Elites & Celebrities Openly Share Disdain for Population

It’s been kind of amazing watching so many ‘celebrities’ out themselves as American hating egotist. For some time now millionaires and self-proclaimed movie or television stars have been sharing with with the rest of us the fact they believe in equality, but some people are more equal than others. Of course the most recent display of this was earlier this week at the Golden Globes where Maryl Streep said, “You and all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now. Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners and the press.” She goes on, “So I only ask the famously well-heeled Hollywood Foreign Press and all of us in our community to join me in supporting the Committee to Protect Journalists, because we’re gonna need them going forward, and they’ll need us to safeguard the truth.” She finished by saying, “We have to remind each other of the privilege and the responsibility of the act of empathy. We should all be proud of the work Hollywood honors here tonight.”

You can read her complete speech here.

You know what I can tell you about this speech? I can tell you she tried to giver herself and her friends more status. She tried to give herself and her friends more value to their words because after this last year, they’ve realized they’re meaningless. She did this by claiming herself and her friends to be the most vilified segments in America. I’m sorry, but I don’t recall where being an actor makes you vilified. It grows your popularity, it grows the adoration random strangers have for you, unless you play an evil character very well. Then there might be some bleed over from character hate to real life. But actors, and Hollywood entertains in general, are some of the most privileged and well-liked people on the planet. You’re overpaid, given physical status through movies that will give you more money from one contract than most people will make in a lifetime. You live in a bubble where you don’t have to worry about losing your job and not being able to pay for necessities. You don’t have to worry about danger as you can hire bodyguards. If you are ever vilified, it’s because you’re acting like you are the royal family and getting pissy because people are contradicting you.

She claims to care about freedom of speech and the importance of an honest press, but I haven’t seen her criticize any of the lying press over the last two years. I haven’t seen her criticizing the censorship pushed forward by Facebook or Twitter or our governments. Where is her comment on the Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act that Obama signed in stealth on Christmas Even in an attempt to take control of publishable news?

These people get up on their platforms and scold the public like they’re children because they don’t actually like you, they just want you to keep funding their lifestyles while they rule over you.

The disdain for the populous the elites have has only become more obvious as the months pass. Let’s think about the Hollywood videos in which ‘actors and “activists”’ urged voters to vote for Clinton. When that didn’t work, the celebrities began to urge electors then congress, to bend to their will. What these videos said was, “Hey, we’re only like 5-8 people, but we think our voices, or opinions, matter more than that of the rest of America. Who care what the working class thinks? They’re dumb, uneducated. They don’t live in Silicon Valley. They don’t live in Hollywood. So listen to us.”

What they’re asking for is tyranny where just a few people, the rich and powerful, can decide the fate of the country. They are blatantly telling our government officials to disregard the very foundation this country was built on: our voting process, the constitution, the voice of the people. They all dog-piled on Trump as a threat to democracy, but in the last couple of months, these are the only people I’ve seen openly saying, “disregard voting, listen to us instead.” They have tried to delegitimize anyone who lives outside of their golden globe and participation trophy award world and when people have called them out on their hypocrisy, they claim victimhood. They claim, “we are the villains. Isn’t it sad for us?” They’ve learned, like so many Americans, that if your voice has no power, call yourself a victim or oppressed, and automatically your words receive more ‘value.’

But you know why people hate you? Because you say stuff like this:


Because you tell Americans what to think, how to vote, how to act, and when they don’t do what you want, you call them dumb fuckers.

Maryl Streep spoke about the power of bullying and violence in her speech and how ‘hurt’ she was to see someone in such ‘power’ ‘bully’ someone. She was referencing a hand gesture Trump made when speaking about a reporter who has crippled hands. She didn’t take into account the dozens of debunk articles and videos that prove her wrong. You know what else she didn’t do? When speaking about violence and hatred, she didn’t mention the BLMKidnapping that happened just a week ago–real bullying, real violence, real racism. She had nothing to say about that, but she claimed that Trump mocking a reporter, ‘stunned her’ and ‘sank hooks into her heart.’

You’re at an award show for bullshitting, Maryl. Perhaps it should be called the pathological liars award. When you make your living emulating emotions, I don’t know why you think anyone would take you choking up on stage seriously. Everyone knows you’re a fantastic actress which means any political or social statement you make with your over-the-top emotions has even less value. You’re a manipulator attempting to use the platform GIVEN to you by the Americans who patronize your film to control the emotions of the American people. You’re like a psychotic ex-girlfriend.

