A Comment on Government Health Care & Competency

Whether through following the actions in Washington D.C., reading the newspapers, or simply visiting Facebook and reading the panic and anger amidst your feed, you’ve probably heard about the ObamaCare repeal that’s been pushed forward. It hasn’t passed to replace anything yet, but it has moved past the first vote and approval system in the house and now must move toward the senate.

Still, leftist hysterics (which I will be calling them from now on, like a political heretic) have taken to social media to cry about how we’re all going to die. They’ve really becoming the religious political party, what with all the ‘end of the world’ scams they have been pushing since before Trump was elected.

Their newest fit of hysteria comes from the bill to repeal ObamaCare as it passes through the house and heads for the senate. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) has already threatened to sue Washington because the bill will cut funding to Planned Parenthood. You know, despite half the country or more not wanting to FUND the irresponsible actions and murders of children, this democratic AG believes the right thing to do is threaten the people and force them to pay for unnecessary procedures that have nothing to do with maintaining health. Whether you believe abortion is murder or not, you should be smart enough to know that it is not a procedure necessary to maintain health. It is a retrospective procedure to fix your ‘mistakes’ because you had sex outside of wedlock with no financial ability. You’re basically making someone else pay for your immature, stupid actions–well multiple people. First, you’re making the child pay with its life, then you’re going the extra distance and making the taxpayer fund your shitty lifestyle and terrible decision making.

If these women don’t have to pay for the procedures, why would they ever think of changing their lives? They don’t have to worry about spending money because they aren’t spending from their own pocket. They’re completely immature, irresponsible, and sociopathic if you ask me.

Now I wanted to write this post not specifically to talk about the bill. I could do that later, but rather, I wanted to address some pretty normal responses from the hysterics of the left.

While stumbling over social media and forums, I came across this post:


Breaking it down.

“If you support the GOP and refuse to see how catastrophic the effects of Trumpcare will be, delete me, do not contact me, do not look at me on the street. I am done with you.”

Among the populous, this is one of the biggest problems in current politics today. The left is full of religious hysterics who refuse to have a conversation. I can’t help but notice how this is just kind of a copy/pasta from when Trump was elected. There were a lot of people writing, “If you voted/plan to vote for Trump, then delete me as a friend.” You’d think people like this really wouldn’t have anyone left on their friend’s list who disagrees with them because they’d already been through a purge a few months ago. I think that’s why you rarely see comments of disagreement on threads like this: there is no one left. They delete everyone and put themselves in an echo-chamber of agreement and feeling good.

We can’t have discussions anymore. There’s more resistance from the left than the right, because it’s not about finding new information, it’s not about an exchange, and it’s not about learning more. This post is clearly emotionally charged, which is like a lot of arguments from the left, the emotion. When emotions become involved, people have something personal to lose. This type of person is also often self-righteous and will gloat the ‘right side of history’  thing. She can’t afford to be wrong because she can’t afford to be the bad guys; after months of calling Trump supporters Nazi and President Trump ‘literally Hitler,’ she can’t afford to be wrong, to acknowledge her being a Nazi, and the use of her own Nazi tactics and support of fascism.

I won’t say there aren’t people on the right that aren’t aggressive and shut down. You don’t even have to find middle ground, but you have to be willing to have a discussion.

Earlier this week I got into it with a random hysteric about some race issue. They were making claims, I counted those claims with articles and statistics, and they called me wrong, only saying ‘alt-right.’ I asked for supporting documents from her and she just said, “All you care about is winning.” She did not want to even try to put forward documents. One of the things leftist hysterics are notorious for is projection. You saw it with the Clinton campaign and the DNC, and you can even see it happening now with the French election between Macron and Le Pen. I don’t see what the big deal is, when having a discussion, especially about something like crime rates, to ask for sourced material on the claims you’re making. Why does it have to be about winning? What if I want to share my information with you and hear your information? Clearly, we listen to very different sources, we may be exposed to different people, and we don’t share perspective, so it’s even MORE important that we compare notes, don’t you think?

