Hysterics: The Modern Political Cult of Progressivism

Since the election season of 2016, the left has become so unhinged, the religion of their political beliefs have bubbled to the surface. Those who subscribe to the beliefs of the left hear the preachers speak and it all makes sense to them. They nod their heads, raise their right hand and say, “Amen to father Obama and Mother Hillary Clinton! Praise Democrats!”

You might think I’m joking, but in watching leftists go into hysterical fits when their beliefs aren’t affirmed, I can’t help but draw comparisons between them and religious cult members. In a few blog posts, you may have noticed me referring to them as Hysterics–Partially because they get hysterical about every little thing (will explain soon) and partially as a play on the word heretic which is defined as ‘a person believing in or practicing religious heresy.’ I, and many others are of the belief that modern ‘democrats’ aren’t practicing what they say they care about, so, heresy. They don’t practice American politics. At this point, the Democrats are barely different from a communist party… but we’ll get into that.

So how about a quick rundown over the characteristics of a cult (according to the International Cultic Studies Association) and compare that to the modern day democratic party and belief system:

1. The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth, as law.


If you look at the modern democratic party, they look to Obama, Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democratic leaders for guidance and rules. Whatever any of them say becomes front page truth. It’s important to note that what these people say isn’t reported on or written about with question when the mainstream media picks it up. Instead, every word they say is taken as fact.

Take Maxine Waters for example. She has been going off for months like a broken radio (that won’t shut up) about Russian collusion. She’s exclaimed on television, “I know there is collusion! I just know it!” while producing no evidence. This is a step away from the previous exclamation of “I feel there is collusion!” Here was one of her more recent attempts at ‘proof’ of Russian involvement:

Because clearly, a businessman couldn’t make up catchphrases.. Especially not a businessman already KNOWN for catchphrases because he was on a TV show and had a catchphrase of his own. Yeah, sure. That’s called marketing Waters. You wouldn’t get it because you’ve never worked an honest day in your life.

Now compare this video to the following where Waters admits there is no proof of Russian interference:

Yet somehow the democratic party has still been able to push this fake news narrative of “Russian collusion!” With zero proof, zero evidence, zero anything, this is nothing more than foolish faith and blind belief in something the Hysterics want to believe is true and this went for everything Hillary, Obama & Co. claimed through the last couple of years. There is no questioning any of them.

The Democrats say go punch a Trump supporter and they freaking do it… with weapons.

To top it off, there was this elevation of the Obama family into this perfect pinnacle of a family. You had newspaper after newspaper elevating them to this ungodly level of perfection with the ‘scandal-free administration,’ but what happened is none of these newspaper actually reported on any of the Obama scandals. They never reported on the dozens of times he actually broke the law and violated the constitution.

Here are just 25 of those moments:

    • Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal
    • Obama Knew About Hillary’s Private Email Server
    • Obama IRS Targeted Conservatives
    • Obama’s DOJ Spied on AP Reporters
    • ObamaCare & Obama’s False Promises
    • Illegal-Alien Amnesty by Executive Order
    • Benghazi-Gate
    • Operation Fast and Furious
    • 5 Taliban Leaders for Bergdahl
    • Extortion 17
    • ‘Recess’ Appointments — When Senate Was in Session
    • Appointment of Czars Without Senate Approval
    • Suing Arizona for Enforcing Federal Law
    • Refusal to Defend Defense of Marriage Act
    • Illegally Conducting War Against Libya
    • NSA: Spying on Americans
    • Muslim Brotherhood Ties
    • Miriam Cary
    • Obama’s Birth Certificate
    • Excessive Illegal Executive Orders
    • Solyndra and the Lost $535 Million
    • Egypt
    • Cap & Trade: When in Doubt, Bypass Congress
    • Refusal to Prosecute New Black Panthers
    • Obama’s U.S. Citizen ‘Hit List’

For explanations on everything mentioned above, follow this link and feel free to research this information from many other sources.

