Streets Painted Red; the Neighorhood Is Changing

Saturday night London fell prey to three terrorist attacks. One on the #LondonBridge, one near #BoroughMarket, and one near #Vauxhall. Social media and news stations were filled with mixed responses as some individuals pushed to take strict action against terrorism, terrorists, and the perpetuating factor that seems to pop up in each one of these cases, while others chose to attack those demanding safety from the terrorism.

Every time there’s a terrorist attack in a western country, at this point it’s about every other week, it’s interesting to watch to social commentating take place. You’ve got people calling for enough to be enough… Two weeks ago, the UK suffered as a bomb went off during a children’s concert in Manchester. This bomb killed 22 people, half of which were children under 15. Two weeks. You’d think British officials and citizens would be calling enough to be enough–Their people are dying, their children are dying.

40% of the Muslims in the UK live in London–the overall Muslim population of London was 12.4% in 2011. In 2011, the overall Muslim population in the UK was said to be 4.4%, but we know that number has grown in the last four years. Studies have also shown that Muslim behaviors and attitudes change as the population grows. For a country with a Muslim population of 2%-5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. Tommy Robinson has spoken about seeing this and has been to jail a couple of times for his ruins with local police and Muslims. Robinson has claimed that the prison in which he was serving an 18-month sentence is “run by Islam”, with radical Islamist inmates bullying non-Muslims, encouraging people to convert and assaulting him.

When Muslims reach a population between 5%-10%, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply.

I think it’s safe to say the Muslim population of the UK has surpassed 5%… What’s frightening is that at 20% Muslim population, areas can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.

London is facing terrorist attacks and guerilla warfare at an increasing pace. Could they be approaching the 20% mark? The more non-Muslims they kill with these attacks, the higher the local percentage of Muslims will become and the more dangerous London will become. We see this happening and yet there are still people rushing to the defense of the terrorists rather than the defense of their dead countrymen:


This is just an obvious argument of why women don’t belong in war… The answering to being slaughtered is not to hug each other and say, “We are together! <333” while a truck comes at you. The only way people are actually more together now than ever before is when they’re lying on top of each other in the street because they’ve been run over by a truck.


Muslim mayor of London just months ago said terrorist attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city. He has no intentions of trying to stop the massacre and he’s made no attempt to condemn the repeated attacks or stop the crime. He’s an enabler of the destruction of the British population. Londoners were a minority in their own capital in 2011. As more and more of them get run over, it’s only a matter of time until less than 10% of London is actual Londoners, but that’s okay, according to London mayor Sadiq Khan.


Then you’ve got CNN employee (I couldn’t call him a journalist in good conscience) who, like many others, was not quick to condemn the terrorist attack. But condemn those who were speaking out against the terrorism and demanding security for the populous.

Reza Aslan did here is show his hatred for not just Londoners, but the British people, American people, and all working class people. He is one of the largest Muslim/Terrorist apologists on television, and you won’t see him talking against terrorism–or even radical Islam. Instead, you’ll see him defending it.

It’s baffling to me that there are still so many in denial of the war that’s taking place against unarmed civilians. Rather than take a stand against the people driving the cars or holding the knives–using the ideology that tells them to kill everyone and praises them for being martyrs, you’ve got outsiders saying they’re just misunderstood. Meanwhile, the rest of us could practically set our watches for the next terrorist attack.

As a little exercise, I’d like you to look at the following tweets: 1346
If countries were facing the invasion of Nazis right now, rather than Islam, would you see the same anger and defense of the toxic ideology? Would you see people defending Josef Mengele, who was just trying to do science guys, he was a science visionary and for you to protest his human-based experiments is for you to be #AntiScience. The murder of Jews in Germany had nothing to do with Nazism and everything to do with lone wolves who were just radicalized.

If 1940s Germany took place today, would we see an outcry of defense for Hitler, who never killed anyone with his own hands? Would we hear anyone defending what he said vs. the people who went out and killed and said they did it for Hitler in the same way we see people defending Muslims and the Quran while never actually having read it? They say the Quran doesn’t call for followers to kill anyone, which is verifiably false.

There’s one major difference between Nazis and Muslims that I think would make all the difference today in whether or not people would defend the Nazis: they’re white. Our schools and media are so full of white hatred that many young whites actually hate themselves and believe they should suffer because they are white. If there is any reason the media would condemn Nazis today, it’d be because they are white, not because of the atrocities they committed. If London were under attack of Nazis right now, if Manchester had been a Nazi with a rifle, if the three attacks last night had been Nazis mowing down anyone they believed to be impure or enemies, we wouldn’t see #NotAllNazis. We wouldn’t see #StopNaziphobia. We wouldn’t see, “It’s not the ideology. It’s a few sick individuals.”

I don’t understand how Muslims and Imams can come out and condemn Islam as endorsing and teaching violence and be told they’re wrong:


I don’t get how we can see admissions like this:


And there’s still full rejection of what’s happening.

If we ignored the Nazis in the 40s and everyone just said the Nazi invasion is just part of life now, you would have a much different Europe. If western countries don’t take a stand against Islam right now, they’re going to have a much different country in less than 50 years. Your children are being murdered. Your houses are being taken by the government and given away. Your money is being taken away and given to foreigners. You are being replaced and you’re not fighting it.

There’s only so much others can do if you won’t help yourself.

After March attacks in London, it was reported that France turned the lights out on the Eiffel Tower. They claimed it was for solidarity, but that’s not the message it sends out. When you see someone running down the street, being chased by someone with a knife, for you to see the attack and turn off the lights, for you to shut the blinds so you can’t see it and they can’t see you’re home is for you to say, “We’re not home. We’re not helping you.”


These attacks are not going to be solved by current European leaders because they are not willing to acknowledge them. Macron, Merkel, Theresa May, Kahn, none of them are willing to acknowledge the murderers chasing your children down the streets with bomb vests, knives, cars, and guns. They aren’t willing to help you. Instead, they see you screaming for help, they see you pleading for your life, and instead they turn off the light, they lock the door, and they turn on their televisions to drown out your screaming until it stops.

If your leaders won’t take care of you, then you, the people, must make the move to protect yourselves and your communities before you go extinct.


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