“But–But, Muh First Amendment!” – Establishment Press Panics

If you turned into social media or watched the news in the last 24 hours, you may have been privy to new calls that Trump is literally a fascist. “This it how it begins!” they keep chanting.

Let me just say to anyone claiming this: you’re literally retarded. You and these news outlets have all been able, and will continue to be able, to voice your concerns, your disagreements, and yes, even your flat out lies. Notice how people aren’t being executed for ‘protesting?’ Notice how people from these news outlets aren’t being murdered? That’s because we don’t live under fascist rule. If we lived under fascist rule, these organizations would be shut down and the people there murdered. The opposition in the streets: murdered.  Hillary Clinton openly stated opposition websites had ‘no right to exist’ yet Trump is the fascist for allowing shit rags to continue their operation, but not allow them into events reserved for reporters? Let’s not pretend Obama didn’t have private conferences with liberal newspapers while disinviting conservative newspapers ALL THE TIME.

CNN’s Face When Not Invited to Press Events

Why? We all know that President Trump has been calling out the media. Recently, he even made the bold statement that the fake news is the enemy of the American people and he repeated this common sentiment again at CPAC yesterday morning. It’s been no secret that the mainstream media has been having an all-out war with President Trump since he became the candidate that would obviously face off against Hillary Clinton in the general election.

During the long months of the general election, Wikileaks released loads of emails that revealed incredible corrupt collusion between the mainstream media outlets and the democratic party. This is something directly against the law. They provided questions ahead of time to Clinton, they referenced her team when writing articles. There were even news outlets writing hit pieces on Trump who first sent the pieces to the Clinton Camp for clearance before posting them. Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski also stated that she was almost fired for making a semi-critical comment about Clinton on air.

There’s been so much information and evidence of collusion, fake stories, and even coercion to twist the news from major democratic party members, yet none of this information was plastered across the news pages and it’s still not been widely reported on by so called ‘mainstream journalists.’

c5ed5lquyaq9xnyI’m not a fan of Brzezinksi , but you’d think the attempt to fire her over being critical of a politician would have been met by protest from the people; this is silencing journalists, you’d think they’d cry, but no, there’s been little to no outrage about censorship from the left when the left is behind it all. Yet, what’s been covering news and social media over the last couple of hours?

Oh, just cries that the press is ‘losing their first amendment rights.’

The press isn’t losing anything, however, fake news outlets are losing credibility by the hour and as they lose credibility, their special privileges go with it.

Yesterday, February 24th, 2017, the White House barred a handful of ‘media outlets’ from a press briefing in Washington DC. Among the news outlets barred were CNN, Buzzfeed, and New York Times. Some websites include Politico and LA Times, while they complain that Breitbart, Fox News, Washington Times, and One America News Network were allowed in the press briefing. I’ve seen self-proclaimed ‘reporters’ whining across twitter about their freedom of speech. I’ve seen acquaintances on Facebook posting articles about the barring with so many comments on how this is so facist, rights are being taken away, reporters, freedom of speech, OMG NOOOO!

Let me let a few things straight for you:

Barring someone from an event doesn’t stop them from having a voice. ALl of these newspapers still have their first amendment. No one arrested them, no one cut their tongues out. No one punched them in the face or threatened to riot if they wrote about the gaggle they weren’t allowed into. Their freedom of speech is completely in tact. What they weren’t allowed to do was come to a PRIVATE, complementary event. The president doesn’t, and never has been required, to give press briefings. He does it to keep the people informed. However, pressers aren’t really helpful when the ‘reporters’ attending the events don’t report what happened truthfully.

CNN, NY Times, and Buzzfeed (among the others) have been lying for years, if not decades. It just so happens theirs lies have become much more fantastically and obvious in the months leading up to the election of 2017. President Trump has given these outlets numerous occasions to clean up their acts and report like it’s actually a job(?) rather than a joke, but that haven’t taken the opportunity to evaluate themselves and come at it truthfully. So finally, they were barred from the privileged event that having the job of ‘professional journalist’ allowed them to attend.

CNN, Buzzfeed, and NYTimes writers are not journalists. They’re teenage girls with blogs where they cry about their bullies and write their wet dreams about Hillary Clinton and Swedish rape. You’ve proven that you’re not true reporters by cutting off guests or stomping your feet when they say things you don’t like.

Here’s a quick look:

And that videos not even including the last 7 or 8 months!