But I’ll be fair to Maryl. Her’s wasn’t the worst display of obvious display. I’d say those videos urging the electoral college and congress to disregard their duties to the American people were some of the most blatantly treasonous things to come out of Hollywood in a very long time. But let’s get to what this is all really about: this entire campaign by Hollywood and the media is an attempt to create a ruling class and a ruled class. People like Maryl Streep and Hugh Laurie don’t see the populous as equals. They see them as plebs to be ruled over, decisions to be made for, and peasants that should be paying for their lavish lifestyles. There are many people like this in our political system too. Consider Slovak Prime Minister and EU Council boss Robert Fico recently said, “I am asking EU leaders to stop with adventures like the British and Italian referendums … on domestic issues which pose a threat to the EU.” This is a high power political figure stating that citizens shouldn’t have a say in their own fate! But who is reporting on this? Little to no one.

Politics are downstream of culture and if you can inspire a culture of people who welcome slavery, than your political structure of the ruling class will soon follow. So they won’t just be this straightforward. They’ll counter the straightforward politicians with people who speak to your feelings because you can’t think and feel at the same time and most people give in to listening to their feelings. The cunning conman will tell you anything that makes you feel good if it loosens the hands clenching the money.

That’s why we have people like Bernie Sanders, and other elite rich people, trying to raise the taxes on ‘everyone’ to make everyone live ‘equally.’

So we’ve got elites, millionaires, billionaires, pushing ‘income inequality’ and how ‘the rich need to do their fair share’ while ignoring the fact that most wealthy people are already taxed heavily. What the people pushing for more taxes on the rich are doing is telling poor people what they want to hear. “Oh yeah, the reason you’re failing/poor is because someone else has all the money. We’ll take the money from these people with so much money and then give it to you.” This is what they tell the nation. What they actually mean is they will tax the middle class heavier and give the middle class’s wages to the poor and unworking class while the rich class pay less taxes. They’re selling a scheme and getting the gullible and lazy to vote for it.

Remember when putting ObamaCare into place, they said families would be able to keep their insurance? Remember when they said everyone would included in the “Affordable Care Act” to make it equal to everyone, yet then congress members were allowed to OPT OUT of participating in ObamaCare and they all chose not to participate. They realized it was garbage and because they had power and money, the all decided they didn’t have to follow the law.

If you think raising the taxes ‘across the board’ wouldn’t be the same, you’re delusional. The rich pushing to raise taxes aren’t there to help you. They know it, middle class people know it, and this is one of the reasons why they’re freaking out.

The working class isn’t becoming the servant class and they aren’t digging a deeper divide between the people. On December 22nd, president-elect Trump posted to his twitter, “The so-called ‘A’ list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration, but look what they did for Hillary, NOTHING. I want the PEOPLE.” Almost immediately came the onslaught of criticisms from the regular twitter users, the media, and celebrities and it’s interesting to note the responses were a lot like this: “Also we ALL know you are dying without the approval dear.” She added in a second tweet, “But have fun with DJ Buttcrack spinning the hot s–t and Lil Banana dropping bars at your inauguration.” said Chrissy Teigen (literally who?).

This is the outlash of the popular kid finding out there’s a party they weren’t invited to and instead of acknowledging they don’t have that much power or authority, they yell, “Yeah? We didn’t want to come anyway.” This is the wannabe ruling class finding out that they aren’t kings or queens or second cousins to a royal family. This is the elite socialites of the entertainment industry (and the media) finding out their ego lied to them; they just aren’t that important and their voices don’t matter any more than yours or mine. In fact, we all probably give them far less credit than they give to the cashier at the grocery store.

So go ahead Meryl Streep, Hollywood ‘elites,’ and ‘special’ political figures. Congratulate yourselves on your virtue. Continue to lecture the people who ‘don’t know as well as you,’ because you are speaking to your patrons. You are assaulting your livelihood and your fame and every time you take shots at the populous, you lower your brand value. Thank you for finally being honest with us and letting us know just what you think about the country. Working class America will never forget your insults, your betrayal, your treason.



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