Bill Nye Advocates Sexual Coercion, Conversion Therapy, And An Animalistic Culture of F*ck Everything

Bill Nye the Feelings Guy starts this video off by saying, “We are enlightened and forward-thinking, but not everyone sees it this way. But there are lots of flavors of sexuality,” before slipping into an ice cream animation where all the flavors gang up on vanilla to coerce him into a bisexual orgy.


It’s funny because at the beginning of the video, Vanilla puts of a sign that says “ICE CREAM CONVERSION THERAPY” as if he’s the one in control. Basically he’s announcing that he’s about to get creamed. Number one: You can’t hold a session like this where you’re the leader, you’re alone, and you’re outnumbered by the people you’re trying to talk to. This is clearly conversion therapy of the straight, white vanilla ice cream, but Bill Nye and his team of writers want you to hate vanilla so they start up by making him the bad guy, the ‘advocate for conversion therapy,’ the ‘bigot.’

As the video continues, the ice creams scream, they swear, they show their irritation at ‘this again.’

Vanilla says something like: “I’ve shared my theories on the nature of being ice cream.”
To which Caramel (I think?) reponds: “Which has no basis in science.
Vanilla says: “It’s the science of feelings.”

This is interesting because again, we’re seeing a projection from the left. Bill Nye started this whole video talking about being enlightened. This whole episode is about the ‘gender and sexuality’ spectrum. You may have seen the sorry excuse for ‘music’ Rachel Bloom performs at a different time in the episode (Aptly named “My Sex Junk”). This entire discussion and episode is about feelings. There is no science behind 80 genders. There is no science behind everyone lives on a spectrum of sexuality. This whole idea that it’s ‘science’ is a new scam from left hysterics who want to control and rewrite science based on feelings. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea of gender identities, which obviously goes on to mean there is no scientific evidence behind ‘transracial’ garbage like Rachel Dolezal or ‘trans-species’ garbage like this guy who wants to be an elf or this girl who wants to be a cat. And don’t get me started on ‘only white people could get away with this.”

They can’t. A majority of the population is ridiculing these people. A majority of the population think that people like Rachel Dolezal should be given minimal, if not zero, airtime because she’s dumb, she’s playing a card, and she’s honestly just trying to get ahead in life where, as a white women, you’ve been told by society that you are worthless. White men have been under heavy attack for discrimination for some time, and white women were able to escape it for a bit by virtue of being a woman and thus, by social justice standards a ‘marginalized group,’ but eventually that wasn’t good enough and white women are being told their opinions are worth less, their lives are worthless, there’s no place for them, and yes, white women have noticed there is less assistance out there for them than there is for people of other races. Affirmative action is just discrimination–so Rachel Dolezal is doing what any person who sees the unfair treatment going on, but still wants to get ahead would do: she’s taking advantage of the system and the acceptance of insanity and it’s literally working. As is Shaun King — Though he somehow gets away with it much more than Rachel Dolezal does…

You’ll have to let me know if you have any theories on that one, because I still see lots of support for Shaun King from the black community and a lot less for Dolezal…

The video continues:


So this is where it gets a little confusing and I wonder if Bill Nye & CO are trying to double up on their message or if they just didn’t know how to be clear. This reads more like a racial statement than a sexual statement, though I know, I know, plenty of people could say, “As a straight person I feel that I am the most natural of sexualities.” We already know Vanilla is supposed to be a bigot. Just have to make sure you know he’s a vanilla supremacist too. The only thing that pulls this statement away from being racial is the following, “And therefore the rest of you should just go ahead and also be vanilla,” which if he’s spoken about this many times before, he should have a much better argument.

But the whole use of ice cream in this situation doesn’t actually work for sexuality.

Because here’s the thing: from a scientific perspective, being straight is the only way to procreate in sex. Up until recently before artificial insemination and wombs for hire were a thing, if you were gay, your genes would die out–unless you married a woman for about 10-20 years, had kids, then blew them all off to go live gay for the rest of your days. Gay relationships don’t create off-spring, so an actual argument for straight sexual relationships is it’s nature. If the purpose of humans, via evolution, is to procreate and continue the bloodline, then homosexuality is considered unnatural because it gets in the way of that purpose entirely. Evolution isn’t my thing, but for a science community that pushes it as THE ONE TRUE WAY, to then turn around and say, well, the way things work in nature, survival of the fittest, offspring, all that–which is derived from having children and sexuality just displays these experts in science have no basis in science themselves.

Is Bill Nye serious that the only argument he could foster for his dumb ice cream animation is, “well, I’m vanilla, and you all should be vanilla too.” They all look offended and angry, but, as the video continues and they go, “No, you should be an omnisexual pancake helicopter because it’s more fun and that’s what we are” is totally fine.


Here’s some great hypocrisy:


No one can stop strawberry from being strawberry… HOWEVER, they can stop vanilla from being vanilla, apparently? Is it because Vanilla is white? I’m just asking

And then, as if they weren’t trying to overreach with this program already, the only argument they could think of to justify vanilla being vanilla was that he’s religious. That’s right. He’s pushing them all to become vanilla because of the big ice cream in the sky and you have to be vanilla to be right with the big ice cream in the sky. Vanilla isn’t just a bigoted vanilla supremacist, no, he’s also a religious zealot because there’s nothing scientific hysterics hate more than Christians and religion.

