#Resist! #NotMyPresident! #NeedMoreMoney!

Have you posted something like this on your Facebook or twitter recently? Was that post made unironically? I’ve got something to tell you–and this might be difficult for you to comprehend, but if you’ve been spamming the #Resist or #NotMyPresident tags, you’re not actually the resistance. If over the last couple of months, you’ve been complaining about the government pulling out of the arts via cutting NEA funds, if you’ve championed for a basic universal income or socialized healthcare, you’re not the resistance. You’re the establishment.

To claim you’re ‘the resistance’ is to say you’re against the status quo, that you’re against big government, however, when President Trump tries to do something that will lower government involvement, such as cutting National Endowments for the Arts funds, and you cry that the government is pulling out, you’re actually fighting for a bigger government. To have the government funding the arts means they have a say in what is completed and publicized. You’re choosing to silence artists by having the government pick favorites to support. The government isn’t supposed to be an entrepreneur. It’s not meant to be an investor in individuals or art ‘adventures.’ It’s meant to protect the people and the country. That’s it. Anything else is government overreach. When you demand the government continue to use American taxpayer dollars to fund non-essentials like arts, or even private businesses, you are fighting for a bigger government who redistributes the people’s money as it sees fit.

Are you one of the people who was crying about funds being cut from NPR and PBS? Can you give me one good argument as to why the government should be funding these channels? They have more than enough viewers to fund their operations. Cutting the funds from the government won’t end their programs (and let’s be honest, PBS runs mostly plays reruns nowadays. So where’s that money going?). If anything, cutting the government funds from these programs will save the taxpayers money and provide NPR and PBS more freedom to do what they want.

You don’t want government funded media. Government programming is always biased. NPR pretends to be biased and intellectual and it gives liberals and far leftists a place they can go to stroke each other’s egos, but the truth is, the panels on NPR are just there to nod and tell each other how smart they are while not challenging each other, not engaging in actual debates, and not discussing issues from multiple points of view. The problem with government programming is that it censors everything your government doesn’t want you to know and only produces information, real or imaginary, to create the reality they want you to believe in. Government radio in Venezuela would look something like the bakers are being selfish which is why everyone is starving rather than reporting the government is destroying the economy and killing people with regulations and imprisoning the only people there who are able to make food–because they aren’t ‘making it fast enough’ for the government.

We already have enough lying white noise around us without paying for our own brainwashing and indoctrination. As a taxpayer and US citizen, I shouldn’t have to pay for NPR. I don’t listen to NPR and I don’t want to be forced to. The listeners of the show can fund the operations if they really want the show. That’s how capitalism works. Good ideas get funded by people who enjoy them. If the idea sucks, then it doesn’t get the funding and it goes away. You’re fighting against capitalism and the open market by forcing money out of citizen pockets to pay for YOUR programming.

Riddle me this: if taxpayer money was going to Christian radio stations, instead of (or in addition to) NPR, would you be okay with your tax money being funneled into a station you have no interest in, and in some cases, may despise? If the answer is, it would bother you, then why are you forcing that on anyone else? Fund your own radio stations via donation and doing a good job like the rest of us fund ours.

And I can’t help but notice all these programs that leech money out of the government… seem to be liberal programs. NPR, NEA, PBS… and I’m sure there are much more…

So, at least be honest with yourself. Look at the programs whose funding is being cut. Look at the programs in which you support and in which you’re demanding and crying that the government continues to fund. Do they have anything to do with national security? If not, you are directly advocating for larger government. You are a foot soldier for the establishment. You are stealing money from Americans and giving it to YOUR programs to fund YOUR activities.

And that’s not the end of your governmental arm, either. Are you someone advocating for ‘hate-speech’ laws? Are you someone who is demanding liberties being taken away from free-thinking people because you don’t like to hear what they have to say? What about this ludicrous woman who says women shouldn’t have the right to choose whether they stay home with their kids and go to work? This woman argues being a ‘stay-at-home mom should be illegal.’ By taking away jobs and choices, you’re not an advocate for the people. You’re not a free-thinker, and you’re not the #Resistance. You’re using the government to limit the choices of the citizens. You are enlarging the government. You are working against the people.

I can only draw one conclusion from your constant thievery: your ideas suck so people won’t invest or you’re so bad with money that investors don’t want to take the risk so the only way your programs get funding is by forcing it out of taxpayers pocket. Show me the last time conservatives were trying to expand programs that didn’t have anything to do with the government’s actual job: national security and law. Show me, because as I go over the list of everything being cut right now, all I see are liberal and/or leftist projects that steal money from the American people.

Stop using #Resist. You are the establishment’s bitch.


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