Strawberry Crest High School Stops Mirrors From Bullying Teens

Mirrors have a long running history of showing users a reflection of reality, but it seems to some, reflecting and repeating reality as it stands is considered an insult and in worst case scenarios: bullying. In a ballsy move to stop the inanimate objects from bullying future high school sweethearts any longer, the student body council decided to replace all the mirrors in the girl’s bathrooms with ‘positive message posters.’


It turns out that the biggest critics of appearance are not fellow classmates, other girls, or humans at all, but rather, inanimate objects. They the worst! By showing the girls exactly how they appear in reality, what the mirrors are actually doing is body shaming these young, impressionable women and making them feel bad about how they look. It has nothing to do with the girl in Basic Math who makes fun of you for your buck teeth. It has nothing to do with the girl in English 101 who calls you curly and laughs at your perm. It has absolutely nothing to do with the other girls in gym snickering when you’re sweaty and chanting, “Hailey Jennings a greaseball, take her out to the trash!” in the tune of ‘take me out to the ball game.’

No, it turns out, the biggest hit to self-esteem, and the biggest perpetrators of bullying in high schools are actually the mirrors! Thankfully, Strawberry Crest has taken the first move to removing bullying from planet earth by disassembling every last mirror in the girl’s bathrooms. It was also reported, that in order to stop the mirrors from ever bullying another girl again, the mirrors were first verbally addressed as to why they were stacked in the Strawberry Crest baseball field, then, one by one, smashed with a hammer.

Now if those girls fear they have food in their teeth after a meal, they’ll just need to turn to a friend and ask, and pray to God their friend doesn’t make another song about their crooked front teeth. After using the restroom, the mirror won’t reveal if her skirt is tucked into her panties, so when the other girl’s sing “Hannah’s Got the Polka Dot Panties,” they’re songs of praise, not songs of ridicule. And we can only hope the parents of every last girl at this school have done the humane thing and removed the mirrors in all their homes.

It’s been reported that the girls who use the mirrors at home are suffering an identity crisis when they return home and are forced to look at themselves in the mirrors, as they are, rather than having no idea what they look like at all. The next step: destroy the mirrors in the boy’s bathrooms.

Coming plans also include providing every high school student with a phone app called “Pho U.” This app is designed to work like Instagram, without the ability to post one’s images online, lest someone receive a critical comment and be bullied by that heartless internet. Pho U is designed with automatic filters that when you activate your camera and it detects a human being, the screen is immediately blacked out and replaced with text telling you how beautiful you are and girl, you just do you.


But let’s be real for a minute…

What does this school think it’s really doing? Going back to what I wrote above, do these people really not think these girls know what they look like? They all have mirrors in their own homes. You can bet they all see themselves in the mirror before and after they go to school. The school’s removal of the mirrors is doing nothing but inconveniencing girls who DO apply makeup at school, who DO check their outfits before they leave the restroom, and who DO care about their appearance.

And let’s talk about this: Removing the mirrors isn’t going to stop people from wanting to use them. Until the mirrors are gone from the boy’s areas, there’s nothing stopping girls from going into the boy’s bathrooms to use their mirrors and with how compliant schools are being over the transtrending, the girls can just say they feel like boys today and who is to stop them from going into the bathrooms?

My favorite part about this move is the school and its activists taught this move as being body positive, yet the only way they seem to be able to convey ‘positivity’ toward bodies is by stopping people from looking at them? Are you saying that, in reality, there is nothing positive about that image, so it must be removed? If you really want to make people feel good about their bodies, you don’t hide it from them.

You’re not teaching girls to be confident in themselves, you’re teaching them to fear reality, to fear themselves, and to devalue self-analysis and criticism. There’s nothing wrong with looking at yourself and making goals. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance and making sure you present the best you can.

I’m not ashamed to stay the student council who got rid of the mirrors is obviously retarded. Talk to anyone who went to high school, and it wasn’t the mirrors making fun of them, it was the kids, who create their own hierarchy of school royalty based on looks, skills, and popularity.

You don’t teach someone how to be confident in themselves by putting a blanket over them. What these girls are doing is no different than praising someone for being the best runner in track… while they’ve never run in track. “Don’t worry about actually running track though. If you did, you’d likely suck and then you’d feel bad about yourself so just don’t ever run track. You don’t need to. You are the best runner in our school!”

And what about after high school? These children are also attempting to ‘teach’ other students that appearance doesn’t matter. You can look like a slob and be fine. What happens when they get into the real world and can’t get a job because they look like slobs? They don’t know how to dress and maintain themselves and what, it shouldn’t matter? Your appearance is a representation of who you are, and to some extent, your values. It’s important for young men and women to understand the importance of taking care of themselves, the importance of being confident in themselves, and the importance of being able to critique themselves and build goals.

How about instead of tossing blankets over the student body so they don’t scare themselves when they look in the mirror, you teach them about goals. You teach them about confidence in themselves. You teach them about presentation. You teach them kindness. Removing mirrors does nothing, but stop students from experiencing reality. The mirrors were a way for them to check in on themselves, now these girls will rely on what their peers say, what their phones say, what the comments on their Instagrams say, and base their personal values on that, because huh, what would they know about appearance? They might never see themselves again and isn’t all value put in how others perceive you anyway. I mean, that’s what you’re saying, isn’t it?

Oh, it’s not? So why are you teaching that and why are you making every girl in the school afraid of looking at herself?


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