The Reason You Fail At Everything Is Simple: Russia Did It!

Just for a second I’d like you to imagine yourself as the parent of a darling two-year-old. You stepped out of the house for a moment and when you came back, the walls were painted red with little handprints, the carpet was marked with little footprints, and at the end of the trail of footprints stood your little child, clothing red, feet red, face red, hands red. The child smiles at you with a big, bright, innocent smile. She twists one foot behind the other, folds her arms behind her back, and sways innocently. Her eyes try desperately not to look at the walls or the floors, or the ceiling (because somehow she was able to get paint up there too), but she can’t stop herself from peeking; she feels pride when she looks at her work. Between looking at her art and looking at you she says, “It wasn’t me. Rover did it,” but Rover’s footprints aren’t anywhere; Rover was outside with you all along.

This is the face of progressivism and modern liberalism.

They not only refuse to take responsibility for their actions, but I think there’s an inability to. They’re pathological liars, many of them are psychopaths, and they’ve found their scapegoat months ago in a country they have an irregular problem with: Russia.

Liberals and progressives are always looking for someone else to blame their failure on. This is there are new definitions of racism, sexism, and every other ism they can get away with. This is why we have movements like BLM and Healthy At Every Size, because their failures shouldn’t be their responsibility, you should just be a bigot if you don’t give them handicaps for their utter failures and then praise them like their handicaps aren’t there. Hillary Clinton has been leading the campaign against Russia for almost two years now, despite the cozy relationship she had with them when she sold them 20% of the US uranium for personal gain as Secretary of State.

Don’t believe me? Check out these recent developments.

Claim: Russia Hacked US Election Despite Zero Proof Being Found

So even up to the last week of the US General Election, the Clinton Campaign was saying it was impossible to hack the US Election, you had to be some kind of crazy conspiracy theorist to think that anyone could tamper with the US election. This was in response to Donald Trump saying he believed the left would rig the general against him in the same way they rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.

However, after Trump’s ‘surprising’ win, they were quick to jump on the “Russia hacked us!” story despite having zero proof. They attempted to lay the foundation throughout the general election with many mentions of Russia during Clinton rallies and general debates, even Clinton’s VP, Tim Kaine, brought up Russia during the only VP debate. This is an idea that they have been and continue to push hard.

Yet even Obama has come out and said there is no proof of Russians interfering in the US election. This doesn’t stop the liberals and progressives from rabidly attacking the country though and blatantly lying their sins and cheating behavior on the shoulders of someone who was so uninvolved, they don’t even have something to pretend is proof.

And instead of investigating foreign governments who actually meddled in our election, like Saudi Arabia and other major foreign governments made massive donations to the Clinton campaign, instead of investigating the dozens of individuals mentioned in the pay-for-play Podesta emails, the liberals keep screaming “Russia did it” so loud they hope your head spins and you forget all the ways they tried to cheat and they are continuing to try and cheat.

These people don’t care about what reality is, they just hope they can turn the world into what they imagine it to be by repeating ‘their version’ until other people start to believe them and indulge their delusion and make it ‘reality.’

Note how in dystopian stories, the truth is never what actually happened. The presses don’t write about that. The truth becomes whatever the person writing it has decided and the truth, the history of it call, can change on short notice. Remember Winston in Orwell’s 1984 had the job of taking events, rewriting them, and burning all copies of previously published material.

Not only is there no proof of Russian interference in American elections, but time and time again there has been evidence of democrats cheating between holding onto counties long past the polls closing like they did with Palm Beach county in Florida where the vote was not called until almost five hours later to the Project Veritas videos that revealed paying for more votes, bussing people around for votes, and even Hillary Clinton’s involvement in breaking the law in an attempt to insure her win. party stating they would break the law in order to win.

On top of that, back in October you have Obama telling Trump to “Stop whining about election fraud because he’s losing,” and continuing on to say the integrity of the election is fully intact.

You have Clinton who reamed him at the third debate when he said he would wait for the results before he accepted them:

And now these two ass-clowns are leading the charge against Russia with Obama ordering an investigation into the ‘election hack.’

I got news for you: the only election hack here is you.

