Left Selling Lemons: The Truth About Hormone Blockers and Transgenderism

National Geographic, Time, and many other major magazines have been selling the idea of a ‘post-gender generation’ in a campaign to ‘forward the cause of transgenderism.’ They showcased androgenous children and with children and young adults explaining their experience. If you listen closely enough, a lot of the stories so sound similar–as if they were corroborated beforehand. You have this mother/son duo who recently went on national television stating the mother wanted to become a father and the son wanted to become a daughter. The stories? Same we always hear: “I liked playing in dirt.” “I liked pretty things.”

But all these excuses, stories, and statements made by LGBT activists are hardly scientific. In fact, the activists don’t base their statements or support on facts at all. You can run from reality, but you can’t run from the consequences of reality. While newspapers, national media, and liberal entertainment praise the idea of transgenderism, they ignore the actual destruction it’s doing to their targets and here’s an example:

March 31st, 2017 Metro.co.uk posted the article, “Jazz Jennings looks into ‘bottom surgery’ and dating transgender people in new series of I Am Jazz.”

So “I Am Jazz” is a TLC show that has been running since July of 2015. It stars a young person, Jazz Jennings, born male, and claims that this person was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at the age of 5. This is notable as profiles on Jennings state, “this makes her one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified with gender dysphoria.” By age 6, Jennings was making the rounds on television due to her mental illnesses and appeared on Barbara Walters to discuss gender identity. Just let that sink in for a moment. Most six-year-olds think claim they’re dinosaurs one day and then astronauts the next. Now you’ve got a six-year-old on television discussing ‘gender identity’ and it’s being taken seriously?

Following the initial interview Jennings was set up for more interviews,’ co-founded’ the Trankids Purple Rainbow Foundation, and co-wrote a children’s book.  In 2011, Jennings starred in a documentary entitled “I am Jazz: A Family in Transition’ and then the TV show promptly game 4 years later. As I read over her biography, my first initial thought is the family is pimping out this kid for money and attention. Transgenderism is a big thing and it wouldn’t be the first time parents forced an idea onto a child and the child adapted.

But let’s step away from speculation for a moment. Due to the early diagnosis of gender dysphoria, Jennings was put on hormone blockers at a younger age. Many trans activists say this is completely fine and human as it just ‘postpones’ puberty while a child decides what he or she wants to do with their life. They say if taken off the hormone blocker, they’ll go back to normal and grow up normally. It’s just temporary. Any doctor who says this and/or prescribes children hormone blockers needs to have their license revoked. It is a complete falsehood that Jazz Jenning recently found out.

For the coming season of the show I Am Jazz, Jennings is seeing talking to doctors about the possibility of ‘bottom surgery.’ For those who don’t know, bottom surgery is just the casual term for surgery to change the genitals and can be used to refer to penis to vagina surgery for male-to-female patients or vagina to penis surgery for female-to-male patients. Jennings has expressed frustration with dating. As a self-identified female, she’s interested in boys, but as a biologically assigned male, boys aren’t interested in a girl with a penis. If we want to be more brutal, most men also want a woman who can have his children, but I digress. The next obvious step after this was looking into bottom surgery.

While visiting the doctor, Jennings receives some information she wasn’t expecting: The doctor says he can’t do the surgery that she wants and sites the lack of ‘material’ down there to use.


yfw finding out you bought a lemon

So this is something the doctors don’t tell these kids, the parents don’t tell these kids, and the activists either don’t know or purposefully hide from the kids. When you place a child on hormone blockers, you completely stop their physical growth. Because Jazz Jennings was placed on hormone blockers as a young boy (someone between 6 and 9 probably), she has the genitals of the age she started taking the blockers. This means she’s likely a 17-year-old with the penis and testicles of a 9-year-old. Activists and ‘transgender health’ websites that advocate hormone blockers for kids as a ‘pause’ will tell you if you just stop taking the blockers, then your body will continue as normal.


That’s not necessarily true.

Once your body has passed puberty age, there is no going back. If Jennings stopped taking whatever blockers and synthetic hormone cocktails she’s on, her body wouldn’t go into a ‘late puberty.’ Assuming she’s never able to get some kind of bottom surgery if she went back to natural hormones, she’d just be a man with a baby penis for the rest of her life. This would cause more problems as the testicles are used to create testosterone in men and I believe if Jennings ever wanted to rely on natural hormones because it’s obvious she will never be what she wants, she will ultimately have larger health problems because her body will not be creating enough testosterone since her testes never developed into adult organs.