You weren’t uninvited for being liberal. You were uninvited for being unprofessional.

As New Gingrich said on Friday,  “I think it’s fair to tell a reporter, ‘Look, if you’re engaged in absolute falsehood, you don’t get to play.'”

What’s even more laughable (and distressing) to me is all these retards calling suppression of free speech… meanwhile, less than a month ago they were defending and rejoicing the dangerous riot AGAINST free speech that happened at Berkeley. For weeks after the inauguration people were defending the act of punching Richard Spencer because they claim he’s a nazi. Is he a nazi? I don’t know. I don’t follow him closely. I know he’s an idiot, but being an idiot and an asshole doesn’t really give anyone permission to punch him. The Angry Foreigner makes a great argument in this video:

If it’s okay to punch ‘racists’ because they might become nazies, then it’s okay to punch communists because you might become Stalin. In fact, self-proclaimed ‘communists’ in America are already far more like Stalinists and other dictatorship countries by intimidating and threatening their political opposition. When you justify assaulting one type of person for their beliefs, you justify punching all opposition. You deliberately shut down conversation by deciding the answer to disagreement is violence and that is exactly what dictators do.

You can’t justify your attack on free speech then turn around and cry about your free speech being restricted.. Because someone disinvites you to an EVENT. A single event. You weren’t even banned from the press pool (yet)! Write in your diary, tell the world how much of a BAD MAN Don is because he didn’t let you into his party, but don’t even pretend that not entering a building or meeting is the same thing as having a campus set on fire and your followers punched and assaulted for having some political and social ideas that are different.

Do you not understand the difference between being censored and just being disliked? No one wants to hang out with you CNN, BuzzFeed, and New York Times. You start rumors. You lie viciously, and you act like impudent children even with more respectable guests.

The last thing I want to touch on is this: you absolutely cannot be serious claiming that you are the victim when you have been pulling punch after punch and the guy you’re attacking finally responds. You fake news outlets have been publishing unfair and libelous stories for months, MONTHS attacking President Trump’s character, his wife, his family, everything you could think of. Buzzfeed created the highly FAKE dossier of political piss fanfiction which CNN then tried to fan into something viral. You’ve insulted his wife, you’ve insulted his children, including his nonpolitical ten-year-old son. For months he has given warning that you need to be fair. You don’t need to be non-critical, but you need to stop lying. Provide praise where it’s due and criticism where it’s due, and keep it professional. Yet you didn’t heed any of the warnings.

So you were stripped of your title of reporters or journalists. You are now gossip girls with websites. You were uninvited to the gaggle because you are not the press and there was limited room to begin with. You are far less qualified than HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of independent journalists who don’t work for any organization who only seek to present the truth. I’ve known comedians who report the news better than you.

So after you take all these punches, after you hit again and again and again, and you’ve been given warning to stop, you complain that, “OMG, LOOK AT US BEING RESTRICTED. DICTATOR. DICTATOR. THE FOURTH REICH. AHHHHHHHHHH,” because you didn’t stop misbehaving so your candy was taken away? This is just another reason why you have no credibility. You have done nothing to prove to the American people you care about them. You have done nothing to show the American people you care about the truth. The fact NYT had to state they “refocus your mission on telling the truth” after Trump got elected shows what a joke you are. “Yeah, right, we’re gonna tell the truth from now on. You can totally trust us. ;D We wouldn’t lie to you AGAIN would we?”

The only people you’re ‘fooling’ are the people so blinded by the hate you instilled for them in Trump that they can’t think outside your rules. The majority of the US doesn’t believe you. That’s why Trump is in the white house. If you don’t get with the program, if you don’t begin to tell the truth, you will be swallowed alive by the new media, the independent media and reporters, who do the real work.

And let’s be honest: this is why you’re actually mad.

You’re no longer the gatekeepers. You’re no longer the cool kids. Now anyone with a camera and a computer can setup a channel for interviews, news, and information. Now anyone can set up a website for information and reporting. You are losing your power, you’ve lost your hold on the mind’s of the American people, and you’re so very, very afraid to be kicked off your high perch.

You’re a Monty Python sketch.


Get used to it. America is done with the lies. Americans are done being bullied by people like you who claim free speech, but in an instant turn around and silence all opposition you can for the slightest disagreement.

CNN, New York Times, Buzzfeed, Washington Journal, Vox, & so, so many more. Put forks in yourselves. You’re done. Even entertainers like PewDiePie are saying the same thing.


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