Why Do Liberals Lie So Much?

To show you what I mean, look at these social media posts:







There’s so much text in these stories its like a 1980s choose your adventure game!

Does anything seem odd about these to you? Less than 48 hours after the election results are declared and all the sudden MASS RACIST ATTACKS AGAINST EVERYONE ALL OVER THE PLACE. They aren’t even slights, but they are major things like a knife, physical assault, death threats, intimidation–and apparently all of them also take the time to declare they supported Trump. This false flag fanfiction is so bad, even the History Channel wouldn’t buy it.

Make no mistakes, it is no coincidence that these ‘attacks’ surfaced immediately after Trump was elected. He’s not even in office yet, we’re still being lead by Obama and yet these ‘victims’ are acting as if we are under the tyrannical rule of president-elect Donald J Trump. Note how the local police responded to the one woman that they had no reports on file for her claim–that’s his way of calling bullshit. If anyone were legitimately attacked, I can assure you, the first place victims go is not freaking Facebook and Twitter. They report to someone who can correct the problem. You know what these lies are doing? Driving people apart.

This is one of the reasons why Trump was elected, I hope you know. You are discrediting any legitimate assaults of ANY kind that have happened in the past or may happen in the future–the attacker being anyone, mind you. You are calling wolf, screaming it so loudly that when an actually assault happens, no one will be inclined to believe you and you end up looking like this:


You know who has done damage to Hillary supporters since the end of the presidential election? Freaking Hillary supporters:


Oh look, suicides over not getting their way. Over fear-mongering by the left so bad that it made death look like the best option to these mentally ill children.

Oh look, another freaking gunmen in a state with strict gun laws. Reminds me of election day when they had another freaking shooter running around a polling station that also ended in 1 death and 2 injuries.

What about the shooting in Washington from a Trump protest?


If you need more information about how these people are lying, please see my post Emotional Persuasion and that barely gets into the mainstream liberal lying.

Meanwhile in the last few days we’ve also had reports of whites and Trump supporters being attacked, except here’s the difference: There’s video / photo evidence:


Or how about this black mob that’s lynching and robbing a random white guy?
Do I know who these attacks are by? No. I don’t know their affiliation and I won’t even pretend to. From the paid for riots and violence exposed through the James O’Keefe video and the Wikileaks emails, we know that there’s some other power out there trying to start fights and divide the country. Most importantly, I don’t think a majority of these attacks or riots are being perpetrated by the average voter. I think there’s something else at play here…

Additionally, if they’re not lying about being assaulted, they’re lying about other things like leaving the country:

Followed by:


She wasn’t the only celebrity to threaten to leave the country if her candidate lost. She goes on to rant that not only was it a joke, but anyone who took it seriously or is telling her to pack her bags isn’t funny and something is seriously wrong with them. Schumer, maybe it’s time you realize that you’re not funny. You ‘joke’ about being fat then get mad when people call you fat. You ‘joke’ about being a slut, then get mad when people call you a slut. Now you’re ‘joking’ about leaving the country and mad when anyone is calling you out to leave the country. I think you better just step up and admit 1) you were trying to use your faux celebrity to coerce people into your will and 2) you don’t know how to tell a freaking joke.

(Bonus 3), you don’t have a sense of humor either.)

And here’s a newest addition to the threats to leave:


I’ve got something to tell all of you big talker: You seem to think we care what you do with your life. Whether you’re here or not. Guess what? Most conservatives, libertarians, independents, and I’d guess true liberals, don’t give a flying pancake what you do with your life. If you want to leave, then LEAVE. What you’re doing now is virtue signaling and attempt domestic terrorism to get your way, and yes, this is terrorism. You are using intimidation tactics and in some places, violence, for political gain.

How about if you really hate the way this country works, THEN LEAVE. No one will miss you. If you think you’ll have a more enjoyable life elsewhere, then LEAVE and and I say this not in anger or resentment, but in that if you believe your path to happiness and success is out of this country, then go. If you’re just trying to sway political direction in your favor with your freaking threats, then you’re closer to tyranny than you think. Maybe take a look at what the 14 signs of fascism truly are before you write another article or make another social media post.

So after all that… my question for you is: why do liberals lie so much? Don’t get me wrong. There are good liberals like Dave Rubin, and there are terrible people in every political party, but they’re not who this post is about. We’re talking about the mental patients using their pathological lying in an attempt to further their agenda while they protest democracy while crying they defend it.

Where is the freaking truth? Part of me believes a major fraction of this country doesn’t even know what that is anymore and that is sad.


2 thoughts on “Why Do Liberals Lie So Much?

  1. When people talk about themselves on social media, they lie and exaggerate with great vigor. Part of this is psychological, because everyone else seems to have more interesting lives than they themselves do. Because the majority of those people leading interesting lives also lie and exaggerate with great vigor, for the same reason.
    In this case, that overlaps with the left’s general “the cause is so important that if I can get people’s support I should lie about it, because I don’t really have evidence or argument which would convince someone without preconceived notions.”


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