So I Can Count On Your Vote Next Cycle, Right? ;)

As the House has already gone to work on repealing ObamaCare, I keep seeing these very specific posts circulating around social media. Can you guess what they are saying?

Pictures, videos, articles… the praise comes in all sorts of multimedia forms in hopes of getting your attention and persuading your opinion, if you don’t already agree with the posting.

But here’s the problem: what these videos and articles and images are actually doing is trying to convince you that political bribery is good and that you should accept it. They’re trying to play on your emotions by showing you people who were ‘helpless’ while giving no further information on any of the situations other than, “I couldn’t pay my own doctor bills. I didn’t have insurance. Feel bad for me.” They leave out the details about the person and they leave out the details of how those doctor bills were actually paid for.

Get ready to call me heartless.

Let’s start out by defining how ObamaCare works. You have a job. You’re offered health insurance through your job. You pay premiums towards your health insurance, knowing that if you end up needing to go to the doctor’s for any reason, you’ll have the assistance of the insurers and you’ll have been paying into fund that technically goes towards your doctor’ bills. However, since ObamaCare’s implementation, premiums have been skyrocketing and your coverage hasn’t been getting better. This is because you’re now not only paying for your own health insurance, but you’re putting more into the pot to pay for the people who don’t have it or can’t afford it. You’re now effectively putting more money into a pot to take care of someone, and that someone is not putting money into the pot at all.

This is socialized healthcare. Your cow is my cow, even if I’ve never had a cow before. This is ObamaCare. Let’s keep going with this cow thing for a moment. If your neighbor had two cows and you had none, if the government came around and said, “Hey, this man isn’t getting his nutrients because he doesn’t have a cow who produces milk. We will now take one of the two cows and give it to the man with none. That way, you’re both taken care of.” So the man with no cows now has the benefit of a cow, but had done nothing to receive the benefit of the cow. Meanwhile the man who previously had two cows has now been punished for being successful. He worked for those cows. He raised them since they were calves in order to produce the best quality milk, and instead of reaping the benefits of his hard work, they were dispersed to someone else who did nothing.

In this situation, who do you think would be happy and who do you think would be less happy?

Of course the person who does nothing and receives something is happy. He benefited off someone else’s labor. This is ObamaCare and this is why the videos, articles, and images circulating on social media are complete garbage.

They purposefully build up this sob story on emotion, pain, and vulnerability in an attempt to appeal to human compassion. Clearly it works on a lot of people, and yet, these same people don’t explain why they’re in the situation they’re in. Did they make bad decisions and have five kids out of marriage? Are they overreaching past what their funds can afford? Are they unable to get the job they want so they aren’t working at all? Are they self-employed and just too lazy to figure out their healthcare?

Promising socialized healthcare is essentially bribing votes with money that doesn’t belong to politicians. They’re bribing voters with money and care provided to them by other people who likely not work, but likely don’t agree with socialized healthcare. They’re forcing their political opponents to pay for them while reaping the other benefits of their own submission to bribery.

Of course when people are praising ObamaCare, you don’t see them circulating videos or articles of people whose premiums or deductibles went up. You don’t see videos from the people who are suffering because their costs went up and their coverage went down in order to pay for people who had no coverage before. Because these people are legitimately stealing from fellow Americans and they’re proud of it.

I had this one situation a year ago. Author Thomas French and his wife, Kelly French, came to my school to talk about their book. We were required to read their book “Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives,” but when they came on to speak to us, they spoke of their book “Juniper” which was a story about the difficulties they had with their late in life born child. They spoke vague of actual writing process and spent most of their time bickering like you’d expect a married couple to do, where Mr. French took shots at Mrs. French and she took shots saying how he was dumb/didn’t know as well as her because they cowrote this book “Juniper” together.

What really pissed me off was in the middle of their ‘talk’ Mr. French went on a tirade a few minutes long about how ObamaCare is amazing because without ObamaCare, they wouldn’t have been able to afford taking care of their daughter in the hospital.

The thing about their daughter and Juniper’s birth is… She was born way, WAY early. Mrs. French was in her 40s when she had Juniper. The doctors told her it would complicate her birth. She decided she wanted another baby anyway. Let’s not neglect the fact the Frenches already have children. So it’s not like they were mid-life and childless. Not only was Mrs. French’s age an issue for healthy childbirth, but she also wanted/had to do in vitro, which, again, complicated the pregnancy.

In vitro isn’t cheap. So let’s take this whole situation into account: they had a voluntary, late in life birth, doing two things that they knew would complicate the birth and make it dangerous, but they went through with it anyway. They took on the expensive costs of in vitro, and then, when the complications they KNEW would come that they knew they couldn’t afford, they relied on the American tax dollar to cover up the rest of their selfish decision. They said $2 million was the final bill.

Now tell me, what have they done for America to be worth $2 million of our tax dollars? It was a selfish move on their part to have a late in life child with in vitro. They put the child through trauma. They put the mother through trauma. At this point, as they then used it to write a new book, I can’t help but think they had this child specifically to capitalize on her birth and the forced trauma no one had to go through. It wasn’t used as a private moment. The kid has virtually no privacy, and as I reflect more and more on the situation, I can’t think of more selfish parents inducing a more selfish birth and then selling the forced trauma for whatever they can take from it.

So tell me French family, what have you done to make yourselves worth $2 million+ in the eyes of the American people? Those who use ObamaCare who don’t bother to find other ways to insurance themselves, tell me, why do you deserve to have American workers pay your medical bills? What are you giving back? Don’t pretend funds don’t go to people that don’t return to society what they take. A majority of the people sucking on the American tit are people who do not and may never contribute back to society.

Socialized healthcare, ObamaCare, is nothing but a scam to take money from hard working people and distribute it to those who do nothing. It’s nothing short of bribing voters to a specific political party knowing those who want ObamaCare (or socialized healthcare of any kind) do not plan to be part of the working class who pay their own way and create their own success. A fundamental part of American culture is the ability for any individual to build the life they desire through hard work and dedication. However, this dream is, and has been, slowly dying over the decades through legislation that redistributes the wealth from the working class to the poor and/or selfish who don’t do anything.

“But, but, muh million/billionaires–fair share–they all pay too.”

You do realize that congress OPTED OUT of participating in ObamaCare? The politicians who play this stuff lie to you. They aren’t redistributing or donating their wealth to others. They’re pretending to be on the same plan as the populous to get your massive individuals bodies into the voting booth because your tens of millions is worth more than their one. Then, once you make their goal a reality, they opt out, creating a larger divide in the elite and every class beneath the elite. They want to doom everyone else to failure and poverty while they get richer. Voting against your interests is trying to become a Robin Hood and steal from the working class.obamacare-cost-cartoon

Socialized government programs do nothing but create enemies among the populous and distract from the puppet masters who truly want to rule us all. Think. Do not trust government programs that promise you money. It’s not their money to give you and more often than not, it either puts the country in more debt, lowers the value of our money, or straight up steals it from someone else. It’s bribery with stolen money at its finest all in hopes you’ll vote more criminals in.



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