Mental Illnesses Cause Millennials to Choose Sterilization Over Having Families

First, by looking at the banner of this post, none of us should really be sad these people aren’t reproducing for obvious reasons, but I think there’s more to say about this story…

Back in May, Vice published an article titled, “The People Choosing to Be Sterilised in Their Twenties,” and as the title implies, it goes through a couple of young women who have decided that rather than having children, they’d rather save themselves and the world, by sterilizing themselves and never having children. This trend isn’t new and it also isn’t unpopular. “This phenomenon, known as the “childfree movement”, is the subject of a new BBC Three documentary, Young and Sterile: My Choice, exploring why teenagers and 20-somethings are advocating childlessness by choice, despite not already having children of their own,” Vice writes. “Today, one in five British women will never have kids, up from one in ten in the 1970s.”

That’s a large swathe of the population that is going to die, and with it, the culture of the United Kingdom. Aside from the massive death of a population, I think there’s something much more nefarious underway here.

There are only a handful of reasons someone can really give to deny their desire to have children. Look, I’m not going to argue that everyone should have kids–some people genuinely don’t want kids, but with the growing trend of anti-family content, anti-family sentiments, and the desire to destroy children, I think we need to look at what’s happening and maybe figure out the way.

Katelin, a 19-year-old mentioned in the Vice article, gives these reasons for her choice to sterilize herself: She has mental health problems and a serious heart defect she doesn’t want to pass on, and she “enjoys her vagina exactly the way it is.” Paul Pritchard, a man from the documentary said,  “I’ve never thought of myself as a father.” I’m sort of curious to know what his relationship was with his father, but that’s just me. Additionally, Pritchard said he didn’t want children because he has suffered from depression and has diabetes.

Andie, a third person mentioned, said she 1) doesn’t identify as any gender and 2) her choice stems from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother and she’s frightened of to become like her mother. There’s no explanation of what Andie’s mother did to her, but it must have been pretty bad if she’s disassociating with herself (rejection of genders/use of they/them) and she fears having children because she could turn into her mother and make someone else experience what she experienced.

I think we need to take a look at mental health and the breakdown of the family. Each of these people are mentally disturbed in some way and they all find sterilization to be the best way to spend their lives. This isn’t just a childless life, this is a mutilate the body, change nature, and live childlessly. There’s no reason to sterilize yourself at 19, even if you don’t want kids. This speaks to a larger problem.

In reading their stories, the world has taught them to fear families. The world has taught them it’s better to be alone than with anybody; the family was only meant to harm. There are a couple reasons why this type of behavior would be heavily encouraged, especially by the state. We already know that when someone doesn’t have their family, they replace the family with the state. Each of these people will rely more on the state for money, friendship, benefits, breaks, anything. They’ll look for the affection they crave from a family from the government instead because they don’t have that family. They’ll tell themselves they don’t want a family, while still looking for the benefits families provide.

Andie goes on to say, “This idea that women have to settle down, get married, have children – it’s quite a moral thing, isn’t it? Life isn’t just about reproduction.”

What’s funny about this statement is, whether you look at life from an evolutionary or religious standpoint, that is actually what life is about. In Darwinian terms, the only point in life is to carry on your lineage. Make it stronger, better, faster. Keep the bloodline going and work to make your bloodline better than others. The whole survival of the fittest, animal pyramid thing. If you look at it from a Christian perspective, life is about worshiping and honoring God and one of the ways humans are to do this is by going forth and populating the earth.

Andie claims that women wanting to get married and have children isn’t biological in nature, but it’s a symptom of the patriarchy. That means she has to argue against the decades, if not millennia, of women who have wanted nothing but to settle down and have kids naturally. Is every woman who has ever existed and wished to have a husband and children just a victim of the patriarchy or are they simply doing what’s natural? Humans are social creatures and living a life alone is, I think, one of the most unnatural things a human can do. And like I said before, not all men or women have to want, but if they go looking for that family attention from others, I think they’re lying to themselves about what their needs truly are and maybe their egos are too big to admit they made a mistake.

At the end of the article, we get to what this is all really about. Katelin says, “I want time alone, time with my partner and time to travel and spend money on luxury. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” she says. “My generation live in a broken world. We come from broken homes and have broken minds and bodies. Many of us just don’t want to reproduce. It’s my life, and I’m not hurting anyone.”