Just three years ago Bill Nye debated creationist Ken Ham and slammed creationism and Christianity as being irrational. However, we’re now seeing stuff like this that has no basis in science, no proof of concept for hundreds of years, and he dares to call anyone else anti-science? Nye had to make Vanilla religious because people like him just can’t help but take shots at how evil Christianity makes people in the eyes of the left.

So the video continues on with Vanilla saying everyone should pretend to be vanilla until they don’t have unvanilla urges anymore and every ice cream cone at the party basically just says, “I was born this way/flavor” whatever. This is where the racial tones come back in again and it gets confusing what the frick Nye is even trying to do with this skit.

Then… Mint Chocolate Chip shows up and this happens:



Where they had all just been complaining about Vanilla telling them to just be a different flavor; where they all just said they couldn’t be a different flavor because they were just born that way, Mint Chocolate Chip comes in to coerce Vanilla. “You don’t want to be boring, do you? No one likes being boring!” Apparently, Mint Chocolate Chip doesn’t actually believe flavors are born that way, but rather, they choose to ‘have more fun’ and just being vanilla is boring.

Vanilla answers Mint Chocolate Chip by saying: “I do”
Then Mint Chocolate Chip throws himself at Vanilla, touching him, I would even say groping or molesting him while he says: “Haven’t you ever wanted to be in a Neapolitan?”
Vanilla says, “I can’t!”
Chocolate comes up behind Vanilla and says: “Come on. It’s natural. All-natural cocoa. Then Strawberry behind Vanilla: “And strawberry fresh from the field.”
And Salted Caramel crowds vanilla from behind: “And so creamy and delicious. Mm.”

How is this not sexual harassment? How is this not sexual coercion? Let’s just imagine this as people for a second: Vanilla is a girl, Mint Chocolate Chip is a boy. Vanilla is celibate, doesn’t have sex outside of marriage or on dates and what not, Mint wants to bang Vanilla so hard. So Mint goes, “Don’t you think that’s boring? C’mon. Everyone has casual sex.” and Vanilla would say, “I don’t, and I don’t want to have sex with you,” while backing away. Instead of taking no for the answer, Mint grabs Vanilla’s rear end and squeezes it, slipping his face into the nape of her neck and goes, “Aren’t you curious at all to know what’d it be like to have me inside you?” The girl would push mint back and say, “I can’t, I don’t want to–I can’t.” So now, all of Mint’s friends crowd the girl and start harassing her too, grabbing her, touching her, whispering perversion in her ear. “You want to do it, don’t you?” “You don’t want to be a loser.” “You’re the only one of us who has never done it before. C’mon. Don’t be a pussy.”

This would be considered sexual harassment and coercion by any standard because she’d already said no. However, Nye is attempting to make you hate Vanilla because he’s a bigot, a supremacist, and ‘religious’ to some extent.

Vanilla gives in to the coercion/temptation, whatever you want to call it, after looking up to the sky and asking the big ice cream for guidance. Sexual perversion, promiscuity, and no self-control is completely natural and the only thing stopping humanity (or ice-creamanity) from just becoming one huge bucket of every flavor mixture is that some bigots use an ice cream in the sky to ‘stop their natural urges.’

This is a slap in the face to any non-religious person because Bill Nye thinks you’re just an animal who can’t control yourself without a higher power threatening you. This is also an insult to all Christians because the only reason you have any discipline or self-control is because you’re afraid of the big ice cream in the sky.

This has now taken away the ‘you are born the flavor you’re born’ argument because apparently Vanilla wasn’t born Vanilla and can’t change his flavor, but rather, he was just born into a construct of Vanilla that’s held simply because religion is there.

The rules of hysterical leftist science are so convoluted they can’t even keep their own arguments straight. A majority of the holes in their own ‘sexuality’ argument can be disproven in this one dumb 2.5-minute ice cream animation.

How this man receives any level of ‘credibility’ as a ‘science voice’ is beyond me. He’s an actor, a shill, and honestly, a man with terrible ideas and no concept of critical thinking. If he were a real scientist, we’d never hear about him because he is that bad.

One last thing in closing: the flavor thing was one of the worst ‘metaphors’ they could have gone with for sexuality. How does straight/gay/etc actually look to ice cream? Would mint chocolate chip be considered straight if it got with vanilla since apparently vanilla is straight? Or would mint chocolate chip be with mint chocolate chip be considered straight?

Because now as vanilla gets with mint chocolate chip, it’s not vanilla anymore… So this enter use of flavors reads more like an allegory to race-mixing rather than sexuality, but this episode was about sex–and… they just couldn’t figure out how to say what they wanted to say.

At the end of the day, I don’t think these people know what they even believe, I don’t think they know what facts are, and I don’t think they know how to think or observe objective.


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