Claim: Russia Causing ‘Migrants” to Mass-Rape Across Europe Because Current Liberal Leaders Are Losing in Polls1481735403848

According to <Newspaper name>, it’s not bad leadership, disregard for the native population, and the destruction of historic countries and culture that are to blame for the rise of populism across Europe. Millions of uncounted unvetted ‘refugees’ who have stated they aren’t from Syria, but are there as invaders to destroy Europe aren’t to blame. The multiplication of sex crimes by over 60% due to the influx of foreigners who don’t believe women and children are equally human aren’t to blame for European natives wanting something different from their leaders.

No, because it’s wrong for the common, native folk of any state or country to want to preserve themselves and their culture, to seek safety in their homes, so wanting to remove disastrous leaders like Merkel, who seeks to replace every last one of them with ‘migrants’ from the middle east must be from Russian influence.

According to <newspaper names>, Russia is the one destabilizing European countries like German, Sweden, and Belgium. Clearly the Russians are forcing the poor Syrian migrants to sexually harass, rape, and murder native women and children at an alarming rate in order to throw Merkel out of power because the people would never look at the assault and murder of their own people and the apologetic enabling leader who refuses to stop the violence and destruction within the country she’s supposed to protect.

Claim: Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography is Planted to Ruin Them

Since the release of the Podesta Emails in November, information on a massive pedophile ring of the elites has been mounting. If you haven’t been following #PizzaGate at all, here’s a quick summary of evidence and ideas:

Not only do we have all of this information contained in the Podesta emails, but many of the images that were mentioned on InstraGram are now gone, deleted after attention had been brought to them and the comments made on them. Massive media coverups by the MSM have been attempted,, then they tried to call it fake news and discredit anyone who spoke about it when it couldn’t be ignored any longer.

You have these women, who were investigating a pedophile ring among the elites in Norway when they were found assassinated. The pedophile ring may be connected to the Clintons and the Podesta brothers, but it doesn’t stop on local lines. This is an international problem with elites all across the world. The information and connections just keep piling up that these people can no longer deny their involvement, so instead of flatout saying they don’t have child pornography on their computer, they admit it’s there… but Russia did it!

Russia planted the kiddie porn on their computers–they can’t be held accountable! The persons and country they hate the most somehow planted all that kiddie porn on them and they were unaware the whole time!

1481729394094One of the most disturbing things about this to me is that you now have pedophiles coming right out and saying they have this disgusting stuff on them, but in the same breath they’re attempting to redirect your attention to someone unrelated. They’re so confident in their redirection that they are admitting their guilt!

Can you imagine telling the FBI about these allegations so you ask for their help to make the problem go away, then the FBI comes over to check things out and finds that you do, in fact, have kiddie porn on your computer? Can you imagine how many times the cops have heard, “It’s not mine! I didn’t do it!” in such situations? I hope you don’t buy it and I hope the pedophiles aren’t able to buy off the FBI.

This is so disgusting it’s hard for me to articulate the disgust I feel into words.

Donald Trump, Mark Dice, Carson Tucker, Alex Jones, EVERYONE I Dont Like–Are All Russian Agents!

1481731054743Imagine the convenience–and coincidence–of everyone speaking out against you being an agent of the enemy you pin all of your guilt on. How incredible is it that in the last 24 months it seems everyone who is not heavily liberal, and anyone who appears to be outspoken against the tyrannical left is a Russian operative?

Turns out that’s what they’re saying. Donald Trump has been called a Russian plant for months. In recent interviews, interviewer Tucker Carlson has been accused of being a Russian spy for speaking in defense of Trump and conservative values. One of the accusers includes Leftist Democratic Congressmen Rep. Adam Schiff. Surprise. Alex Jones has been called a Russian operative for standing with Trump and most recently Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has also joined the party.

Turns out when racist doesn’t work, you say white supremacist, when that doesn’t work, you say nazi or neo-nazi or anti-semite, and when that doesn’t work, you return to calling Russian spy because let’s not forget Steven Bannon and Jeff Sessions and everyone else Trump brought onto his administration has either been labeled a nazi member or a Russian spy.

Real creative there guys. I left leftists were supposed to be artistic?

So tell me, is it rigged or isn’t it? Can’t you guys make up your mind or do you switch back and forth so much you don’t know what the truth is anymore? Don’t worry. We’re watching, we’re listening, and this is the message we have for you:



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