Emotional Persuation: What? Can’t You Use Your Brain?

Look at your Facebook feed. Look at your Twitter. Look at your hashtags. Look at your ridiculous posts. Look at the way you are overreacting. Now take a deep breath and think over the logic behind what you’ve seen, thought, and posted in the last 72 hours since Trump was selected for the next president.

You know what I’ve seen? The most ridiculous, childish, irrational temper tantrum throwing that I have ever seen in American election history. Of course I’ve only been around roughly 25 years so I can’t say what other elections were like pre-dating my existence, but let me break down the incredible responses we’re seeing:

If you are crying, you are acting like a spoiled brat and emotional manipulator.

If you say you are going to kill yourself if you don’t get your way, you are emotionally blackmailing. You are the abuser in an abusive relationship.

If you say, “What do I tell the children?” you are attempting emotional manipulation.

I’ve got news for you:

Your children/students/etc wouldn’t cry when they found out Trump was elected if you hadn’t lied to them. You lie to your kids to get the results you want rather than encouraging discussion. You lied to your kids about the presidential election because, like most people, you don’t want to hear anything that opposes what you think. That’s why so many progressives were so surprised at the support Trump has–they lock people out who show even a slight deviance from same-think.I’m sure your kids also cried when they found out you lied about them about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. I’m sure for many parents across the country, casual lying has become just a part of regular parenthood and as kids grow up, I bet you they learn not to trust their parents–but that’s a different discussion to be had.


Talk about fear-mongering.

I have seen people worried that rights for everything, up to EXISTING, will be removed by Trump. Do you know how asinine that is? Trump is not going to remove women’s rights. He’s not going to remove anyone’s American rights, but you are all so full of it in your head, coaxing the fire, that you actually believe this shite. How did you get these ideas and how did they blow up so hard? This is my theory:

You subscribed to mainstream media propaganda. You didn’t look for outside sources of media to compare, even though you might not agree with them or you dislike them entirely. It’s important to get all sides of an argument just to hear what is happening, even if you think it’s all bullshit. But I’m betting you said away from alternative journalists. These same non-diverse media outlets you subscribed to were also echo chambers of ‘isms’ and ‘ists’ that you reshared with your family and friends on social media all of whom you said, “If you disagree, don’t talk to me” so you never heard anything other than what you wanted to hear. You worked yourself up into a frenzy over false information and fanned the flames until suddenly you couldn’t breath, you couldn’t think, you couldn’t do anything.

Emotions Are Debilitating

Emotional hearts trump logical minds. If you allow your emotions to get a hold of your body, you will no longer be able to logically analyze a situation. You are no longer able to think or act rationally that’s how strong emotions are. It’s not entirely your fault as the media has been trying very hard to whip up emotions rather than ask logical questions and encourage dialogue.

Most actions taken under the influence of emotion are the wrong action to take. When people get overly angry, some become violent in the moment, destroy things and/or hurt people only alter to get a hold of themselves and regret it when they think about it at a less emotional place. Optimistic emotions can cause the same kind of blindness: for those surfing on cloud nine, they might think that some major, life-changing decision is the best one because they feel so good and so hopeful about it but they don’t think about the alternative or the much more likely ways things will end. They throw all their money in fro the best turn out because they are hopeful… And then screw themselves over because they were unprepared to fail.

What we’re seeing, and have been seeing, is a population lead by the nose by their emotions. A population that is teaching their kids to listen to their feelings while ignoring one crucial fact: feelings lie. According to Psychology Today, “The ability of your brain to evaluate situations, events, or stimuli is referred to as an appraisal. A situation may have a particular meaning for you, and therefore your brain appraises the situation in terms of what emotion it will create. Such appraisals happen automatically, without your conscious control, and trigger a reflexive response.”

This appraisal, while automatic, isn’t always correct, “Your emotional system has no reason to lie, although it can be misguided based on your previous experiences in the world that have informed it. The maladaptive guidance that your emotional memory has accumulated can be considered a component of your pathogenic beliefs.”

So now take a step back and think logically. Let’s forget about Trump specifically and just look at the wild claims.

“Women’s rights are gone!”

Do you hear yourself? Do you know how the government works?

“LGBT rights are gone!”

Again, do you know how the government works?

“Rights of anyone nonwhite are gone!”

Again, government.

Also, I’m seeing a common thread where the enemy of the white man is the only one who is allowed to be demonized, meanwhile it’s not racist to say “Fuck all white men” or “kill white men” or whatever new BS has been flooding twitter over the last few days.

How about this logic:

“Only racists voted for Trump… FUCK WHITE PEOPLE!” <–Not racist?

How about when you call blacks Uncle Tom or other names for voting conservatively. Is that not racist?

You are a Neanderthal

You’re mudslinging, you’re grunting and screaming, you’re pounding the ground because you didn’t get your way. If you think logically you’d recall, 1) It’s only 4 years and 2) he isn’t even in office yet! How did you lose all your rights on 11/9?! If you honestly believe any of this garbage, you are clinically insane and need to check into a psych ward pronto. You probably shouldn’t be voting either because you’re not clinically sound. The fact anyone is threatening or has killed themselves over this shows there’s a bigger issue at hand: mental illness is on the rise and it’s not being taken care of. No one should be killing themselves over losing and it is not justified in any way. Don’t even freaking try to blame the selfish acts of a cry baby suicider on those who won democratically.

Emotional Social Media Posting is Worse Than Drunk Texting

So stop doing it. I’ve seen friendships and families ended over the last few days because of this over emotional brawl. Calm the frick down. Get out of your own head long enough to get past your boogeyman. He doesn’t exist. A lot of people begrudgingly gave Obama the chance even though we didn’t like him and we feared what he would do. Apparently now it’s your turn. Now act like an adult and stop throwing a temper tantrum because you lost you overly emotional dimwit.

For a crash course in thinking logically and common fallacies, please read this page: The Rule of Balance: Logical Mind vs. Emotional Heart

I restrain myself from insulting people when I write my posts, but I have nothing for you if you are creating hyperbole and working yourself up into sobbing tears and suicide over an election–as we have been doing for hundreds of years. If you are threatening suicide, threatening other people, or starting fights/fires, you are a dimwit. That’s the draw of it. If you can’t have a civil discussion with intellectual and ideological nemeses, you are a blanky-dragging imbecile. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Unrelated Note for Those Not Paying Attention:

Yes, there have been riots and protests in blue states/cities. These people have been seen burning American flags and effigies while carrying ISIS and communist flags while chanting “This is what democracy looks like.” They are destroying property in the name of democracy. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?!

No, democracy does not look like a trail of idiots screaming in the street because they lost. That is the opposite of democracy. Then you’ve got people carrying Mexican flags while protesting American election. Sorry, but if you don’t have America’s flag in your hand, then you don’t have America’s interest in your heart. If you believed in this country and what it does, in our political system, in our people, you would not be protesting against democracy demanding your way. That is fascism. You wouldn’t be justifying assaulting people with different opinions because it hurt your feelings.

If you are out of control, get a hold of yourself you freaking embarrassment. For anyone on either side of this election who has not gone nuts, thank you, we’re gonna need you, and America appreciates your patriotism and ability to not devolve into an imbecile.


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