The millennial generation is screwed up. There’s little argument there. Broken homes, daycare, and everyone gets a trophy. Millennials typically fall into one of two camps: They were extremely hard and build something incredible or they are completely helpless, depressed, and can’t do anything. They may even scream like babies and look for crayons and bubble wrap at college. Millennials, for whatever reason, are a generation of nihilists who don’t believe in the family or community. They feel so broken and betrayed that they despise the world so much they want to spend their lives on taking care of themselves only and thinking little of anyone else.

Each statement in this article reads as insecure or selfish, fearful, unconfident, and goes on to solidify the thought that they cannot be anything and that they are a failure. If these people don’t believe in themselves to do small tasks or jobs, they won’t believe in themselves to do one of the biggest jobs known to man: parenting. They fear failure so much because they haven’t experienced it in full force. There’s no participation trophy for parenting. It’s something you just have to do and hopefully, you have the resources to do it right.

But so many would rather give up, lock themselves away, and rather than pick up any sort of responsibility, they’ll remain children for the rest of their lives with the golden lie that, “I don’t care if I’m alone.” Until they’re 40 or 50 and it’s too late to change anything.

My generation is filled with so many lies that make us miserable, and so many buy them. It’s no wonder there’s depression everywhere you go. Think of only yourself. Don’t plan ahead. You don’t need a family. You don’t need friends. Yet as they get older, these same people will vote for larger government to take care of them in the ways families would have. They’re children who don’t want to confront their feelings, so instead they run.

And I just think it’s sad. It’s all really sad. This sort of trend and the complete rejection of family should be a wake up call that something is wrong. These women will wake up in ten, twenty, third, forty years, and be miserable because they don’t have the joy their friends have. They’ll realize they were sold a lie and they will be livid. At that point, what can you do but try to brin


9 thoughts on “Mental Illnesses Cause Millennials to Choose Sterilization Over Having Families

  1. Interesting post, but I am wondering if it is just mental illness that is making millennials stop having kids? From an example of one, I can tell you that that isn’t always the case, nor do I have severe family issues that have made me make that decision. I also don’t think it’s true that all those who are childfree will rely on the state for family, friends and money. I admit that this millennial won’t be having children because I want to have the time and money to myself, but in an ever-increasing global population is that really such a bad thing?


    1. I agree that I don’t think every case of someone not wanting kids is mental illness. There have always been individuals and couples with zero interest in having children, but I think we definitely need to take notice of what the average has been and if there has been an uptick. I think we also need to take a look at what society has been programming us to believe. Across Western countries the media has sold this ‘over-populated’ stuff for years. I remember Time having a “Childless Life” cover and many other magazines doing the same. Now we’re being told we have to import people from the third world because the population isn’t growing fast enough. Is that a coincidence or does it seem like something odd at play?

      Not every person is meant to become a parent; many don’t have the personalities necessary to raise children or a family and they could also use their time to produce something else, but I think it’s important to look at the why’s and see if we can’t find a pattern. I think it’s interesting that even you admit you fit one of the patterns/reasons mentioned and it’s not really surprising considering millennials are generation “ME.” Lol. As a fellow millennial, no offense, I’m just trying to decode what I see and I appreciate your conversation. 🙂


  2. Yes, that’s the box I fit in for sure, zero interest in reproducing! It’s not like I feel I owe it to the world to spread my genes or anything – this may be about ‘me’, but that’s not to the detriment of any other beings, I don’t feel. I got sterilized because I like the idea of being more stress-free, having more money and time to myself, etc. And I’m pretty happy about that! But I agree with you about it being a millennial thing. And there’s no offense taken 🙂

    With the case like Time magazine, are we sure that’s society programming us what to believe, or is it merely a reflection of something that is in fact occurring?


    1. I’m glad you feel good about it. I know another person who’s in a happy relationship and has never had an interest in having kids. She’s so uninterested in children, but she loves her birds. lol. I think there are a lot of greats in the past who foregone kids and used their time for something else that they found more fulfilling personally and I know it’s possible. I know I’m partially worried with the number of young adults now not having kids, who live at home, who act kinda like children (coloring books and naptime at Uni?) who might find the world a bit lonely when they can’t be their parents’ kids anymore, but don’t really have a family either since they didn’t build one. I’m wondering what the future is going to look like for some of these people, let alone their countries.