This isn’t even getting into the family dynamic of the Obama’s (where it turns out, like father like daughter, she was drawn to weed and twerking But you know, they’re all perfect.) Michelle Obama was even flaunted by the newspapers at the perfect wife. They were worshiped to the point of idolization and never questioned by the newspapers or their followers. Even to this day, the diehard Democrats refuse to acknowledge not just falsehoods, but shortcomings at all.


2. Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.

If you watch any public democrat (or person who is expected to be Democrat (read: anyone who isn’t a white male)), you’ll see their public destruction shortly follow a moment of public disagreement. Steve Harvey has met with President Trump multiple times about work in the inner city. He hasn’t been hard on criticizing Trump and said that Trump is even following through with the promises he personally made to Harvey.

It’s well known Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole is dominated by the left. That’s why you’ve got blacklists for anyone who comes out and supports Trump, but no blacklists for anyone who supports a Democratic candidate. There’s this idea that if you’re black, gay, female, literally anything but fucking a white male, you should be voting Democrat, but when you don’t do it, you’re immediately attacked. Black men are called Uncle Toms and shunned from the community. Gays are more afraid of coming out as Republicans than they are of talking to Christians about being gay. There is a punishment to all who aren’t Democrats, but especially those who are expected to be Democrats, but reject the title and the beliefs and this is why so many people are afraid to talk about their support for conservative ideas–especially if they work in any creative field.

Over the last week, you may have also heard about the Evergreen College professor who was effectively chased off campus for disagreeing with asking/telling/coercing white students to leave campus. This professor is very left himself, but because he questioned the ideologues, he was chased off campus and even told not to come back because it’s too dangerous. His reputation, as well as many others in and around the school, are having their reputations assaulted with baseless accusations. Here’s an interview on the situation, done with Dave Rubin:

Let it sink in that this man said forcing people off PUBLIC university space due to their skin color (white) was wrong, and he was chased off campus and told not to come back because it’s too dangerous for him… for questioning racism.

3. Mind-altering practices (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, and debilitating work routines) are used in excess and serve to suppress doubts about the group and its leader(s).

This is easy enough. Look at any college campus and you’ll see liberal ideology being forced upon students–what’s worse is the ideological classes are being required for graduation and the colleges are charging students for their own indoctrination.

There are too many examples of this, the article would never end. Feel free to investigate more of this indoctrination and training at your leisure. Campus Reform does an incredible job of keeping up-to-date with things happening on college campuses around the country.

But you know this is liberal indoctrination because conservatives and libertarians don’t push identity politics and division, but the left does. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve been told to read for school and their main focus was freaking identity. Are you kidding me? Surprise me with something different. Even lefty fiction novels are all about muh identity. SURPRISE ME WITH SOMETHING ELSE.

4. The leadership dictates, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel (for example, members must get permission to date, change jobs, marry, or leaders prescribe what types of clothes to wear, where to live, whether or not to have children, how to discipline children, and so forth).

I wouldn’t say leadership has dictated this, but have you seen the uniforms worn by the Hysterical left:







It’s no coincidence they pretty much all look the same.

To be serious for a moment, the left proclaims the way to live via the training sessions mentioned above and the punishment for not doing so.  

5. The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s) and members (for example, the leader is considered the Messiah, a special being, an avatarï, or the group and/or the leader is on a special mission to save humanity).

Special Status = a socialist with 3 houses not giving to the ‘poor working class.’

Special Status = a BILLIONAIRE demanding Universal Basic Income… But Gives Nothing

Special Status = Hillary Clinton claiming to be ‘the last thing standing between you and the apocalypse (I don’t think there’s any more ‘I am the Messiah’ than ‘Choose me or everything is going to hell)

Special Status = Breaking the Law, Getting Caught, Calling Yourself a Martyr for a ‘Good Cause’

6. The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict with the wider society.

This couldn’t be more obvious. You disagree with a democrat, you are a Nazi. Don’t want open borders? Nazi. Don’t want UBI? Nazi. Don’t want foreign invaders? Nazi. Don’t like tuna sandwiches? Nazi. Over the last few years, the left has taken to calling any dissenter a ‘racist,’ which would quickly shut them up. Being called a racist is one of those things that can cling to you and ruin your life. The left hadn’t had to form coherent arguments for years because of it.

