“Reparations:” Stop Asking For Prizes For Existing

Last week Dave Rubin had Tommy Sotomayor as a guest on the Rubin Report. I can’t say I know a lot about Sotomayor. I don’t follow him on any social media and I was only on his website for a moment after his visit to the Rubin Report. It’s always interesting to see the variety of people and ideas that grace the Rubin Report’s stage (physically and virtually) and to see where our diverse opinions meet, as it’s never really a mystery where they’re different.

During his interview, there was one subject that really stuck out to me that made me want to write a response: his mention of reparations. Sotomayor says he believes blacks are owed reparations, but it’s a large process as not all blacks are ancestors are slaves and not all whites are ancestors of slavery and in fact, it was 1.4% of white Americans who owned slaves at the height of slavery. Plus when people are talking slavery in America, they never mention the estimated 3,000 blacks who owned a total of 20,000 black slaves in 1860. One study concluded that 28% of free blacks owned slaves, which is a far higher percentage than that of free whites who owned slaves. Of the 10 to 15 million Africans who were transplanted to the New World, no more than 6%–around 400,000–went to the Northern Hemisphere. Almost all of them went to South America, yet somehow South America isn’t held accountable or questioned for anything.

I can just see some idiots reading that and going, “Right! They went to the racist south! We know that!” and they won’t even think of it as the continent South America, but rather, the South of the United States. Believe me, there are people that dumb.

So even now, more than 150 years after freeing the few slaves in America, we still have people demanding free stuff for the ‘trouble.’ This demand often comes in the form of ‘reparations,’ that is, free stuff taken from someone else, a ‘guilty party’ and given to someone who suffered.

I have a few key points I want to break the idea of ‘reparations’ down to today, so let’s get started…

  1. It’s A Demand For Special Status While Feigning Desire For Equality

The most common argument in America is blacks deserve free stuff from whites for slavery. Meanwhile, you have people like the extreme left democratic congressmen Keith Ellison claiming “black people don’t live in a democracy and don’t have an obligation to obey the government.”

This is nothing more than self-entitlement. You see a lot of these people calling for ‘reparations’ at the same time they call for ‘equality.’ It’s not different than the feminists who want to ‘be treated the same as men,’ but then get mad when no one is holding doors, or buying dinner, or speaking carefully around their feelings. If you want special treatment, then you don’t want equality.

As a country that has built its reputation on providing equal opportunity to everyone, we shouldn’t be giving anyone anything extra just for their race. There shouldn’t be free stuff for blacks for being black. I don’t even think we should be giving free stuff to Native Americans. It builds this idea of self-entitlement and superiority because you deserve free stuff out of the pocket from someone else solely based on your heritage and skin color. Where’s the equal opportunity in that?

  1. Conquered People Don’t Get Prizes

I’m not necessarily calling black or early American slaves a conquered people. This just goes along with Native American entitlement too. One of the main aspects of war is battle over land and ownership. When you battle, there is always a winner and a loser and the winner gets the spoils of war. Since when has any country in the history of the world defeated their opponent, taken their land, but then, out of whatever compassion or manners or whatever, didn’t kill every male and child from that tribe while claiming and converting or selling their women? As a courtesy, do you think the Romans were given special money and living spaces when they were conquered? Can you give me any examples? Just one other than America?

No conquered people have ever done what America is doing right now, which is continually paying the people who ‘lost’ the settlement war. So who were the real losers in that war? European settlers enabled this land to grow the most powerful, and one of the most advanced countries on the planet in the shortest amount of time while Native Americans didn’t have to do anything, but sit around and collect ‘guilt’ checks.

Giving special favors to anyone elevates them above others. This is fine when it’s done due to merit. People with specific skills who have helped elevate culture, community, or what have you deserve to be elevated and praised for their abilities, skills, and contributions. However, when you give people free things for the sake of their heritage, you’re telling them they’re better than others simply for their DNA. You are creating a racist society with that statement alone and in those who are not given things, you’re breeding resentment by telling them they are less for how they were born.

This feels completely opposite to what ‘equality activists’ say they’re trying for.

  1. It Actually Erases Personal Identity

Like Sotomayor said, and I reiterated at the beginning of this post, not all whites were slave owners (hardly any if we rounded) and not all blacks were slaves. When we erase this down to, “Blacks deserve reparations,” what’s actually being done is the cultural identity or heritage of the individuals is being erased in order to herd people into literal tribes of left and right. This is nothing more than a divide and conquer tactic used to divide the populace (which is not a dirty word mind you).

