Growing Transgenderism Shows the State of Our Mental Care

So while the topic is hot, I’d like to take a moment to address what seems like an ignored problem: the utter failure of our mental health care system. I think if you talk to most people suffering from a mental illness, they’ll tell you they don’t really feel taken care of. Our healthcare system doesn’t really know what to do with mental illnesses and instead of trying to figure out where they’re coming from and how to bring a person back to health, its focused on putting a bandage over the problem using drugs.

Now look, I have a bipolar brother; that is a genetic chemical imbalance and the difference in him is remarkable when he’s got the appropriate balance in him. However, I think a majority of the mental health system is shoving drugs on people rather than teaching them coping mechanisms or helping them face the issues causing them distress in their life. Drugs are an easy fix and so are ‘experimental medical procedures’ to some extent, but what I think is the most damaging to mentally ill people is the fact our country is even afraid to say the term ‘mentally ill.’

Over the last couple of days, following the #MilitaryTrannyBan by President Donald Trump, people from both sides of the fence have come out on offense and defense over this decision. Philip DeFranco mentioned it in his Wednesday video and if you scroll through his comments sections, you’ll see people mercilessly attacking the mentally ill at about the same rate as others saying the phrase ‘mentally ill is a slur.’ Both sides bother me because both sides ignore the actual issue and refuse to talk about it. The people who only attack the mentally ill aren’t encouraging them to seek help, but to hide. They aren’t seeing them as people with a flaw or a problem, and as much as I think shaming is a tactic that can help improve people in some situations, this is not one of them. On the opposite side of the fence, the people claiming that transgenderism/gender identity disorder/gender dysphoria isn’t a mental illness are doing damage to the very people affected by this mental anomaly.

According to Mayo Clinic, Mental Illness is defined as: “a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking , and behavior.” It doesn’t mean someone is non-functioning or an invalid, but it does mean they have atypical behaviors that usually appear in groups and signal some kind of dysfunction (any malfunctioning part or element) in the same way a high fever, stuffy knows, and swollen face would signify dysfunction in the body (because of a physical ailment). Mental illness doesn’t make someone non-functioning in the same way having a cold doesn’t make someone handicapped. However, you must address that something is wrong.

I can’t think of any illness outside of transgenderism that’s treated as, “No, no, you’re fine. It’s normal.” When someone says they’re depressed or suicidal, we don’t wave our hands and say, “that’s normal” despite figures saying 1 in 10 Americans have depression, which makes it far more ‘normal’ than Gender Identity Disorder. We don’t tell someone with schizophrenia they’re fine, the voices or paranoia are completely normal. You just do you. No. We try to help these people.

What I see surfacing every time transgenderism is discussed is this people who claim to ‘fight for the rights of transgender people,’ saying they’re different while also saying they’re normal. I have a few questions as I’m trying to figure out what you define transgenderism as:

If transgenderism is a mental illness: why don’t you fight for the ‘rights’ of manic depressives? Of bipolars? Of those with eating disorders?

If transgenderism is normal: then why do they seek treatment? If there is nothing wrong with the body or health, then there’s no reason for treatment.

The same people who say they care about transgenders and the trans identity also push this idea that gender is a social construct. If gender is a social construct, then what are transgenders? Aren’t they they idea that the brain chemistry doesn’t match the physical chemistry? If gender is not biological and is something we just make up, then there’s no reason transgenderism should exist.

Following President Trump’s decision to bar transgender individuals from the military, Lada Gaga had this to say:


This type of sentiment is cruel. There’s nothing wrong with people who have gender identity disorder, yet it’s most often tied in with depression. Suicide rates over 40% among people who identify as transgender, age 18-24. Healthy people do not commit or attempt suicide. Doing further research, these numbers are on the rise despite the amount of ‘acceptance’ they’ve received from surrounding communities in the United States. I think it’s clear to see that the current ‘treatment’ for Gender Identity Disorder isn’t actually what works.

In fact, I think it’s just another bandage, but a long-term, high costing one instead. When someone with gender issues goes to a doctor, they say they’re depressed. Most often GID is coupled with depression. The therapist is supposed to work with the individual to make sure the depression isn’t from something else before they’re given drugs because they aren’t supposed to help you change your body if you have other underlying mental illnesses. They’re sure this is it. They’re uncomfortable with themselves, unconfident, hate certain things about their body and they’ve been told, “This is the golden ticket. If you just get to the other side of this gate, you will be happy.” Transgender people are told that after years of hormone therapy and thousands of dollars in surgery, when they look like someone else, they will be happy. Let’s ignore, just for a second, that most people suffering this illness will not ever be able to afford the ‘ultimate treatment.’ So they now have something to strive for. They have something to push them through the everyday and to say, “one day I will be happy. Once I achieve my goal, I will be happy.” They focus on this, they want to make this happen and they think the continual depression they feel is just because they haven’t transformed fully yet.

