How Star Wars: Rogue One Could Fail

Star Wars: Rogue One is set to hit the theaters Friday this week and I’ve got a prediction. It might not be as much of a flop as Ghostbusters 2016 was, but I see Star Wars: Rogue One failing in the box office and losing hundreds of thousands of fans. I see Star Wars: Rouge One going in for the kill on the series just as Ghostbusters, the feminist remake no one asked for, did to to the Ghostbusters series and here’s why:

It’s Propaganda To The Max

Looking at the people who are involved in Star Wars: Rogue One, it’s easy to tell that it’s staffed by fascist SWJs of the worst type. Much of the ‘money’ supporting Star Wars: Rogue One is coming from the crowd not even good enough to live on the Island for Misfit Toys. You have Brianna Wu/John Flint Walker, self-proclaimed game designer, commenting about the feminism in it. You’ve got Joss Whedon who has been outspoken on the strong arm of ‘feminism’ and ‘misogyny’ in movies and video games, hanging out with people like Anita Sarkeesian who told the UN we needed internet censorship because criticizing a woman was harassment, and you’ve got people like Patton Oswalt gloating about how the film has anti-Trump sentiments in it on Twitter. 


The fascist left knows they’re in charge of Hollywood, media, art, and have been leading culture for a while. Over the past few years they’ve taken to infiltrating fields they have no business in (like video games) in an attempt to spread their social justice disease as far as they can. Most of them who complain about ‘social injustice’ or any kind of ‘ism’ in gaming have admitted that they don’t actually like to play video games. This is telling in the fact they don’t care about the industry for the players and storytelling, but they care about the control and the reach of their propaganda.

They’ve also recently infiltrated the comic industry and as Disney, one of the largest SJW propaganda machine companies in the mainstream, has been gathering the rights more and more to previously popular comic book heroes, they’ve had an easier time pulling in people with stories and characters many people love and then rewriting them to fit their political agenda. With recent movies like Zootopia, the Magnificent Seven, Sausage Party, Norm of the North, Ghostbusters 2016, Mad Max: Road Fury, White Girl, The Lone Ranger, White House Down, God Bless America, The Muppets, and The Birth of a Nation to name a few.

They Will Claim If You Don’t Like The Movie, You Are a ******

In the original Ghostbusters series, the main characters were a bunch of independent thinkers with big government as the bad guy. At its core, it was a very libertarian film and this is one of the reasons that many people were drawn to it. The government is often the one making life harder for its citizens by demanding more control and power when it hardly has the ability to maintain what little power it currently has. Funny that government always thinks the best way to manage better government when it sucks is to throw more on its plate. Funny that.

In the new Ghostbusters movie, not only were all the male leads replaced by women, the men in the movie were either completely retarded or killed immediately–or they were evil. That’s right, Ghostbusters 2016 took the original idea and swapped out big government baddie for all men are baddie. That’s a real feminist plot you got there, complete with ending blow to the balls. Super original. Aside from the terrible writing, cheap effects, and obvious social/political background, the other major reason it failed so hard was the way the director, cast, and mainstream media attacked people who weren’t completely onboard with their remake. The onslaught of ‘sexist/misogynist’ and sometimes ‘racist’ at everyone who dared to criticize the movie made enemies out of patrons. They isolated their audience, and instead of serving them entertainment, Figg and the Ghostbusters team sought to ‘re-educate’ the unwilling.

Now fast-forward to Star Wars: Rogue One where the entirety of the main cast has been diversified with women and minorities. There isn’t a single good guy on the main team who is white and male, but don’t worry, white men haven’t been completely removed from the film: they are the entirety of the bad guys. Star Wars: Rogue One decided to deviate from the original idea of the mixed empire being the enemy to instead create some white supremacist group to be the main source of evil in the film and they do it while laughing in the faces of decade old Star Wars fans.

They’ve already started calling people who have noticed this and oppose this, “neo-nazis” or “white supremacists” because “racist” isn’t a strong enough word anymore. Get ready for all mainstream movie reviews to glow over the wonderfulness of this film while anyone who criticizes it to be labeled as a nazi, KKK member, white supremacist, or some other such name. The left really hasn’t learned that their identity politics don’t work.

Note: Any argument made by someone involved with the film that Star Wars: Rogue One is an apolitical movie can be disproved by reading quotes said by the screenwriters of the film. Check out the one below:

1481581597348And the team at Disney/Star Wars couldn’t just change the dynamics of the people in the story and move on. No, this is an attack on the people who loved the original films, the original heroes, and what all stood for which leads into my next point.


They Destroy the Story for Personal Bias (and to Flipoff Fans)

Think about how they didn’t just change everything in Ghostbusters, they didn’t just isolate men as the bad guys or retarded, but the way they brought in a single member of the original Ghostbusters team, Bill Murray, and then killed him. This was not done for any dramatic reason. This was done to signal any older fans of the series that liberal Hollywood and the political left was in control of your childhood series. What you knew is dead and they were the ones to put the knife in its back and twist. SJWs and the fascist let wanted you to know that they can take anything you love and manipulate it into their monster.

They’ve done this with comics.

They’re attempting to do this with gaming (where GamerGate was one of the first successful rejections to this takeover, though they are still trying).

They’ve done this with movies and television.

I’m not a big Star Wars fan. I’m never going to pay to see this film and I’m never going to reward Disney & Co. for the manipulation their doing through pop culture icons and decade old stories. I’m not going to see this movie, but I’ll wager you, even if we don’t count the anti-Trump propaganda that will be in the film, I bet you there will be yet another finger raise from the left in this film, much like the death of Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

The thing about the political left is that they are sociopaths and they love to brag about their success. They feed on the misery of others which is why they have a market for, “<blank> tears” cups. They will flip off fans of Star Wars in Star Wars: Rogue One. They know they’re ruining the series worse than episodes 1-3 ever could, they want you to know they know, and they want you to know that they’re laughing at anyone who pays to see these films because they liked the original.

Star Wars: Rogue One is propagandic garbage that people are going to stand in line for hours to see. Star Wars: Rogue One is propagandic garbage that people are paying to be fed. Star Wars: Rogue One is propagandic garbage that people that wasn’t made with the intent to honor the series or its fans, but to ‘re-educate’ people because they couldn’t legally detain you in a ‘tolerance camp’ for re-education.

Get yourself ready because in the coming weeks/months, if you dare to criticize the film for the garbage that it is, I’m placing the bet now, you will be upgraded from simply ‘racist’ to nazi or white supremacist as soon as they hear about you.

And this is why the film, and I hope ultimately Disney, will fail.


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