“I would not be alive today if I did not have access to the mental health care I have been so lucky to receive.”

I hate this so much and I’ll tell you why. I was going to write a full blog post on this too and I know I’ve mentioned it in the past: subsidizing your health is not my job. When I was attending the University of Tampa, we had two guest ‘authors,’ Thomas and Kelly French. Their seminar should have been a talk about craft, specifically about collaborative writing since the book they were talking about they wrote together. Instead, it was more like an hour and a half long look through their photo album with little splices to try and be a commercial.

In the middle of the commercial/scrapbook talk, Mr. French went on a tirade about how ObamaCare made his wife’s birth possible. Now he’s the situation: His wife was over forty. His wife had already had two children (might have been more). His wife wanted another child even though she was past the good age to have children. He and his wife knew that attempting birth at this age meant complications could arise. They used artificial insemination to get his wife pregnant. As expected, the baby was born WAY prematurely and almost died. $2M tax dollars went to this occasion that was completely unnecessary because Mr. French and his wife selfishly wanted to birth another child when they knew what would happen.

This is irresponsible. This was a decision that no taxpayer had any say on. Why are taxpayers paying for the irresponsible and selfish decision of this couple?

Does this sound callous? Sure, but think of this logically.

So now I ask you, Stroker, why is your mental health my responsibility? This question will become more important later down. No one is saying you shouldn’t receive mental health care, but people are saying we shouldn’t have to subsidize your medical bills. You should be responsible for the services YOU require. But I know. People these days don’t understand personal responsibility.

“Without the help of birth control to regulate my hormones, I would not be able to leave my bed to work the job I need to support myself.”

First, I think I need a doctor’s note to believe that your hormones are so debilitating that you’d be bedridden. Sorry, but at this point, the hyperbolic nature of that claim is just so overused, that I don’t really believe you. Ever since people have existed, women have been dealing with hormones. It wasn’t until recently that drugs were developed to change hormones. There are still women living without hormone changing drugs. So, how debilitating is it?

The real question here though is: why is this the taxpayer’s responsibility? Again. You don’t have to take birth control, for one. But if you did, how is your taking birth control any responsibility of mine? That’s no different than saying it’s your responsibility to pay for Adderall for your neighbor’s kid. Why? Because.

If you want birth control, take responsibility for yourself and pay for it. Stop expecting free stuff to come from other Americans.

“Addiction is what killed my father, and he deserved access to treatment, just as any addict living today does. Shame on anyone believing otherwise. We are all human. We are all one of the same.”

I have to stop you right there. What made your father ‘deserving’ of free stuff? Addiction is most commonly the fault of the individual who partook. Why is he on the same level as someone who has never fallen into drug addiction? Look, I know this is tough–it’s a tough reality, especially for leftist hysterics to acknowledge, but everyone is not equal. Here’s the truth: all men are created equal. However, the decisions you make, the choices you claim, the way you move about life changes your value. Ted Bundy is not equal to Mother Theresa. Adolf Hitler is not an equal human being to Gandhi. And the drug addict in the alleyway who overdosed on heroine is not equal to the family man supporting his family with an honest job and who has never done drugs or become an alcoholic.

Your father devalued himself when he suffered. It’s not the job of the people to fix him or to be forced to fix him. It’s his job to seek help. It was his job, and the job of his family, to find resources who could help him. It is not the job of the state to equalize all choices. Under justice and freedom, people are given equal opportunity. Based on the choices they make, they will have different outcomes.

It is not the job of the state to equalize the outcomes. This is stealing and you’re either a sociopath or unbelievably selfish to think everyone else should pay for your mistakes…

It’s not unbelievable you’d think this though. You think that people are required to pay for you so that everyone lives an equal life.

Equality of outcome doesn’t insure an equally elevated quality of life. It insures an equal decreased quality of life.

