The Truth About Transgender Bathrooms

It’s not about ‘fear because conservatives…’ It’s about decency.

You may have noticed ‘transgender bathrooms’ reappearing in the news and thought, ‘huh, I thought this was settled’ or ‘why are we talking about this non-issue’ or ‘has there ever been such a first-world problem as this?’ The reason why it’s popping up again in news and conversation is because on February 22nd, 2017, President Trump returned the power of bathroom legislation to the states, rather than withholding it as a federal government issue. People should be rejoicing over this, but instead, we have a bunch of moronic, mentally ill people (liberals) screaming about civil rights, and omg, this is so wrong.

After the literal meltdown when President Trump was elected, liberals hit panic mode as they thought, “The president has so much power! We need smaller government! The world is about to end!” I don’t know how many people thought this through, but it’s important to realize: if the government reach was smaller, than changing out presidents wouldn’t panic people so much. The president and federal government were never meant to regulate everything in our lives, and they especially weren’t meant to regulate PERSONAL COMFORT or bathrooms.

Wait whaaaaat?

So one of the main arguments for ‘gender-free’ or ‘transgender’ bathroom legislation is that the individuals just want to feel more comfortable. They don’t feel comfortable using whatever bathroom, be it one that matches their bio-sex, appearance, or even the family bathroom. Oh no, they want to be in the bathroom they want to be in because it’s what makes them comfortable.

By making this the argument for your bathroom legislation, you are essentially saying the federal government should be in charge of legislating personal comfort. Do you not realize how ludicrous that sounds? What’s the next step? The federal government will determine the length of time you’re allowed to sit before it’s considered uncomfortable? Will they legislate the beds that should be bought because some are uncomfortable?

The second problem with using this ‘personal comfort’ thing as the reason behind your argument is that you’re claiming the comfort of one person is more important than everyone else. If you’ve decided this needs to be about comfort levels, then you must ask the general, non-trans public to see where their comforts lie. How we are determining whose comfort is more important? If it’s a numbers game, I hate to break it to the federal arm pushing activists, but, you’re likely outnumbered.

And then there’s the third thing… the liberals claiming to be the ‘resistance,’ the ‘anti-establishment’ are pushing for more government control, more power to be used over mundane situations. Wasn’t in the liberals saying, “Keep your laws out of my bedroom” when it came to same-sex marriage, yet now they are totally fine with pushing laws into the bathroom? I’m very confused by our declaration that you’re fore the people, that you want to maintain control and independence, that you’re all about opportunity and freedom, but then at every turn you seem to be calling for the governmental arm to collect more power to then enforce your will. President Trump shrunk government control when he returned the power to the states. This is a victory, albeit a small one. We need to return more and more power to the states and take the federal government away from controlling our lives.

And think about it this way: If you can use legislation to force people into performing your will–because don’t expect that people following this law necessarily agree with you. Obama threatened school funding if the schools didn’t comply. There were obvious cases of people not agreeing–so this all was strong-arming. Well, think of it: if you can strong-arm someone into your will, what makes you think that when your enemy is in power, he won’t want to use those same powers you pushed for against you? Limiting government protects everyone. How about instead of threatening and legislating your will, you work with people in the community and prove you’re not insane dictators?

So there’s that. Another common argument, or catchphrase, or whatever you want to call it, that comes from transpeople and trans activists when they’re talking about using the bathroom is, “We’ve been using bathrooms with trannies for years. What’s the problem? We’re here and we’re not going away.” Laverne Cox, a transgender ‘celebrity’ has even said this before.

And I don’t hear anyone really arguing with that. Transgenderism isn’t new. What is new is the sensationalizing of transgenderism. What is new is turning a mental disorder into a trend and pushing it on children. What is new is social activists trying to push legislation to mandate behavior and customs… and indecency.

Take CNN’s Chris Cuomo for instance. An original tweet by @PurportedPundit read, “What do tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo responded with, “i wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? teach tolerance.”

This is not advocating for people to just ‘use the bathroom.’ This is advocating indecency and setting the stage for sexual harassment and assault. Then you have the people who argue, well, sexual molestation and harassment from a transgender has never happened in a bathroom before, but you bring up the dozens of cases of people claiming trans status who then peep in the bathrooms and all the defenders have to say is, “WELL, they aren’t trans!”

They seem to completely miss the point that most people have a problem with these obvious men, saying they’re women, in order to gain access to the rooms and play predator. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t really trans, they are claiming trans status to cheat the system. There is no reason why a women in the women’s locker room should be exposed to a penis. I even advocate that mothers who bring their very young boys in because they have no choice take their sons to the changing booths. There is equally no reason why men in the men’s room should be exposed to vaginas.

These spaces should be actually be considered ‘safe’ spaces for the sexes to be away from the other. I must have talked about this before because I always mention this story whenever I talk about bathrooms/locker rooms. Everyone always focuses on the obvious men in the women’s bathroom just because it’s more common and people are worried much more about male predators, but what about the transmen in the men’s room? Men are biologically programmed for physicality and to be turned on at certain things, especially certain sites. A ‘transman’ with breasts and a vagina has no place stripping in the men’s bathroom.

“LOL, it’s not like they haven’t seen it before/don’t want to see it!”