But something happened during the last election cycle: ‘racist’ stopped working… so they moved onto Nazi and anyone who disagreed with the left became a Nazi and they all decided anyone they called a Nazi was okay to punch and physically assault… and if you try to defend the victim, well, they were a Nazi, so it’s okay.

But it get’s a little worse than that.

In April 2017, Noam Chomsky, Leftist hero and political activist stated, “The US Republican party is the most dangerous organization in human history.”

He said, “It’s an outrageous statement and when I said it, I said ‘Look, this is a very outrageous statement. But it’s true.”

When asked by Newsnight host Evan Davis whether the party was worse than an organization like ISIS, the author and academic replied: “Is ISIS dedicated to trying to destroy the prospects for organized human existence? What does it mean to say not only are we not doing anything about climate change but we’re trying to accelerate the race to the precipice? It doesn’t matter whether they genuinely believe it or not… if the consequence of that is ‘let’s use more fossil fuels, let’s refuse to subsidize developing countries, let’s eliminate regulations that reduce greenhouse gases’. If that’s the consequence, that’s extremely dangerous.”

Chomsky has also previously claimed that “Republicans are “overwhelmingly” committed to destroying human life on earth.”

So, hold up. Hold UP. You’re telling me that a terrorist organization bent on destroying other civilizations isn’t as bad as the Republican party in a democratic republic country… because CLIMATE CHANGE? The coordinated murder and genocide of millions if not billions of people is not as bad to you… in comparison to CLIMATE CHANGE? I can bet you ISIS isn’t doing anything to help your ‘climate’ issues… Does that make them worse again? So You’re telling me the modern Republican Party, which as far as I know has no legal means to kill people as they wish, is worse than the Nazi party? Is worse than the Soviet communist party that killed hundreds of millions of people? It’s worse than any savage, destructive (and self-destructive) party in history because climate change?

You’re so lucky and so self-righteous that your villain happens to be the worst villain to ever exist! This is one of the reasons why people are moving away from party lines and why people from the party lines have such a hard time discussing difficult subjects. They’re taught the other guy is pure evil, you can’t listen, you can’t negotiate, you can’t reason. “Don’t even bother. They’re just bad to be bone.”

I’ve seen enough conversations that end with, “Oh? You’re democrat/conservative? Then it’s not even worth talking to you.” It is entirely us versus them mentality and what makes this worse is the idea of punishment that leftist Hysterics use: When you step off the plantation, you are now a Nazi. You are now the enemy. You are now dead. Cult ejection for questioning the leader. Bye

7. The leader is not accountable to any authorities (unlike, for example, teachers, military commanders or ministers, priests, monks, and rabbis of mainstream religious denominations).

Can we talk about how Hillary Clinton isn’t in jail yet?

The list could go on.

What about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who recently threatened a sheriff over IT evidence because he wouldn’t hand it over to her (she had no right to demand it. He was investigating something specific).

“Think of the Democratic Party as what it really is: a criminal organization masquerading as a political party,” this article begins. If you look into the current leaders of the Democratic party, you’ll find there’s no shortage of criminality. Recently the assistance to (D) New York de Blasio was arrested on child pornography charges. Yet, you’ll find the people higher up the rung in the democratic party… don’t seem to get arrested and this is one of the things average Americans are sick of. We can see the special privileges and the lack of accountability. Meanwhile, if we so much as rip the tag off a mattress, it’s jail for you!! But if you’re Queen Hillary, murder is fine.

8. The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members’ participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered reprehensible or unethical before joining the group (for example, lying to family or friends, or collecting money for bogus charities).