I would say I don’t understand the shrugging off of responsibility from these people, but I do. They don’t want to take responsibility for their lives sucking. They don’t want to be to blame for their failures. They want everyone around them to be to blame. They want to claim they are just victims of circumstances and there’s nothing they can change because they refuse to work hard, work against hardship, and devote time and effort to pulling themselves out of their situations. Then they look at people who have succeeded and claim they didn’t deserve it. While these individuals shrug off responsibility so they can be victims, they make the hard working, successful people the ‘abusers’ who forced them into victimhood. The hardworking are to blame for the failures of the lazy man.

I want Stroker to tell me why her family didn’t seek to help her father harder. Why didn’t she go to local organizations who are there to specifically assist addicts financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? The government doesn’t need to be involved in this situation. It should be entirely taken care of by small community groups who can honestly help. The government doesn’t help; it can’t help; everything it touches turns to garbage. Look at the failing VA. Look at the people who die in Europe and in Canada due to socialized health care. In a fully socialized system, your father would have been killed anyone for being a nonproductive member of society.

You getting free birth control doesn’t mean socialized health care would have saved your father. Sometimes people die because they made poor decisions and I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone sane who doesn’t believe drug use and addiction is a bad decision.

“You’ve made it clear that my life, and millions of others, do not matter to you, and I’ve lost any remaining respect. C’ya.”

Again, this is pretending you didn’t already delete all your everything-phobic, hateful, bigoted Trump supporting friends months ago. This also shows you’re a liar because it’s another copy/pasta sentence from the Trump election… where I witnessed plenty going “All respect lost I you voted for Trump.”

But, you’ve made it clear you don’t care about your ‘friends,’ family, or acquaintances because you refuse to hear out why others might have different opinions from you. You simply hate something and then you hate them for disagreeing with you. I hope you don’t call yourself tolerant because this is anything but.

There was another part of this, possibly in the comments (which I prematurely deleted, oops) that went on about “I couldn’t be independent without ObamaCare.

The thing is… if you’re relying on government money, government health care, someone else to pay for your stuff because you can’t pay for it, you’re not truly independent. If ObamaCare subsidizes your mental health care, your birth control, any amount of your bill you’re not independent. You’re relying on the government to take care of you. If you want to be fully independent, then you should be leaning away from the governmental overreach. Here, you’re just pretending to be independent while whining about other people not paying for your health care.

And why are so many celebrities complaining about the ObamaCare repeal threatening their health care?

If you can pay in cash, it’s cheaper. Why is Cher, whose net worth was reported as $305 MILLION in 2015, ‘unable to afford asthma treatment?’ Why is Jimmy Kimmel, whose net worth was reported as $35 MILLION in 2016, who makes $10 million in salary for his show, crying about how ObamaCare was necessary in order to save his child’s life? Is he unable to care for his family with his $10M a year base? I assume this doesn’t account for special appearances, book deals, and any other things outside of his television show. You know how much I could do with a $10M salary? I certainly wouldn’t be relying on government health care.

Then you’ve got people like this guy:


Who made his money on youtube (doing who knows what), with a net worth of $700,000 who says this:


Don’t you think it’s his own stupid decisions that are harming his health? I don’t want to pay for him to have a terrible diet, heart attack, bypass surgeries, whatever. If he wants to be a fatty and kill himself, that’s fine, but don’t make me pay for it. He has more money than I’ve ever made in my lifetime, yet somehow I’m able to make my medical bills.

What about the Frenches I mentioned earlier? They have more money than I do. Their medical emergency was completely avoidable, but because they didn’t have to pay for it, they didn’t care. People don’t care about how much money is spent when it’s not coming out of their own pocket. We need the government out of health care. We need the government out of health insurance. We need the government out of our wallets.

And personally, I need celebrities to stop complaining about how poor they are and leftist hysterics to stop damning everyone and trying to scare their personal morals into everyone around them. Stroker, and many like her, only succeed through emotional exploitation.


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