063beee2_zHormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) sterilizes the patient. Children and teenagers are way too young and thoughtless about their future to think about wanting kids in the future and you can’t ask a kid and get an honest, well-thought out response about building a family. The only argument I’ve ever seen for giving children/teens HRT is to help them ‘pass’ better, at this moment HRT includes hormone blockers, but in giving your kid or teen any of these things, you are physically changing them in way that mostly cannot be reverted. It is unethical to ask a child or a teenager to think about what they’ll honestly want when they are 30 or even 20. Most people want families, even gays want families, to have their own kids, but because it’s biologically impossible, it can’t happen. By giving your kids sterilizing drugs prematurely, you are actually dooming them to future anguish that they could have got on without.

Mental Illnesses Are Going Undiagnosed or Misdiagnosed

So according to the Standards Of Care required by gender therapists, anyone claiming transgenderism (at least in the US) is supposed to go through a minimum of 3 months of therapy, more of the therapist requires it, to show that you are mentally sound and to show there are no other mental issues in the way. Just looking over social boards marked ‘trans community,’ you’ll see TONS of posts by kids and young adults who want to skip therapy and go straight to hormones, they become irate at therapists doing their jobs when someone say they are depressed and suicidal. According to the Standards of Care, a therapist is not allowed to give hormone therapy to anyone suffering from other mental illnesses at the time.

christianhopkinsphotography2-640This is so important and yet so few claiming ‘gender dysphoria’ seem to be willing to slow down. Since transgenderism is the hot piece of clothing right now, many people are using it as their scapegoat. “If I was only a woman, I wouldn’t be so depressed.” The danger in misdiagnosis is you’re messing with body chemistry. If you give someone who is bipolar medications for someone who is schizophrenic, you will have terrible results because the two medications manage different biological chemicals and in doing this, you can actively make someone commit suicide because of a chemical imbalance (or do some other action). Therapy, treatment, and changing your body are serious things, misdiagnosis is beyond dangerous, and chemistry should never be played with as if it’s whatever. Giving hormones to someone who is not genuinely suffering from gender identity disorder will create greater depression in the patient as they experience secondary sexual characteristic changes and their physical chemistry dip dangerously. Consider what happens to men who have lower testosterone levels or men who are given estrogen (who are not transgender) or women in the opposite category. They typically have mood problems, physical problems, and seek medical attention. The same thing happens when you misdiagnose mental illness and present patients with drugs that do not help them. MANY people who decide to transition actually regret it later and I have believe this is partially due to misdiagnosis.

Teen Angst Is a Normal Part of Growing

I don’t know a single adult that didn’t go through some kind of angsting phase. Kids and teenagers spend a lot of time trying out different outfits, identities, and names through their adolescence. This is how they find out who they are in the world. With pressure from other students their age, older, and younger, it can be even harder to find and accept what one enjoys. Kids are assholes, like really, and if you don’t fit into the box other kids think you should fit into, don’t like what’s ‘cool,’ kids usually panic and turn away from what they enjoy.3a5f13347b275110b8a48ae96e7e18a8

I can’t tell you how many nicknames I went through in my teenage years. I wore tripp pants and a dog collar. At some point when I was like 14 I created a pair of cardboard/duct tape shackles inspired by a video game character and wore them everywhere. Kids and teenagers play with identity well into young adulthood typically. This is no time to be making permanent changes because the likelihood that they are actually suffering from a mental disorder is very, very small, like less than 1% small.

Erasing Symptoms Makes Diagnosis & Treatment Impossible

For people who actually suffer the symptoms of any mental illness, to say that the symptoms don’t exist is to say the illness doesn’t actually exist or vice versa. For anyone who calls themselves an ‘activist’ and then goes out into the world saying any mental illness is a personal choice to ‘have’ and there is nothing bad that goes along with it, you’re a liar and a scam artist. You are destroying individuals and society. This isn’t just about gender identity disorder, whether you agree with the current forms of treatment or not, I think what most of us can agree upon is that it is a mental disorder and some action must be taken. We all likely have different actions we’d like to take, and that’s fine, but declassifying a mental illness doesn’t cure it in the same way saying, “Just be happy” cures clinical depression.

Your Activism Makes You Look Retarded

gender-acrtoonMaybe you don’t just appear retarded, but you are showing off your retardation. Anyone who goes out of their way to say they are ‘trans’ in one way or another and then in the same breath says ‘there is no such thing as gender,’ what are you fighting for? If there is no such thing as gender, then what are you fighting for? If there is no such thing as gender, then transgenderism shouldn’t even exist. You are erasing hundreds, if not thousands of years of study that show the mental differences between men and women. If there is no difference between men and women, then stop demanding to change your appearance to look a certain way, because by your standards, you already look like the it you want to look like. Move on.

This subject is dear to me because it’s hurting our society, it’s hurting our youth, and mainstream culture, from television to schools, are encouraging this dangerous degeneration of health and it’s trying to pretend that illness is common and even desirable. Stop. Stop it. Let your kids angst. Show them emo music and black eyeliner. Let them play around with their identity, but do not encourage them to physically change their bodies in any way and do not let others encourage them to do so.  If they are suffering from gender identity disorder, there are lifelong signs that will follow them through the end of teenagerhood and as adults, they can make the decision on how to proceed once formally diagnosed. That’s the only part of GID that is a decision, but having it is not.


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