Everywhere you turn on the TV, every interview you find after violence breaks out for political reasons, you’ll find Democrats being asked to condemn the violence and you’ll see those same people being questioned refuse to answer the question. They won’t condemn violence. You’ll see people at anti-Trump or anti-free speech events saying, “people just have to die” for their message and that’s okay for them. It’s okay that they will have to kill some people as long as it gets their message across.

Representative Michael Capuano (D. Mass) urged people to ‘get a little bloody when necessary’ to get the point across. You never hear people come out and condemn these calls to violence nor the acts of violence that follow. However, you have crazy Bernie supporters like Jeremy Joseph Christian who stabbed two Muslim men in Portland last week. His Facebook was filled with Bernie and Stein images and posts in addition to anti-Trump hate, but leftist Hysterics were quick to their keyboards to demand Trump ‘denounce this white supremacist he created.’

Considering the hatred for Trump, I doubt he took any inspiration for his actions… from Trump. While they scream about Trump for every minor thing that happens, none of them have disavowed the violence caused by the left against anyone else. Hillary and Obama never spoke about the violent protesters who attacked Trump supporters or shutdown events. They said nothing about the Antifa thugs that destroyed property on inauguration day. They said nothing about the domestic terrorists who set Berkeley ablaze over a free speech event. Instead, they all remain quiet until the go to stoke the flames with, “We have to fight” rhetoric, dividing more and encouraging further violence.

The only time they care about condemning violence is when it’s done against them, especially in defense. The Hysterics demand their enemies be disarmed and the police stand down. They demand the public condemnation of self-defense, but say, “Look the other way. We aren’t throwing rocks and molotovs!” and to them… every punch, every broken window, ever gullible, brainwashed 18-year-old they send to jail or have murdered for their ‘cause’ is worth it. It’s worth the un-elected socialism and dictatorship they’re aiming to create with violence. They’re the good guys for punching everyone else in the face.

9. The leadership induces feelings of shame and/or guilt in order to influence and/or control members. Often, this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion.

Done through indoctrination in schools. Done through newspaper articles constantly telling you if you’re white or American or male (worse if you’re all three!), you should feel bad. Done through the media telling you every decision you make is one made out of hatred and racism or some other kind of ism; the Democratic party controls people by emotionally connecting to their identity, dividing them through their identity, and presenting false dichotomies based on identity alone. “You can’t be XYZ if you’re black.” “If you’re ZYX, they hate you. You have to act this way to repent.”

The only thing the Democratic party has anymore is identity politics. That’s why when Obama ran, his allies screamed ‘racists!’ at his dissent. That’s why when Hillary ran this last year, her allies screamed ‘sexist!’ The only way they can control you is by making you feel bad about our identity and that’s why all liberal newspapers crap out more and more identity-based trash… to remind you to be divided. To remind you you’re different and to create this false universe that your difference isolates you and your difference is the reason why you fail… because someone else doesn’t like you. This is all they have.

10. Subservience to the leader or group requires members to cut ties with family and friends, and radically alter the personal goals and activities they had before joining the group.

I mean. You got me there. The closest I can get is try getting a job in a liberal company as a non-liberal. See if Huffington Post would hire you, an out and happy conservative with conservative friends. Oh, wait… to get a job there you’d have to.. You’d have to stop being conservative and not keep conservative friends? What about at CNN? What about at Washington Post? They all hire liberals?

Dang it.

11. The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.

Because they don’t have great ideas, the Democratic party focuses on bringing in new members from out of the country. Open boards and continual immigration to replace the native population is one of their big focuses because you bring people in and give them welfare and they’ll pretty much vote for you for life. This is why an overwhelming majority of illegals and immigrants on welfare always vote democrat.

This year a new level of gross was discovered as part of the democratic voter fraud ploy for more votes. In a Nebraska Democratic “Refugees Welcome” program, the volunteers so kindly included… voter registration forms–for people who aren’t even eligible to vote. Yeah, that sounds legit, doesn’t it?

They’re obsessed with getting more people as quickly as possible, but because they have nothing good to argue, and they have no debating abilities at all, they must ship people in who don’t speak the language who will suck at the nip of their public assistance forever and to show their gratitude, the nonworking, non beneficial voter will help the democrats get more power.

