Why The Left Hate Capitalism And The Free Market

The short answer is: they have bad ideas, no skill, and no one wants to support them.

The long answer:

Earlier this week, managing editor at Everyday Feminism, Melissa A Fabello, posted a video begging for money for their… blog (I don’t know what else to call it honestly). Here’s the video:

C_mTU5LV0AEJLYJSo, turns out, extreme left-wing, propaganda, self-hate teaching machine, Everyday Feminism is going bankrupt. They’ve started campaigning for donations because they don’t get enough actual traffic to sustain their website… which is nothing more than a bunch of man-hating women writing about hating men and hating the world because there are men in it. It’s nothing but a bunch of false ideas meant to make women feel bad about themselves, especially if they aren’t fat, slutty lesbians.

No really. Check out this headline:


Just browsing their hashtag #SaveEF, you’ll notice a trend: a majority of the responses are negative. Those that aren’t typically fall into exactly what you’d expect for the audience. Far left LGBT group accounts, lesbians, and people who call themselves transgenders.

Over the last year it’s become increasingly obvious that the left isn’t really about freedom, liberty, and pushing reasonable boundaries to progress forward, but rather they’re a fascist of socialism, embracing the idea of a tyrannical government–so long as they’re in charge of it. Clearly, socialism and tyranny will do them well for being foot soldiers from the beginning and everyone they hate can just be starved and gulagged and it’s exampling Everyday Feminism and its bankruptcy that gives us a good idea why the left is tending toward socialism, stealing money from successful people, and giving it to others.

The reason why the left is obsessed with forcing equality of outcome is because they are full of bad ideas. Looking over the #SaveEF, it’s clear a majority of people don’t want what they’re selling. A majority of people think that the writers at Everyday Feminism are pushing lies that only hurt society (#FeminismIsCancer).

Question: how does a website that looks like this:


And cost $50K to run for two months? And even though I linked to the website, I’ll warn you, try not to eat before you go looking around their tabs. Their articles are true horror novels right up there with Stephen King’s work and Amy Schumer’s recent Netflix special. Honestly, I think it’s a scam to help these women line their pockets more than anything. They’re clearly criminals and manipulators. I imagine many of them are the type to be abusive in a relationship.

But this is the reason the left tends toward socialism and they despise the free market: because they have and support terrible ideas, they don’t make much money. Success in the free market entirely relies on individuals and companies offering the population services or products they actually want. The more of a demand there is for the item, the more money the individual or company makes. The free market is entirely about supply and demand. They see other people putting stuff out into the market and succeeding and they don’t think about the service that’s actually being offered or the quality of the content. They don’t think about if the ideas are cohesive with the culture, how many people agree with them, or if anyone is asking for what they’re selling at all.

Instead, leftists approach the market thinking, “I’ll make this chair out of used tampons.” Then when no one buys it, they claim oppression, rather than listening to what the marketplace actually wants. There was no call for such an item, so why did anyone spend time making it?

I think Stefan Molyneux said it best:

“Maybe this hatred of competence and hatred of the rewards of competence, the additional resources, they look at rich people and don’t see rich people have, in the free market, usually generated their wealth by serving the masses, by creating value, by pleasing people in a voluntary environment. And maybe they’re like the psycho in the corner of the classroom who stares at the prettiest girl in the class, holding a bottle of acid, saying “If she’s maimed, maybe I become beautiful.”

The people on the left, like those at Everyday Feminism, don’t understand that every idea is not equal because they don’t understand meritocracy, demand, or individual desire. They want everyone to want what they want, to think as they think, and to do as they do. If you don’t, well, now you’re just called a troll and discarded. You’re not real people just like women under 300lbs aren’t real women. The left refuses to accept, or simply don’t understand, there are different values behind the Mona Lisa and a peblood-splatteredtered canvas or a white canvas with a black dot on it.

The left hates equal opportunity , but they crave equality of outcome because they know they will never succeed in the direction they are going. Their ideas aren’t supported by anyone by the small margin of radicals within their own group and instead of making better ideas, they want to force their ideas on everybody else, and then be awarded merit that they didn’t actually earn.

This is why the left and the socialists cling to social justice.

