BREAKING: Revolutionary Idea Could Change the Face of Government!

It turns out that, in standard occupations across the globe, if an employee doesn’t do their job, they are relieved of that duty. It’s standard in the United States that when hired, new employees receive a note with a list of duties and they are required to sign the note promising they will do the duties as they are laid out. If they fail to fulfill these duties, they risk their livelihood. Seems fair.

So why doesn’t this same idea seem to apply to elected people? Let’s get this straight, all elected officials work for the people. Their job is to represent the people and to be the voices of the people, not to be the dictators of the plebs they rule over. President, house, senate, individual state electors–the thing all these jobs have in common is that they are employees of everyday Americans. Yet for some reason, when these officials don’t do their jobs, don’t protect the people, don’t do what they were elected to do, they seem to have a free pass?

We’ve seen the house and senate throw fits, stop doing their job because they aren’t getting their way, and yet they’re still getting paid by the working American’s dollar. If I were at my job and I told my boss, “No. I don’t want to do my job,” how long do you think he would keep me around? So why is it that these elected officials, who swear to represent the people’s’ voices and interest can stop doing their jobs yet not only continue to receive payment, but often get re-elected?

This isn’t even just an American issue. Recently UK politicians said to disregard the BREXIT vote because they just knew better. Because they don’t see the British population as their employers or the people they’re representing, but they see them as subjects to be ruled over and decided for. They see the British people as slaves and this needs to stop.

We have been under this threat for some time and now a couple cocky electorates think that they have become part of the royal family. There are currently 15 electorates threatening to not do their job and vote Trump in two weeks. If they don’t do the job they were elected to do, they need to be removed from their positions immediately in the same way I would be removed if I told my employer, “No, I will not not do my duties.”

These people are arrogant. It’s no different than when the house democrats threw a tantrum, shut down the government, and ordered Chick-Fil-A because they didn’t get the results they wanted when it came to gun control. The only thing more ridiculous than grown people sitting on the floor in protest when they didn’t get their way is the fact that these people were paid by you and I to do so… and we bought their lunch. Totally fair.


It’s time for this to stop. It’s time for the political leaders all across the west who aren’t serving their people to be relieved of their duties and replaced by people who will do their jobs. If the electors cannot be trusted to follow through on their word, then what good are they? I know, I know–”All politicians lie. That’s just part of the game.” It shouldn’t be and the reason that it is is because we allow it.

We, the people, are the bosses of all American politicians. They are our employees. They are there to represent us and they should be our voice in the meetings that we are not allowed at. They should be echoing what the people across 2,600 US counties said on November 8th and in the future.

Now let me explain one last thing: the voice of the people doesn’t mean the losers who cry. It also doesn’t mean that all people will agree, but they are to uphold the vote of people as it pertains to the constitution. If they cannot be trusted to follow through on the job they took voluntarily, then we must follow through and fire them, replace them with someone else, and see if they will do what is required of them.

Government is not a, ‘you wind them up, watch them go, and see where they land.” In order to keep them accountable for their actions, the citizens must be involved with the government. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. We must follow through with them to make sure they follow through with their promises. We’ve been passively watching the government for too long. Lying and cheating became part of a game because we, the citizens, stopped holding them accountable. Now, instead of damning bad behavior, the argument is always, “Well, this other politician did it. So it’s only fair that the current ones can break the law too.”


We must put a stop to it. It doesn’t matter what people did before. We must end it now and we must continue to take an active part in the role of the government in the future so we can minimize the overreach. So we are self-reliant. And people, we must, must, must vote out politicians who do not do their job, not vote them in again because we’re afraid of the unknown. If they fail to do their job, our concern should be to boot them out and try someone else. We just did this with Trump. We gave a political outside an opportunity to show us what he can do and if we don’t like him in 4 years, we can vote him out.

Now, let’s start doing it with all our other officials. Let’s make sure they do their job or give them the pink slip.


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