12. The group is preoccupied with making money.

Not even six months out of office and Obama had a record-breaking book deal for $60 MILLION and gave a speech on ‘climate’ for a whopping $400,000… after taking a private jet and having a 16-car caravan to travel with. Hillary Clinton has made billions of dollars working as a public servant. The question is how.

As President Harry Truman once said, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” so how is it that the democrats always seem to pump out these politicians who get richer in office than they were out of it? You can thank the IRS for sucking your money out of you and giving it to people who don’t deserve it rather than using it on the service, infrastructure, and country like it should be.

Meanwhile the DNC ran one of the biggest partisan money scams in my lifetime as the took money and donations for Bernie Sanders knowing he would never be the candidate. They said donate–he posted on his social media and spoke at events. “Just donate a little more and we can still win!” but they knew all along he wouldn’t and they knew all along they were taking money from dumb college students and poor people who wanted socialism to pay for their mistakes… and.. Continued to make the decisions that made them poor… again and again–but hey, it pumped a lot of money into DNC pockets.

13. Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group and group-related activities.

Now I couldn’t tell you about this one since I don’t subscribe to any democrat-party related events. I don’t know how often they contact their members or ask for time and money, so please, if you’re a dem or have ever been affiliated with the party, let me know what your experiences were.

14. Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members.

I pretty much covered this previously when I spoke about punishing those who aren’t progressive or leftist along with the idea of demonizing all those who don’t have the same ideology. There’s no way to live or be friends with people of different ideologies if you think they are the ultimate evil of mankind, right?

You tell me what you think.

15. The most loyal members (the ‘true believers’) feel there can be no life outside the context of the group. They believe there is no other way to be, and often fear reprisals to themselves or others if they leave (or even consider leaving) the group.

I feel like this is mixed into the motions of always talking about identity. Of always making everything political, even when it’s not. Everything has to come back to a left/right dichotomy and we can never have anything nice in the middle that we agree on, even movies or entertainment or walking a dog. The most loyal members, I think in this context (of politics) would always turn everything back into being hyper political… and I point to my review of Head Full of Ghosts for an example of that. Tremblay had to define HORROR as conservative vs. progressive… when instead we should be talking about good and bad horror stories. Horror is rarely political.

To turn a conversation on soda political. To turn a conversation on eating tacos for dinner political. To turn a conversation about earrings political. If you can’t get away from politics and have a normal life outside of it, to stop thinking about it for a little bit… you may be obsessed. If you think “What will the group think of me if I do/say this” before you take any sort of action, the group controls you–whether that’s left or right or progressive or whatever.

So now you tell me:

So you see the signs of a cult in the modern left?

In closing, I have to call the Hysterics because every little thing that goes against what they want ends in, “We’re all going to die!” “People are going to die!” while actual actions that do cost lives go unchecked. The 1% budget cut? Warren goes, “Peoples lives will be ruined!” but after yet another terror attack, there’s still no statement about immigrants causing harm and costing actual lives. Going back to Chomsky. The idea that the Republican Party is the worst human organization to ever exist is laughably false and an extreme hyperbole, but that’s where we are and that’s why they’re hysterical. They scream, they cry, they throw things, and we’re all going to die… every time someone makes a decision. They don’t even know what they want.

They screamed for Comey’s head and when they got it? “TREASON! We’re all going to die!”

They lost their minds long ago and now we’re seeing the results of long-term brain damage.


4 thoughts on “Hysterics: The Modern Political Cult of Progressivism

  1. LOL, sure pal, the only party having hysterics is the Republicans, But if you really need to tell yourself this little bedtime story, do so, just get to your safe space, and pull the blankets over your head first.


    1. You got an argument? Because I made mine. Never did I defend Republicans in this either. Address the topic or your name really is fitting for you, dear.


  2. The reason you find yourself comparing them to a cult is because a good chunk does indeed belong to one new age cult or another.

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