May be true for some, but showering with our female body parts hanging out is likely to cause a physically aroused reaction from men, even if they don’t want it. This is what I mean by safe. This can be embarrassing, distressing, or a number of other things in the case the men didn’t want or expect to see a naked woman. It’s rude, indecent, disrespectful, and unnecessary.

The reason why ‘transpeople have been using the bathrooms just fine forever’ is because, and I’m not a history buff so please feel free to correct me on this, but I’m pretty sure the trans ‘activists’ haven’t been pushing legislation for control and saying, “Whatever you want is allowed in!” At some point in time, transitioning people actually put effort into passing as the gender they believe they should be. If you do this and don’t’ make a spectacle of yourself by dropping trou’ in a shower or standing peeing in the women’s room, then you will likely have zero problems.

This new issue arises from all the random genderf@ck rebels saying you can look like anything and be anything you want. Women don’t look a certain way. Have a beard, have bulking muscles, that square jaw and huge frame and crewcut? Hey, if you say you’re a woman today, then cool, it works.

I just listened to Mayor Jesse Herbst of Texas discuss this with Steven Crowder. Herbst said there’s a huge process to transitioning–it’s true, if you truly want to transition there is something of a lengthy process, in a couple ways, however, this is not what the legislation they’re pushing for says. They aren’t pushing for legislation that says, “if you’ve been through treatment, your certifiably trans, etc, use the bathroom that matches your appearance.” What these bills always say is, “Say whatever you are and that’s what you are.” No proof required. No therapy, no anything. Mayor Herbst then goes onto say, “Well people wouldn’t just use the rules if they weren’t trans.” And to her I say, you have too much faith in people or you’re pretending to be more naive than you are for the sake of your… personal situation. Don’t pretend people don’t abuse the rules when they know they can

Humans are flawed, greedy, and destructive. Bad people will most definitely look for loopholes in laws in order to propel them to their goal. I want to say the opposition to bathroom laws has nothing to do with any transperson who is reasonable, passes, and respects the space. The problem is with all the insanity (and believe me, I know plenty of people who would refer to even ‘reasonable’ suffers as insane) that you can do whatever, whenever, because why try? If you’re just a person living your life and following the social norms, no one is going to notice, no one is going to care.

What you don’t get to do is break social norms, get upset when the majority of people don’t like you breaking the nonverbal, societal agreement, then attempt to legislate your way of doing things because everyone else doesn’t agree on their individual level. That’s strong arm garbage, that’s the power of a dictator-state.

So then that takes me to the final topic for this… mess of a post: sports.

It is my personal belief that when you choose to transition, and let’s not pretend it’s not a choice. The mental illness itself is not a choice, but the way someone copes with it is. So when you choose to alter your body, you must recognize you’re giving up some opportunities. As a biological woman, when you take drugs to transition into being a man, you must recognize the biological difference, the changes testosterone brings, and say, “Okay, I can’t play with the girls. I am now officially no steroids. If I were a man in sports taking steroids, I would be disqualified. If I were a female athlete in any other situation, I would be disqualified.”

Testosterone causes very obvious, measurable changes to the body. To pretend otherwise is to ignore science. If you choose to transition from female to male, you must acknowledge the differences and say, “If I play now, I’m a cheater. I can’t play with them now, I identify as a man, I want to be scene as a man.” If you play ‘female sports’ after declaring you’re a man, you’re undermining your own statement on identity, you look like a liar and/or a cheat, no one has reason to respect you or your wishes. Likewise, you KNOW that even on male hormones, your body will likely never be as strong or thick as a bio-man’s. If you entered the ring with one, you’d be crushed. The only option is to forfeit sports as a career.

I believe the same thing for male-to-female patient’s. Your muscle mass will always be thicker, even after taking estrogen in larger doses for years. You will always be stronger than bio-women, so entering the ring, or a race, or any sport for women, is unfair and you are cheating. Let’s look at the transgender cyclist who entered an all women’s race and won. Let’s look at the MMA fighter who beat the woman to a pulp because male strength IS STILL THERE.

You alter your body with steroids. You’re on an uneven playing field. If sports are that important to you, don’t transition and play them fairly. Life is tough. Decisions are tough. You might like sports, but you also might feel like you need to transition, but you have to be an adult and pick which one means more to you because it’s not worth anyone else’s time to help you feel ‘more comfortable’ when you’re already comfortable cheating.

At this point, you don’t suffer from a disorder of gender dysphoria. You suffer from being a loser who can only win by cheating. You don’t get to pretend to be one or the other whenever it’s convenient, you don’t get to change based on the situation, like Mack. You’re either treated like a boy and you disqualify YOURSELF if the state won’t disqualify you from a girl’s competition, or you are admitting you are a woman, because guess what Mack? It’s you being a woman that made you hit national headlines. Prove me wrong.

End of the day, this is what it’s about:

  • Smaller government is good.
  • Stop saying “LE RESISTANCE XD lmao” when you’re pushing for bigger government. 
  • Be decent, honest people.
  • If you assimilate and don’t make a big deal out of yourself, literally no one cares.
  • Personal comfort is not something anyone should regulate.
  • You don’t get to take drugs and play sports. No.

It’s people like you, who demand more when you don’t’ need more, who demand to break the rules while everyone else follows them, it’s you who create the animosity from the public. It’s you demanding respect and accommodation and not giving it back.


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