Justice = Equality of Opportunity

i.e. we’re both offered opportunities to submit art for a prestigious exhibit regardless of our background. However, equality of opportunity does not mean equality of outcome. We might both submit, but one of us might have more skill, one of us might have had more vision for the image, or one of us may have followed the submission guidelines, had a piece that fit the genre, etc. Just because we both submit doesn’t mean we’ll receive the same outcome.

Social Justice = Equality of Outcome

i.e. We don’t both submit. Only one of us works for years to cultivate the skill to create this painting. I submit the painting and it is accepted to the exhibit. You, having done none of the work, want the benefits of having done the work because our outcomes must be equal regardless of the decisions we’ve made in our lives.

Justice = freedom

You take changes because every opportunity is open to any contender.

Social justice = compulsion

Because you have force people down to make people equal in outcome. You have to force those who are successful down to lower levels, penalizing them for their strengths, while you must force those who are failing up. In some cases–in most cases, you can’t raise shortcomings up. If someone is smarter than someone else, there is no real raising intelligence to the level of a genius, so you must force the genius down to think like the lowest common denominator or else… we’re not ‘equals.’

Kurt Vonnegut has an incredible short story called Harrison Bergernon which deals with this exact idea. If you have some time, I highly recommend reading it.

Here’s a sample:

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” said the ballerina, reading the bulletin. She must have been extraordinarily beautiful, because the mask she wore was hideous. And it was easy to see that she was the strongest and most graceful of all the dancers, for her handicap bags were as big as those worn by two-hundred pound men.

And she had to apologize at once for her voice, which was a very unfair voice for a woman to use. Her voice was a warm, luminous, timeless melody. “Excuse me-” she said, and she began again, making her voice absolutely uncompetitive.

“Harrison Bergeron, age fourteen,” she said in a grackle squawk, “has just escaped from jail, where he was held on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government. He is a genius and an athlete, is under-handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous.”

A police photograph of Harrison Bergeron was flashed on the screen-upside down, then sideways, upside down again, then right side up. The picture showed the full length of Harrison against a background calibrated in feet and inches. He was exactly seven feet tall.

The rest of Harrison’s appearance was Halloween and hardware. Nobody had ever born heavier handicaps. He had outgrown hindrances faster than the H-G men could think them up. Instead of a little ear radio for a mental handicap, he wore a tremendous pair of earphones, and spectacles with thick wavy lenses. The spectacles were intended to make him not only half blind, but to give him whanging headaches besides.

Socialism only works for those who don’t create. Who don’t receive for their work and who don’t contribute, but demand that they do. That’s why you only heard leftists scream when President Trump spoke about cutting funds to PBS, NPR, and the NEA. You get stuff like Piss Christ, which there is no demand for, which is paid for by tax dollars. Meanwhile, you have real art being forgotten at the wayside because it’s the left who is in charge of taking money from the population and reallocating it to their people.

Leftists, like the Everyday Feminism crowd, need to accept that people don’t like their ideas and you can’t force people to. By strong arming people and forcing their money to fund your activities under the guise of ‘equality’ doesn’t raise the demand for what you’re selling, it gives you more enemies. You don’t have a righteous way to sell your product because it’s all snake oil, yet instead of admitting, yeah, okay, we’re selling something dome, and moving on, you’re refusing to acknowledge what the market tells you.

Every voice of dissent to these people is marked as a ‘troll’ rather than the actual marketplace responding to them. They only accept nice comments as genuine people, and then they wonder why they’re going bankrupt. I’ve got news for you: there aren’t that many trolls across America. When someone says they don’t like your product, generally they mean it.

All I can think is that this is just another case of projection. Whenever a company does something that even slightly offends a leftist, they call on their followers to go and leave nasty comments and low ratings on any website where the business has an account. To assume every voice of dissent at your business is a troll is disingenuous. If they truly believe that, then they are honestly delusion, feeding themselves and those around them false ‘reality’ because they just couldn’t handle the difficulty of actually thinking through their products. Worse, they couldn’t actually handle thinking through their morals, their beliefs, their values. They couldn’t possible reflect on the fact that maybe… just maybe, they’re the bad guys and that is why the overwhelming majority reject what they do, causing them to go bankrupt.

The free market and capitalism are truly the best systems for weeding out bad idea and inspiring innovation to help or entertain the masses and that is why leftists hates it.


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