To present a child with this option is not only abusive but extremely irresponsible and negligent. A child of 8, 9, 10, or even in their early teens has no concept of fertility, sex, or what future genitalia surgery looks like. They have no concept of sexual function and what will ruin their ability to normally interact with others sexually. Regardless of the information, a child is presented about transgenderism, they don’t have the cognitive abilities or experience to think about what future surgery means, what they’ll be required to do if the can get surgical body parts, and what this means for any children they may desire to have in the future. Jazz Jennings parents effectively castrated and sterilized her at a young age, before she was able to think. Schools can’t even give children Dimetapp for headaches. Why should a child be allowed to make life altering decisions like this that permanently disfigure and disable the body?

That’s not to say there isn’t some science out there for men who are naturally born with micropenises, but the treatment for micropenises is a type of hormone therapy that has to be done during a specific window of puberty. Once the moment is gone, the moment is gone and there is no reliving puberty in the body.

Jennings is 17-years-old right now and will soon be thrust into what’s the real world, rather than the sheltered nature of parents cooing her and telling her everything she wants to hear. She’s already having a hard time in school because no one wants to date her, I’m pretty sure things aren’t going to get any easier for her when she reaches the real world outside of school. As things stand, she’s interested in straight men, but most, if not all straight men won’t date her because she has a penis. The men who will date her will either be gay and attracted specifically to transvestites or queens, or will be bisexual and possibly still have the same sort of fetish. Either way, I don’t think she’s the situation she wants to be in which I assume is being recognized 100% as female.

So this leads to the next question on everyone’s mind: when will she commit suicide? That’s not a joke or meant to be morose. According to a 2014 survey by The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 4.6% of the U.S. population has self-reported a suicide attempt. By comparison, 41% of trans or gender nonconforming people surveyed have attempted suicide. Among that 41%, 48% 18-24-year-olds in that category have self-reported attempted suicides, 48% of 25-44-year-olds have reported attempted suicides, and the other age groups go as following: 45-54 (39%), 55-64 (33%), 65+ (6%). This shows that almost one in every two trans people under the age of 35 has attempted suicide.

Trans activists and the LGBT community will try to claim this as discrimination, but I have another theory that seems to be backed by science. Transgenderism is a mental illness that the media and Marxist communities aren’t taking seriously because they’d rather use it to gain more power. We have bills being passed to give special rights to ‘transgender’ people, but nothing is being done to insure their health and safety. I believe the high suicide rates is due to the disconnect that persists between the mind and body despite surgery, which is why suicide numbers post-transition don’t really change.

The ‘cure’ for transgenderism isn’t to change the body. It looks like a grass-is-greener kind of deal because we can always look over the fence at what we don’t have and say, “Yes, that will fix it!” But what’s happening is people are being given the ability to go to the greener grass and they’re finding that it’s not what they thought. Their bodies are just crude imitations that constantly remind them of what they’re not; they are fervently reminded that without the synthetic drugs, the mustache would grow back, and they would just be men with breasts, or in the cases of female-to-males, periods would return, and the woman would just be a hairy woman. The idea of transitioning isn’t feasible for the long term.

Looking at these statistics, I can only assume the rate goes down the older the person gets because there are too many successful suicides at younger ages.

Transgenderism/gender dysphoria is a mental illness that comes with other problems. A majority of transgender patients also report a level of depression they often treat with depressive medications. Transgender activists and many transpeople themselves claim that reassignment hormones and surgery change their lives by making it bearable and curing their depression, but it turns out that’s completely false. Even Jazz Jennings is on depression pills.

gender-cover-finalIn an earlier episode of “I Am Jazz,” Jennings’ mother said, “To complicate matters more, in 6th grade Jazz was diagnosed with clinical depression and she was put on antidepressants. The medication does a good job of managing Jazz’s moods. But, with depression, it’s always there, and there are times when she is struggling.”

Now, this is interesting to think about. If Jazz’s depression was caused by being transgender, then you’d think that by transitioning and appearing female, her depression would lessen or disappear, but it doesn’t. Instead, in addition to her other medications, she’s also on anti-depressants to hide the depression she’s feeling rather than deal with it. This leads me to believe she’s either depressed and the ‘transgenderism’ is just a side-effect of the depression, going back to the ‘grass is greener’ idea, or the depression is in part cause by this misalignment of the brain wherein Jazz Jennings, like other trans people, knows the truth, but our culture and media is forcing it down our throats that this is the way to be happy.

What I believe is happening is misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Of course, a patient with a mental illness is going to be depressed and unfixed if they’re not getting the treatment they need. If anything, the high marks of depression and suicide among self-reported transgender people should be an indicator that their needs are not being met and that transitioning is not the answer.

