Contraceptives Now Turning Your Men Into Women

Over the past week, perhaps you have seen this article by Ann Rhodes being spread across social media. It’s titled, “Yes, contraceptives have side effects — and it’s time for men to put up with them too” and is all about this ‘new’ form of male contraceptives being tested and how women are going, “of course there are side effects. Mood swings you say? I know those things, and you should too!” In fact, you read this article and the typical respondents of those who support it and you see little more than malice or resentment toward men. It’s always women saying they feel ‘miserable’ and men should feel it too. That’s their reasoning for wanting to force birth control on men. While there is something interesting to be said about the lack of compassion in these articles and comments, I think there’s a much larger issue in these male contraceptives that doesn’t seem to be getting any light.

Let’s make all the period and PMS jokes at men rather than discussing what really matters when it comes to chemicals one wishes to continually inject into one’s body: what are the ingredients and the clinical side effects?

The test mentioned by Ann Rhodes and many other writers talk only about ‘mood swings and soreness,’ but do little to exam the why it’s happening or if there are any greater issues. Probably because these two things were all the progressives needed to make jokes about fragile masculinity and distract from what was really behind the ‘contraceptive injection.’

The article claims that 20 out of 320 men found the side effects of the injections intolerable. That’s not to say the other 300 men didn’t feel the side effects, but 20 of them had enough nerve to report it. The side effects included depression, muscle pain, mood swings, acne, and changes to libido.

According to University Health News, there’s another illness that plagues men that can cause similar symptoms including: sexual dysfunction, lower urinary tract symptoms, increased abdominal fat, feeling tired, loss of muscle mass, and emotional disturbances, especially depression. These are all common signs of high estrogen in men.

The men in this test had these responses because one of the major ingredients in the ‘contraceptive shot’ is norethisterone enanthate, a synthetic form of estrogen. So according to this study, and many women, the solution for male contraceptives is to feminize them by having them load their bodies up with female drugs, alter their male chemistry. There’s a huge difference between this shot and female contraceptives. Female contraceptives don’t fill the female body with testosterone in order to provide any form of birth control. If you asked any doctor to prescribe testosterone for birth control purposes, they wouldn’t do it because it’s physically and mentally dangerous.

It doesn’t stop there. A second major ingredient in the shot is synthetic testosterone, which might sound good if you just equate men and testosterone = good, all the time, every time, but when the male body creates too much testosterone, that extra chemical is automatically metabolized into estrogen. For men who suffer from low testosterone, the typical dosages range at 200mg every 2-4 weeks IF using testosterone enanthate or 100-200mg every 2-4 weeks if using testosterone cypionate. Even in worst worse case scenarios where someone is taking the max dose every 2 weeks, they are still only hitting 800mg every 8 weeks whereas this injection prescribes 1000mgs every 8 weeks. Note the above injection numbers are going into someone with LOW testosterone. PUMPING a healthy body full of more testosterone does nothing but turn you into big boobied Bob from Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. And according to the test information, that 1000mg testosterone is in addition to the 200mg of estrogen they want to inject every 8 weeks. According to Dr. Anne Lawrence, a retired doctor to transsexuals, the recommended estrogen dosage for a transwoman who has not undergone surgery yet is 20mg every two weeks (for injections). That turns to 80mg after 8 weeks.

Then there are all the other side effects they aren’t telling you about because you can’t make PMS jokes from blood clots, prolactinoma, gallstones, increased risk of cancer, heart disease, increased blood pressure, change in body fat distribution, decreased testical size, changes to secondary sexual characteristics like hair and skin, growth or breast tissue, loss of bone mass, development of passive personality, lost interest in previously enjoyed activities, lowered self esteem, and hot flashes similar to menopause.

This is not a birth control shot. This is not ‘equal opportunity responsibility’ for child reering. This is a greater attempt to not only destroy the family, but to devalue and destroy men. The war on men has been going on for decades, but it has gotten far worse over the last couple of months. Society is adamant about tearing the family apart by demeaning the man and replacing him with women in every way possible. I’m not that old, but I can remember far too many shows in my childhood where the dad was useless and the mom was everything. This was nothing more than an attempt to devalue the role fathers play in the family and since my childhood, the role of fathers has only become more taunted, slandered, and destroyed.

Progressives have attacked masculinity as toxic and dangerous; they’ve assaulted everything built by men, calling it oppressive, using patriarchy is a slur, and recently have been telling boys to stop being boys, teach them how to be like girls, encourage them to dress, act, and feel like girls, all the while teaching girls they are the same as men. Now they’ve taken it a step past social destruction and want to chemically change men without telling them.

There’s a reason none of these studies or articles call the drug synthetic estrogen, but they call the synthetic testosterone by its name. Those funding this operation want to to chemically castrate society, test selective breeding and they plan to do it by pressuring men into taking ‘contraceptives’ because ’why should the woman have to?’ They will lay on the guilt, they will trash talk men until everyone they can reviles the man who doesn’t take the contraceptive estrogen shot or they are simply not getting laid at all…

The secret is, once you take estrogen, you won’t be getting laid. Your libido goes down, your body parts don’t behave how they should, and most men, when faced with this situation, begin to feel depressed and useless and that’s what the progressives will keep telling you until you’re nothing but a small semblance of a man, huddled in the corner with your shot in one hand and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the other.


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