Mama! Where’s My Representation?!

What do you need representation for? What’re you? Being tried for loserdom?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “But we need more representation!” on a weekly basis. If I had the time, I’d splice together a montage of the many, many different groups that scream about needing representation in movies, television, lingerie shows, and oh, whatever else they can think of. Who has demanded representation? I feel like everyone except maybe white males and Christians… but feel free to prove me wrong….


From the new hijab Barbie being praised as “normalizing diversity!” (should be about normalizing domestic abuse and rape, but whatever) to Healthy At Every Size activists claiming we need more fat role models in TV and movies because not seeing fat people is like saying they don’t exist (trust me, honey, there’s no way to avoid laying one’s eyes on a planet with its own orbit). Because let’s face it, it’s not like obesity is a leading cause of death in America (though 1/5 deaths in America are associated with obesity), yet obese princesses need a place in America’s fridges– I mean hearts–at least until they get clogged, but anorexic princesses would just be downright dangerous!

There are calls for more diverse casts in movies, television, awards shows, so rather than basing anything off of merit, let’s base it off of something totally unrelated that’s not really controllable. When the Emmy’s reflect the population pretty fairly for diversity, it’s called “#EmmysSoWhite”, but when the Grammy’s have nominated zero white men for best album, “it’s yaaas queen, yaaas progress!” I’d trust you that it was all about white men putting out bad music up to this point if you hadn’t made it your goal to force whites out of the game and force yourself in for diversity points because you need more representation.


This disease has even caught fire in STEM as feminist and ‘minority’ activists declare, “We need more women or nonwhites in STEM!” Recently I heard about a study meant to what the percentage of LGBT-identifying individuals was in STEM fields and whether there were enough to make it ‘diverse’ enough. How about we only care about people’s work? How about we consider whether they’re good at the job, interested in the job, and actually had the skill to attain the job rather than looking at unrelated identification groups and then going, “Hm. We need more green apples. There are too many reds by virtue of them just being red.”

What’s the most amazing is these activists will claim that (and I’m going to use girls as the example here), girls can do anything boys can do–however, in order to become a doctor, she needs to see a woman as a doctor first. If she doesn’t see a lady in the position, she’ll never believe she can do it so she won’t even try.

Can we just take a moment to unpack that sentiment? If a girl can’t be something without seeing another girl do it first, aren’t you saying that girls can’t be leaders, but can only be followers? Leaders don’t hesitate if they don’t see what they want; they make it happen themselves.

“I can’t be something unless other people show me the way first…” is that really your argument?

If so, then no wonder so many designers, creators, engineers, and revolutionary people of history are MEN. Because the women were sitting around waiting for a woman to show them they could do something while men just freaking do it. How condescending can you be to not only hold this belief but teach it to your children?

Quick unrelated, but related, every writing group I’ve ever been a part of had at least one person say, “Write the books you want to read.” They never said, “Well, wait to see someone else write the book you want to write because you need to see someone else do it first.” So why is that any different for role models or wanting to see certain people in certain positions? If you care about it so much, then work hard and become the person you wanted to brag about because your work got you there.

“I need representation” is a scam for people with no or low skills to co-opt positions they don’t deserve or have the skills to attain themselves. It also showcases their complete narcissism and incompetence because without the job being handed to them for a reason completely unrelated to the work they’ll be doing, they wouldn’t be able to get that job. I like to refer back to this example:

Say there is a science class with 100 seats in it. 100 men apply and 50 women apply. If we go by this “equal representation garbage,” then 50 men, by virtue of there just being more, would have to be rejected regardless of if they did better than any of the 50 women. Some of those women may and probably would get a position they were ill-suited for or just not as qualified as other people because you require it. That’s far from a merit-based system and it has nothing to do with personal responsibility, skills, and recognition. You actually train men and women that they don’t have to try so hard to achieve anything because, well, some men will just be ignored by virtue of being a man, whether they’re genius or not, and some women will get the job, whether they know what they’re doing or not. This is setting both up for failure and resentment of those around them–and for what?

So people can admire you because hey, a woman is now president and you’re also a woman which means other people can think better of you because of a position someone has? That’s what this really comes down to; it’s not about doing a good job or having skills, but it’s about what other people think of you. A little girl thinks she can’t be a doctor because she doesn’t see a female doctor. To them, that translates into, “No one thinks you can do it.”

How about we just be honest? How about we return to what is supposed to get someone the job, and that’s the skill they bring to the table? Their merit. And of course, whether they’re legally qualified for the job.

Enough of the false elevations into power and positions that people don’t deserve. It screws over competent employees and destroys business, advancements, and the economy. People make different decisions; people want different things; people come in various population sizes. You’re only going to harm everyone by doing this ‘equal outcome’ crap. Equal opportunity is great, but it doesn’t promise an equal outcome, it doesn’t promise you success, it promises you the chance at success–then you have to do the rest. Anything else is a dystopian vision straight out of Kurt Vonnegut’s head.

If you deserve that job then show it with your resume, your aptitude, and your ability to follow through. Stop asking for handouts and especially stop making excuses for your failure while demanding you be hailed as a queen.


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