Was Leaving the Paris Agreement a Good Thing?

So on Friday, President Trump officially declared the US is pulling out of the Paris Accord. As you can expect from the Hysterical Left, they threw themselves into a fit of anger, fear, and total apocalypse. Like, seriously guys, we’re all going to die tomorrow now!

But how about, instead of this knee-jerk, we’re all gonna die, illegal, blah blah, reaction. We actually look at what leaving the Paris Agreement means? Because let’s face it, the people who are hysterically reacting to this pull out are the same people who hysterically said Trump should be impeached for writing ‘covfefe’ on Twitter the other day…


So let’s look at a couple points:

The USA Has Local Environmental Protection Laws


We don’t need a global governing body, like the UN to police America and the way we produce things because we have our own environmental protection laws on the books. Despite what the twitter accounts and talking heads on television may have you believe, pulling out of the Paris Agreement, the world isn’t suddenly going to go to shit with pollution turning the trees black. In fact, even if the EPA were to be disbanded tomorrow, the United States would still have its environment protection laws. It’s completely insane for any of these people to think the earth is suddenly dying because America is not a part of this ‘agreement.’

And here’s some more fun tips for you: We aren’t even in the list of the top polluting countries on the planet. But you know who is? China and India–who wouldn’t be paying and wouldn’t be required to make any changes to their emissions for at least twenty years–if they made changes at all ever. We already know China is a cheating country. When America plays by the rules, China doesn’t follow. It takes advantage of the country that literally broke its own legs so it can gain more power.

Our Emissions Have Been on a Decline for 30+ Years

historicalEven without some international agreement, the United States is doing so well in manufacturing and emissions that we are at the lowest emission levels in 50 years! Our carbon footprint has been on the decline for decades and it only shows it’s going to get better as our technology develops and we become more energy efficient.

Manufacturing Would Have Been Moved to Countries with MORE Pollution

The Paris Agreement would have forced America to stop its local manufacturing and ship it overseas to countries that don’t have environmental standards that have a LARGE production output. The thing that a lot of people aren’t talking about with the Paris Agreement is that it only installed standards on what it deemed as ‘developed countries.’ Somehow, China made it into the list of ‘developing’ rather than ‘developed’–Which I’d be interested to know how the people writing the bill chose classification. China is hardly an undeveloped or developing country.

So while the classified ‘developed’ countries are required to do away with quick and cost-effect means of production as well as local standards to keep things safe and clean, other countries, that aren’t as developed, that don’t have these laws for protection, could use whatever dirty tactics they want and zoom past the declared ‘developed’ countries.

We Would Lose Sovereignty

I’ve seen some people arguing against this fact saying, no, no, the Paris Agreement doesn’t mean you lose freedom in America–but yes, it does. In accepting the Paris Agreement, you would have been accepting the United Nations–something we shouldn’t be involved in–to determine the standards in which the US would have to follow in production. This would affect jobs and economy in the same way the EU killed jobs and economy in the UK by enforcing bogus rules on many of their main industries.

To enter an agreement like this with a large, global body, would be the exact opposite of what President Trump swore he’d do when he was running. He said he would make agreements on a one-by-one basis to make sure that both parties involved got the best possible deal. In group bills like this, it’s so convoluted that you can usually hide how you’re cheating someone else. There’s no way in a bill marking 147 parties, that they’re all getting the best thing.

To think that you can enter into an agreement this large, an agreement that you’ll do what they say, not what your people say, and not lose ‘sovereignty’ is naive. If you have to listen to someone from another country–someone you didn’t vote on–to control how you do things in your country, then yes, you have lost freedom. The United States has no power of the United Nations and the United Nations should never have any power over the United States.

It Will Hurt the Poor Most

Most of America is already frustrated with how high taxes are and how it’s harming the average American. Few of us want higher taxes and usually those who want higher tax brackets also don’t have jobs and want to get more ‘free’ stuff from the government.

The Paris Agreement would have hit the poor and working class much more than it would have hurt anyone else. Aside from America footing a large portion of the bill, at $400 BILLION annually (which means it comes out of your taxes, which means they’d need to drastically RAISE taxes to pay for that), it would also have destroyed an estimated 6 MILLION jobs. Our unemployment has been getting better since Trump took office. Even before inauguration, he was meeting with companies and unions and helping to create more jobs. The jury’s still out on how many jobs he helped create prior to being officially inaugurated, and due to the bias nature of a majority of the mainstream outlets that pop up, you can’t rely on them to be honest either. But you can get an idea, research information, compare different types of info, and come to your own conclusion.