Here’s the transcript from “I Am Jazz” when Jazz ran out of antidepressants:

Mom (to Grandmother): So I have to stop at the drugstore to get this medicine as soon as possible because she told me this morning, ‘Oh mom, I’m out of my antidepressants’.
Jazz: Sucks to think that I have to rely on medications to be emotionally balanced. My body is crap, and I feel it.
Mom (to camera): It’s very, very clear when Jazz is not herself. She…it’s like a light switch…she turns off and she turns on. Between the drugs that are given to her, and the side effects and the depression that she battles, she’s predictably unpredictable.
Mom (to Jazz): Well, is it because you’re feeling sick, or just from the lack of medication.
Jazz: Everything, like I feel crap.
Mom: You’re out of whack.
Jazz (to camera): I have moments where I’m completely overwhelmed by negative thoughts, and I start acting out. I just do my own thing. I do the first thought that comes to my head.
(Jazz begins to hyperventilate)
Mom (to Jazz): Jazz, are you ok? Why are you breathing like that?
Jazz: I was trying to make myself pass out.
Mom: Why?
Jazz: It deprives you from the oxygen.
Grandmother: We know that, but what does that gain you?
Mom: What’s the purpose?
Jazz: I don’t know.

Does this person seem healthy to you? Do they seem like they’re getting the help they need? I think, more than anything, Jennings going to the doctor and hearing she can’t have a vagina made for her is going to be something that breaks through the delusion into reality. You can only ignore reality for so long before it catches up and my gut is telling me that by her mid-twenties, she’s going to be completely rejecting this idea of transgenderism and may end up killing herself because of the hopeless situation early drug therapy has put her body in. This isn’t Jazz’s first run-in with the lies the media is selling about transgenderism and it won’t be the last.

Right now we’re going through this major mental health crisis where our young people are less mentally healthy than mental patients in the 1920s. Our culture and media are selling mental illness as a cool badge of honor they should all be wearing, the next trendy item like the colored hear, flannel shirts, and ripped jeans of the 90s or the trip pants and gothic/emo makeup of the 2000s. I believe once we cross the threshold of the 2020s, people are going to be waking up to the lemon they were sold under the guise of ‘transgenderism’ and we’re going to see an increase in depression and an increase in suicide rates. All these people who said, “I’m now a boy because I played in dirty as a little girl,” are going to have their biological urges and thoughts assault them, especially if they’re young(20s/30s), childless, and alone. The leaders and media of our country are purposefully raising experimental failures, but why?

Time-Magazine-Transgender-Tipping-Point-May-2014-Laverne-Cox-coverParents are falling for this meme of hormone blockers and sex hormone therapy due to ill-information and being uninformed. For some reason, lots of people think puberty can just be turned on and off and when it’s turned back on, everything will just continue from where it left off. There are also stories of people being told to ‘educate themselves because hormone blockers are totally reversible’ and doctors stating ‘lol, feelings affect how drugs interact with the body so yeah, totally reversible’ when they’re not. These doctors should have their licenses revoked and the people reporting and pushing this type of child abuse should be reported to the authorities.

In a discussion about Jazz Jennings and bottom surgery, one commenter said, “Most boys penises and testes don’t start to grow until 13 or older. Now, that begs the question: do we let boys go through puberty and risk that they will grow out of gender dysphoria but have normal sized genitals to reconstruct or do we halt their puberty and they stay trans but can’t get the surgery they were promised?”

There’s a very important phrase in that sentence: risk that they will grow out of gender dysphoria. I think this is one of the major reasons there is such a push to medicate children and start it as early on as possible, continuing it through their developing years. I think there’s something diabolical behind this push to normalize transgenderism and drug children.

Another commenter said, “The vast majority of the current adult transwomen keep their penises and want to have sexual relationships WITH women. This also accounts for why the big push for penises to be accepted as female. If kids grow up hearing this, they have been groomed to believe it.”

The more the situation, science, and effect are analyzed, the more I think things look sour. I can’t say why all these media outlets, ‘education channels,’ and even random ‘activist communities’ are pushing for this. I do know they’ve tried to use this mental illness to create tyrannical laws. We know that the LGBT community also has a tendency toward abusing children; that’s not to say everyone who is LGBT is abusive, but I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard where a gay man says he was sexually abused or raped by an older gay man when he was a young child or teenager. I’ve heard many gay men talk about their experiences with an older man when they were younger, and it’s almost always by someone who has power over them. I don’t think this is a coincidence (and I’m also not saying it’s a be all, end all), but I think it’s something to look into.

And I think there’s something to look into when it comes to the trans activists, media push, and doctors who are thrusting ill-informed parents and unprepared children into medical experiments that will change, if not ruin, their lives. Run from reality, but it will always catch you and I think we’re going to see a big change in the next 5-years of people who were miserable teens realizing they were sold a lemon as a holy grail and now they’re stuck with it.

We can do a lot of speculating on why this is happening and why’re they’re pushing it, and I don’t think we’d end up too far off, but for now, we’re stuck with watching it happen as we’re called bigots for pointing out the shortcomings of the ‘care’ and waiting to see it all implode, and take our cultures with it.


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