Let’s Talk About Spider-Man: Homecoming…

So Spider-Man: Homecoming was released on June 7th. The above image is an image of the main cast. You may notice something’s a bit… off. Your spidey-senses might be tingling. In fact, it might have hit you the second you looked at the image: Where’s MJ?


Oh, she’s in the picture, but she’s been replaced–erased, as some like to call it in Hollywood. The actor who plays Spider-Man is standing in the center in all black. To his right is a woman in tan pants and a white shirt: that’s the new MJ. Doesn’t look anything like her, does she? You know, MJ, the redheaded bombshell she has always been designed to be in the comics:

Yeah, nah. They replaced her with something more ‘diverse.’ But don’t worry–in order to not try and erase or ruin the character, they changed her name. She’s not Mary-Jane like the comics. She’s Michelle, somewhere in the movie she just says her friends call her MJ. But don’t worry, it’s not MJ at all.

They’ve just replaced her and changed everything about her character.

David Feige has defended his new version of MJ saying that Michelle is not MJ at all, but the fact that he has named her MJ means that she is replacing what was MJ, whether she fills the same role or not. I have a few guesses as to why Michelle won’t fill MJ’s role. One: MJ was an effeminate woman who got saved by Spider-Man. She was a popular girl that had the attention of all the boys. In the comics, she was pretty much model-level beautiful. With today’s progressive feminism, all of these aspects are toxic. You can’t make a girl beautiful. You can’t have a girl motivate a man to heroism. You can’t have a girl be interested in a boy. What are you? Gay?

Michelle makes it clear that she’s a progressive early on when she whines about the how the Washington Monument was built by slaves. This is an oversimplification at best and a downright light at worst. The left likes to use ‘muh slaves’ for everything, especially if it’s shitting on America and American culture. Anywhere you look, articles will read that there is no conclusive evidence that the Washington Monument was built by slaves, but the writers, directors, and producers of this movie thought it a great idea to throw in uncited, untrue propagandistic lies.

But this post isn’t really meant to be about how much liberal Hollywood lies or how Disney is purchasing as much as they possibly can to create a monopoly on intellectual properties and changing them drastically in an attempt to control the minds of the populous. Nah, this post is about the hypocrisy of the progressives screaming about ‘racial erasure’ and then taking every white character they possibly can and removing them for someone nonwhite.


It wasn’t even a year ago when every progressive online diary was raging against Rupert Sanders for casting Scarlett Johansson as the main character. They were thrown into a fit, not because of Major, the android main character, clearly looked Japanese in the anime and was replaced with a western whitie <LINK>. Nah. It was because the original story was written in Japanese so they just claimed everyone in it was Japanese. However, if you look at Major’s physical characteristics: pale skin, purple hair, red eyes… she’s racially ambiguous. No race actually has purple hair and red eyes naturally–though feminists might claim that purple IS their natural hair color, you bigot.

The original author of the manga weighed in on the situation saying he never saw her as Japanese and he saw no problem with casting Johannson in the picture, however, all these leftists garbage rags couldn’t stop raging about ‘white colonialism!” “cultural appropriation!” “Racial erasure!”

Note: I think it’s very interesting that people were getting pissy about Major being a white actress… because the same side argues that race is a social construct and anyone can be Japanese.

In case you don’t want to watch it, she states, “There is no such race as Japanese.” Okay, I guess there’s no difference between Chinese and Thaiwanese and Tai, and Korean, and all the other geographical Asian races. The obvious differents outside of culture, the traceable DNA differences… I guess it all doesn’t exist because you say so. I guess race only exists when it’s convenient, but a social construct otherwise.

Yet, where is the outrage for the Spiderman cast being replaced with nonwhites? There’s no comment on the erasure of whites from television. There’s no comment as whites are clearly discriminated against and forced to give up their identity and space for someone else. Let’s look at movies made for black women: They are almost always an entirely black cast. However, if you were to make a chick flick for white women, you’d be hard pressed to find one made recently that doesn’t feature an all white cast. It’d be called racist. Movies and even video games set in medieval Europe are condemned for being racist when nonwhites aren’t included in the cast despite having no business being involved with that lore/history/story.

I don’t have a problem with people changing up and doing what they want with a movie they paid to produce. You want to change Spiderman? Fine, but you can’t pitch a fit every time a white person is cast in a role. You want to have an all black or all Asian cast? Fine, but you can’t complain about an all white movie of #HollywoodTooWhite. You people are demonizing and removing whites on the sole basis of their skin color.

“But, but–but past racism!”

Nothing of the past justifies your disgusting action of today. For you to say, “But we get to do it to you because ancestors” means: You’re vengeful, you’re self-righteous, you judge people as a group, not an individual, you stereotype, you’re historically incompetent, and you’re a neanderthal who hasn’t evolved with society. “I can’t change my ways because of fifty years ago.” So, you’re saying with the examples, the advancements, and the social change you’re unable to adapt? That makes you unfit to be part of a civilized society.

We’re not in a post-racism society and we never will be, but it’s drastically swinging in the opposite direction and I’d watch the changing tensions carefully. Colleges are teaching white students to be ashamed of how they were born. White workers are being forced out of the work place. The BBC in the UK has even admitted to firing people specifically because they were white men. It’s okay for professors and leaders to tell white people they are the devil. It’s okay for major political activists to say whites need to die. It’s okay to remove whites from the public face, period. If you protest the idea of white removal, you’ll hear the argument, “Yeah! WELL, you had your turn!”

The same thing is happening to men, particularly white men, where they are demonized. The crimes of the ‘migrants’ in Europe? Accredited to white men. Everyone hates on white men for crimes they didn’t commit and is removing them from movies. If they aren’t replaced with someone nonwhite, then they are replaced with a woman. See Doctor Who 13th doctor. See Ghostbusters reboot. See people demanding James Bond be replaced by a woman. See them replace traditional, long standing (white) male characters with women and nonwhites. It’s disgusting — and that’s the nicest word I could use.

America was founded by whites. Of course, it’s a white majority country. You can’t be mad at the majority for being a majority in their own country–well, apparently you can if the majority is white.

This extreme racism needs to stop. It’s collapsing civilizations and ruining culture. It’s separating the people and as tension rises over, “You’re evil because of your race,” more people will actually become racist. You’re justifying racism in people with your actions.

You, who are stoking racial flames, who look at the appearance of an individual and make decisions about them, who discredit them, fire them, tell them they’re evil for the color of their skin. You professors teaching people to be ashamed of who they are while elevating others based on race rather than merit are the one who is throwing fuel on the fire that could lead to racial war and blood. You’re calling for an all out war. You’re calling for the destruction of a people. You are forcing people into racial groups then stepping them back into a corner and eventually, those forced into a corner will attack. If a race war breaks out, the blood will be on the hands of every teacher, politician activist, and organization who pushed this ideology and created hatred and division among the races.

You are truly evil people and I look forward to the day you are stopped.

Now stop turning my movies into social justice causes and let me be entertained. You’re fooling a minority of the population with your propaganda. That’s why Hollywood is failing. That’s why award show viewership is going down. That’s why you’re seeing major monetary losses. That’s why you got President Trump.

We are the people. We are the voice of this nation. We are sick of your condescending, white-hating bullshit.


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