      The Time magazine case (and others like it) seem suspicious to me and I think deserve a study at least. We’re told there are too many people, but then our countries still donate food and resources to other countries that then bread like rabbits and are imported into our countries for a waning population. I think there’s too much coincidence and too much confliction in narratives to just label as reflecting fact. Nature has a way of correcting itself, right? So if advanced countries are having fewer kids and automation is making its way in, what if fewer kids is natures way of balancing society? Then there shouldn’t be this push for immigration because ‘not enough workers.’ If the population of the world was too large, shouldn’t we be talking to countries like China and India that more than triple the population of the United States? (These are the top 3 countries for population). How would you rectify some of this information?


  3. Yeah there’s lots of us out there, lol. You’re definitely right about the number not having them, I’m closer to thirty than twenty and I don’t know basically any of my friends my age who have kids, but I know a few who can no longer have them. For me it was a case of, I’m part of the first generation where it’s largely permissible to be childfree, I know I don’t have the desire for children and the country population (I’m in UK) is ever-growing, so it makes most sense to ensure I can’t have them.

    I agree about the infantilization of adults, and I hate those kind of people too, who are scared by stuff like Halloween costumes. Something’s gone wrong there. Yeah I’d be interested to see a study in that. I also don’t agree with needing to import large numbers of immigrants from countries that reproduce a lot. It is natures way I believe; all developed, comfortable societies have declining populations after a certain point anyway. For instance, my great-grandparents (and further back), will have had probably 4-8 children, my parents each had one sibling, and they only had me. Now that I will never have them, it means my family will end, and whoever comes in or reproduces more will take the place, I suppose? My country just has a vested interest in keeping the population level high even though the native births are down, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily think it should. It’s a really interesting conversation!


    1. Very interesting indeed. I’ve really enjoyed the conversation and the perspective, Will. 🙂 I hope to get to talk to you on another subject, for sure.


  4. America is overpopulated with not really enough jobs to go around and with costs of everything raising why would anyone want a kid like i see my friends with kids getting screwed by the court system because as a male you are guranteed to lose almost every custody battle and end up paying child support !! So as a male i have no reason to want to have kids because child support isn’t something any of us look forward too and a raise of women who use mean for payments is on a raise so yeah! i think i’m mental sane for not wanting a kid enjoy crying babies and spending all your money on kids lol!!


    1. Your comment actually highlights a couple of ways our society is sick and broken. There’s nothing more natural in nature than having children; it’s what every animal in the kingdom does, but men and women who don’t want to have kids are fighting against nature. Men and women who see having kids as a disaster are skeptical because of what the state has done to help destroy the family, but they also disdain the very human and animal nature which is to create families. Men and women have been pit against each other as adversaries when we should be partners. MGTOW is just as radical a mistake as feminism, but I believe MGTOW was caused because of radical feminism and the failures of women. Like Adam in the Garden of Eden should have told Eve no, feminists and women abusing the system are playing a shit test and need to be told no. This is why the same women who want to destroy and emasculate western men also want to import the most brutal, mysognistic men and culture in the world.

      Somehow, I still believe in the ability of family if a man and a woman are willing to come together and invest in one another. Sometimes he needs more support from her, sometimes she needs more support from him, and somedays they are equally able to support and push through the day together. Your comment illustrates how our political system has left men feeling vulnerable and angry at women while women use the state to rob them. How approaching women is now seen as a zero sum game because a good handful of women use the state to line their pockets when women should be serving their husbands and tending to the home.

      As men and women fight amongst each other, the children suffer and society suffers. We’re not overpopulated with nationals, we’re being overrun by low IQ foreigners who are sucking the virtue and culture from our country. I Imean, good luck out there man, but I hope you don’t work toward a bigger government to take care of you in your old age when you are alone. Most people create a support system via friends, family, and children, but the childless die alone with the state feeding them at the expense of others. We have to break this cycle. It’s going to be hard, but I think we can do it and I think we can save families and stop hating each ot her so much.


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