“But people won’t lie about their heritage. They won’t let others just call them generic colors,” some might argue, but I have to argue against that. When someone is giving out free prizes, especially if they get expensive things they don’t have to work for. For greedy, lazy people, do you really think it matters if someone has Jamaican or African heritage? If there was free stuff being offered to Italians and Irishmen, do you think non-genetically related people wouldn’t show up pretending to be part of that? “Hey, I have dark hair.” “Hey, I’m white. Totally Irish descent here.”

Nothing stops people from lying to get what they want. It’s a scam and it will keep going as long as we let it.

  1. What About Welfare? What Has That Done For Communities?

According to a survey done in 2012, 54.6% of black households and 54.1% of hispanic households were on welfare in 2012. When you factor in households with children, those numbers go to 81.5% and 76.4% respectively. Welfare is money taken from the working American through taxes and redistributed to ‘help others.’

In 2007 NC Senate candidate Thom Tillis said, “a resolution of apology for slavery would not provide a basis for reparations because the U.S. had already done penance via ‘welfare,’ so this isn’t exactly a new idea.

Let’s play with the idea that it’s not so crazy because obviously, it sounds a little insane. If we pretend that welfare is a form of reparations, how exactly has welfare improved the black community? More families have broken apart than ever. More children are raised out of two-parent households than ever, and as Sotomayor stated in his interview, more young men are growing up without fathers, growing up in abusive households, and are dying of violent crimes. This doesn’t need more useless money thrown at it.

  1. Reparations Have Already Been Paid

In Blood.

I get the feeling a lot of people don’t want to think about this because it won’t pay the rent or buy a new car or get them a big screen television, but reparations for slavery were paid between 1860-1865 when over 389,000 white men were killed and another 275,000 were crippled while fighting to end slavery. It didn’t have to be done, but out of the recognition that slavery was wrong, white men fought for the freedom of black slaves while the rest of the world was still practicing slavery and despite the bloodshed and the guilt unto good deeds, many countries today are still practicing slavery, but the people demanding reparations and outraging over slavery say nothing about or to these countries.

  1. It Breeds Resentment, Not Unity

What’s more disgusting is this culture of self-hate being pushed by schools, media, and even the government at times. Recently a school in LA was told its funds will be cut because there are too many white kids attending. We’ve got pop culture artists and people in entertainment damning people just for being white. An ‘elite’ K-8 school in Manhattan teaches students as young as 6 they’re just born racist because they’re white and they should feel guilty for existing just by default, meanwhile they praise black students for their mere existence and give them extra gifts such as cupcakes. This school separates children based on skin color and tells them different things, of how they should feel about themselves. You know, at one point America had segregation and some of the people ‘fighting whiteness’ used to say they were fighting against segregation, but it seems more like they’re just fighting for white slavery in a white majority country. Natasha Marin started a website where white people are encouraged to just give free stuff and money to ‘people of color’ in order to relieve themselves of their ‘white guilt.’

If performers, writers, entertains, or schools were telling anyone non-white to be ashamed of themselves for their skin color, there’d be an uproar. Let’s not forget about the Drexel University professor who stated the murder of whites was a good thing. Let’s not pretend anyone else could say anything like that in all seriousness and still have a life, let alone a job. Imagine the outrage if he said, “All I want for Christmas is a Jewish genocide,” and “the holocaust was a good thing!” Or “All I want for Christmas is a black genocide” and “The genocide of blacks through abortion is a good thing. Margaret Sanger was right!”


The news would never have ended and he wouldn’t have a job. There is no tolerance for whites calling for all white buildings or white clubs (unless it’s to discuss their white guilt and apologize and even then it’s still ‘too white’), but it’s totally okay for the black community to demand extra money and extra buildings to ‘get away from white people’ like students at UMICH are doing.

Do you really think dividing people based on skin color and telling people one is better than the other because of genetics is going to build unity? Do you really think rewarding people for their birth while punishing someone else for their birth is going to create a united country and love and peace? It’s not. It’s going to create division which eventually turns into war which could eventually turn into major segregations via the exile or execution of the losers of the war. It just depends on the compassion of the victor.

For those demanding segregation, special privileges, free stuff, and everything else in the world because of your skin color, what could the possible end goal be? Is it maybe the extermination of the enemy? Is it maybe to claim a country, and rewrite history?

Looking at the past, looking at the present, and looking for the future, I can’t see anything but vile motives with a destructive outcome from these actions and this idea that ‘reparations’ are right.


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