The Boogeyman You Created

“If you don’t think like me, you’re just dumb.” That’s some argument you got there.

“What do I tell the children?” you said. “My daughter woke up and asked who won. When I told her, with a heavy heart, that it was Donald Trump for President, she started sobbing.”

“I have children in my classroom who are panicking; they’re afraid of being deported,” you said.

“LGBT, women, everyone who’s basically not a white, straight male is going to lose rights. My right to vote is going to be gone! My right to exist! My rights–my rights!” you sobbed as your fingers pounded into the keyboard, and with a shaky hand, you clicked “send” on Facebook.

You’ve repeated these for almost two years as if they were a tribal chant. You’re not only expecting failure, but you’re hoping for it. You want a dictator. You want to lose your rights. You want everything that could go wrong to go wrong just so you can say, “I told you so.” You’re so ready to pull the lever that any time an article says something not positive about Trump and his administration, you’re ready to mark it off as fake news–but headlines that reinforce your totalitarian nightmare you are ready to eat up. It doesn’t matter if there is evidence in the article. Most of the time you don’t even read them and when you do, you find that there aren’t examples of the accusations made, but you’re being fed accusations without proof and accepting it.

It’s not surprising since the left has tried to discredit any need for evidence. The claim should be good enough, right?


Look, you don’t have to like Trump. No one is saying you can’t criticize him when he does something wrong, but in order for him to do something wrong, you have to actually let him do something first. He has been president-elect for about three weeks now and people have been claiming since the announcement on election night that Trump was at fault for problems in America. Heck, people were claiming that Trump was at fault for political and social problems despite never having been in office before.

He’s going to mess up at some point because he is human, but don’t sit there pointing at non-events, reading your fake news because it tells you what you want it to say and ignoring everything else that proves your news wrong. You need to think critically. The reason you are in such a flurry is because you haven’t been using your brain; you’ve turned it off. I don’t know if you just don’t like thinking; perhaps your brain has been off for so long you don’t know how to turn it back on again, but to believe something without evidence and just because you’ve been repeating a mantra again and again is bad.

I know it gets hard to not believe something when other people keep saying it over and over again. Let’s think of this on a personal level: if someone called you a thief, a liar, a despicable person who cheated at everything, but they didn’t have proof (because you didn’t do anything), you’d probably laugh it off and call them crazy. Now if every one of your coworkers/family members/friends continually called you a liar, thief, and incredibly cheater and honestly showed disdain for you, you would start believing it at some point, even though you knew it to be false. Why? Because this is the effect of the echo chamber. This is why leftists especially to parrot and echo things, and get louder and more repeatedly especially, when they don’t have evidence of something. If you say something in a mob, 10 people can’t be wrong, right?

That was a lot of the justification with the rape accusations. When woman after woman came out en masse all around the same time, people stopped questioning, stopped looking for evidence (or never bothered to) for two reasons. A) these accusations fit with the way they’d imagined Trump so they didn’t feel the need to disprove them. “He’s a monster!” you said. “He’s a sexist, misogynist, and this all just proves it! I knew I was right!” B) they came out in large number. If some many were saying it, they couldn’t possibly be wrong.

This is a popular psychological trick. It’s often that that groups can’t be wrong, but peer pressure is an incredible psychological tool. People will agree that 2 + 2 = 5 if other people say it does too because they want to conform. In a college experiment, they did just this with 9 actors and 1 real person. The 9 actors said 2 + 2 = 5 on purpose and when it came to the test subject (who didn’t know he was the only one of course), he also said 2 + 2 = 5 because everyone else did. The fear of being wrong, of not conforming, or of confronting the group and telling the 9 people they were wrong was more than enough to cause him to conform.

Don’t ever think that groups don’t have this power to ‘change’ the ‘truth.’ The truth destroys evil, but it also takes extreme courage to tell the truth.

And I think, finally, this is one of the reasons so many are holding onto the idea that Trump is Hitler (if we ignore the brainwashed ones). There’s a fear (and the pain to the ego) of being wrong. For a lot of people it’s hard to say, “I’m wrong” or “Sorry” for even little things. Instead of creating your own monsters to justify your hatred, your violence, your disgusting behavior, take a look in the mirror, calm down, expand your reading, and learn to tell the difference between your imagination and the facts. Learn to recognize the facts rather than absorbing ad hominems and baseless claims.

Turn on the light. At this point, you’re afraid of your own shadow. You’re the reason your children are crying. You’re the reason young adults are acting are actually toddler communists. Your panic is unjustified, because tell me, in what universe is this claim real?

Symone Sanders(CNN) said, “I do not think that every single Trump supporter is racist. But it is — we have to be real and understand that the populism around Donald Trump’s campaign was intrinsically tied to racism. it was intrinsically tied to making people that were not white working-class people the other. Make America Great Again takes us back — people that look like me, takes us back to a time when we were in slavery, when we were in chains, when we worked on plantations, internment camps for the Chinese. So, it is really, really important that if we want to heal, that if people want to get past, if Trump supporters want to say, well, why are you calling me racist? That we have to understand that the populism was tied to elements of racism. And the last thing I would say is that racism is — a racist is — I think people think racism is dogs and white hoods and water hoses and the n-word, and that is not the only form of racism. There are microaggressions. There are oh, I didn’t — you speak so well. These are microaggressions that are forms of prejudice and discrimination that we have to address.”

Of all the things this election has shown me, one of them is that the left needs to lose more often because the kicking, screaming, threats, anger, destruction, violence, and continual assault on the process we’ve had in place since the foundation of this country because their candidate lost shows they don’t know how to respond when they don’t get their way. This election has shown the incredible double standard, the speaking of peace while full on assaulting those of different thought. The blaming of victims when they aren’t helpful to the left’s cause… and the fact the left needs to lose more often so they can learn to cope with it appropriately or step down from the adult table.

For real.


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