They could hold onto this ‘golden ticket’ thinking all their lives. “If I could only have a dick/vagina, I would be so happy. I’ll make it happen and for now, I’ll do what I have to.” This gets them through the everyday depression, but it doesn’t cure it. They feel the depression weighing on them every day and their only hope for a cure is this ultimate treatment at the end, but since most will never get it, they’ll never see that the depression isn’t cured.


This is the end result they don’t tell you about. This is the golden ticket that the media, the LGBT activists, and the pharmaceutical companies are pushing you toward. They don’t care about you, they don’t care about your health, they care about the money, the message, and the control.

Gender Identity Disorder is a mental illness. For pop culture’s sake, it’s been shortened to ‘transgenderism.’ If you say ‘disorder,’ it might hurt people’s feelings.

Am I saying people who transition can’t live happy lives? Not at all, but a majority won’t. Transitioning isn’t something that should be encouraged or celebrated because it will not work for most. Most importantly of all, those calling themselves ‘advocates’ or ‘supporters’ of transgenders who then say, ‘it’s not a mental illness’ need to stop pretending they care about the individuals; you don’t. When you dismiss the issue as normal, you take away the suffering or anguish most people suffer through because of the illness. The suicide rate isn’t from bullying as many would have you believe. It’s from the continual disconnect from reality; the body and mind knowing the truth and being told to fight against it.

The natural order of humans are much more loyal to the truth than might seem obvious. David Reimer was a boy raised as a girl from the time of his infancy. A botched surgery lead to a social experiment where they just took his penis off and raised him as a girl. He never felt right in the body he had; if gender was a social construct, then being raised as a girl should have been normal to him. He shouldn’t have been able to tell the difference… but he could. And late in his teens he found out the truth; he discovered that he was not a girl, but a boy. Regardless of what his conscious mind was aware of, his natural body and mind knew the truth.

And I don’t think this is any different among transgenders who choose to change later in life. It’s an epidemic of sick people who are being ignored or given a false hope to rely on rather than being taught actual coping mechanisms to help them–but this is where our healthcare system is today. It’s not about helping citizens become healthy or relieving them from their ailments. It’s about keeping them sick. It’s about making people reliant on temporary bandages rather than long-term health stabilizers. Kids aren’t taught how to handle ADD or ADHD; they’re put on drugs. People aren’t helped to discover why they’re depressed and how to fix it; they’re put on drugs. Transgender people aren’t questions as to why they feel the way they do, and at this point, they’re hardly even acknowledged as having problems. “It’s normal,” someone says, thinking they’re being merciful, but they’re not.

As someone who has suffered from Gender Identity Disorder for well over a decade. For someone who experimented with the current treatment methods, whose experienced the distress, and who still fights with it, telling me that this is normal, telling me that this distress is nothing to fix–telling me that my mental illness is not an illness at all doesn’t help me and has never helped me. It attempts to invalidate the feelings or experiences of the person suffering. To say, “You’re normal. Everything is fine,” is to say the suffering does not exist. Is to say anyone going through the symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder are just doing their thing is too cruel for words.

Can you imagine standing on a rooftop as someone leans over the edge. They’re sobbing. They are ready to jump and you just tell them, “don’t worry. This is normal. I’ll fight for your rights to jump because suicide is your choice. Clinical depression is normal.” Can you imagine someone leaning over a toilet, vomit drips down their lip. They haven’t kept anything in their stomach for more than 30 minutes for months. They’re deathly thin, their skin is pale, the doctors say they’re malnourished and could die and their friends and loved ones say, “Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with you. This is just normal.”

If you want to help a transgender person, be honest with them and stop saying that it’s not a mental illness. I’m going to have to write another post on the transtrenders who jumped onto the scene while saying, “You don’t have to have dysphoria to be transgender.” No, you actually do. That’s one of the defining symptoms. If you feel no discomfort or distress, you’re not suffering from the illness. You’re wearing mental illness like a piece of clothing and you are a scam artist hurting actual people who suffer.<LINK to GENDERF@CK>

And this is the type of story you are covering up:


The ignorance of mental illness affects every person suffering, but the visibility of those suffering Gender Identity Disorder just show us how bad the treatment of mental illness really is. 


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