With that said, unemployment is at an all-time low and the average wage is rising. To enter the Paris Agreement and flash millions of jobs when we have millions of eligible, hardworking Americans in need of jobs makes no sense.

We Can’t Afford It

As of January 2016, the United States has a debt of $13.62 trillion. And as I checked while writing this, we’re just under a national debt of $20 trillion. As a country, we do not have the money to give out $400 BILLION more to other countries in addition to everything else we’re doing for some stupid project like the Paris Agreement. Have you heard what they want to accomplish with this? After $100+ trillion, and 75 years, they hope, that maybe, in 2100, they seek to reduce the overall planet’s temperature by .023 degrees. This is not a worthwhile investment. In fact, we could make more of a difference globally if each country invested INDIVIDUALLY in themselves to try and produce under good manufacturing conditions. Not to outsource money and jobs to countries with fewer regulations.

The Paris Agreement Was Illegally Initiated

Funny to see no major news network talking about this: Obama set up the US in the Paris Agreement ILLEGALLY. For agreements like this, a president is supposed to send the bill or treaty or whatever to Congress for approval, however, Obama didn’t do that. Instead, he went straight past Congress and just decided his word was enough.

You know why he skipped the legal system set in place to stop tyranny? Because he knew the treaty never would have passed Congress. In order for this bill to have held any strength, it needed to be ratified by the Senate, but because he skipped all that, it was undoable and if the UN or any European foreign leaders try to force America into it now by saying, “You can’t back out,” they are trying to break our laws and our legal system. They are trying to overhaul our laws with theirs and this is why I go back to, it takes away sovereignty. You can’t have two co-existing rules of law.

Because the UN knows they can’t enforce the Paris Agreement since Obama didn’t go through the right channels, they’ve taken to trying to guilt or bully the US into complacency. Fortunately, we have a strong leader who doesn’t bow down to garbage.

Climate Change is a Money-Grabbing Scam

A few years ago, the UN and foreign countries were taking money out of the United States via ‘Foreign Policy” sentiments. However, thanks to Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, and all the problems they created in the middle east, Foreign Policy seems to be going through a bit of bad PR. They couldn’t ask for more money there. Instead, they play up the doomy idea of climate change–previously known as global warming until scientists said we’re actually in a cooling period.

The Paris Agreement was nothing short of an international agreement to take hundreds of billions of dollars from America every year and put it in the pockets of rich people in poor countries. It was a money transfer from America’s poor to foreign rich.

Global warming and the climate change conspiracy has been claimed a scam as NASA’s Gavin Schmidt has claimed the NOAA climate change data to be nothing but manipulated charts. There are many instances of climate change being refuted, yet it’s difficult to actually discuss because any form of questioning is met a forceful push out of the scientific community. You can even be pushed away from your peers for asking questions. If the science is so sound, then there shouldn’t be an issue discussing the topic, but every time global warming and climate change seem to be challenged, there’s no real response to it which always makes me question the validity of the claim.

We Are Leaders

I’ve already seen enough people going, “LOL, US, yer only one of 3 countries now that didn’t agree to the Paris Agreement. How’s it feel to be in the same group as Syria?”

Not to sound like a 90s emo/goth, but, how’s it feel to be part of a conformity? The United States has always been a leader and something leaders don’t do is follow the crowd. Leaders innovate. Leaders ask questions and solve problems on an individual basis. They don’t look at the group, see what they’re doing, then ago along with it.

When President Donald Trump pulled us out of the Paris Agreement, he was making the statement that to help the environment, we can do something better than this piece of garbage international rule. To help the country, we can do something better. Sorry, UN, but you can’t come up with a helpful treaty despite your numerous heads. You’re not a leader or an innovator, you’re a greedy control freak that wants to suck the money and power out of anyone who might threaten your complete country.

Unfortunately for you, America is a leader, America has been blessed by the God who inspired its creation and for the first time in years, if not decades, we have a person in the captain’s chair who believes our country is something special and knows how to lead.

Leaving the Paris Agreement was nothing but a good thing. If you think it’s the end of the world, I ask you this: how would the world have changed on June 2nd if Trump had agreed to the treaty? Would the changes have been as drastic as apparently saying, “No?”

No, they wouldn’t have been. 023 degrees. 100 years.

Calm the frick down. We’re doing well and we have more than enough time to come up with a better plan that puts America first while preserving the planet


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