The Myth of Female Purity

I keep seeing articles in the news of women demanding power or powerful positions, not because they deserve it, not because of their ideas or qualifications, not because anything about them says they’d actually do a good job, but because they are women. They claim that by virtue of being a woman, they are the best person for the job. Just look at this add from Dana Nessel, a Michigan Attorney General Candidate:

The only legitimate stance Nessel gives in this commercial is “I’ll prosecute rapists,” — and it’s likely only mentioned because it goes with the whole penis bad, vagina good thing she’s focused on for the majority of the two minutes. And don’t even get ahead of yourself on that. Any good person would prosecute guilty rapists, but with someone like this who projects the idea that all men are rapists by virtue of having a penis, who’s to say she doesn’t misuse the law in the same way college campuses misused Title IX in order to condemn and punish young men without any sort of evidence?

Nessel reads as a ‘listen and believe’ sort of person which, in my eyes, disqualifies her from any position in law enforcement. The law of the land is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Listen and believe doesn’t present evidence, it presents storytelling that may or may not be true. Hard evidence is required in the court of law to punish someone and I certainly don’t want anyone in any position of power that would assume guilt on someone simply for the way they were born. I had a brief run-in with this on Twitter the other day where there was a beta male saying all men needed to take a step back out of power until ‘male representatives’ (for the sex) could get themselves in order, basically saying the few men who misbehave are representative for the millions that don’t. I said the only person who can represent someone is themselves. No man represents all men and no one is guilty of anything simply by being born. Then, as you may expect, a white-apologist feminist jumps in and basically says whites are guilty of racism by virtue of being white and not doing what she thinks they need to do in order to ‘combat racism’ (or her perceived racism).

No one should be in a judgmental power if they believe someone is guilty by default. Let’s play a game, shall we? Majority of murders are committed blacks. Should we just assume every black person is a murderer until proven otherwise? What about robberies? Most child abuse is perpetrated by the mother. Are we to assume every mother is a child abuser until she proves otherwise? Lesbian couples have the highest rate of domestic violence among all sexual pairings. Should we assume every lesbian couple is abusive until an individual proves themselves otherwise?

No? Then why is it okay to just say all men are evil rapists and all whites are racist whatevers?

Anyway, getting away from the point here:

Nessel’s main argument is that because she doesn’t have a penis, she won’t rape anyone, she can’t rape anyone. Her whole message is, “Look at me, I’m a woman, I’m nicer, purer, and more caring than men simply because I’m not a man.” If I think about it a little longer, this isn’t much different from the schoolyard games of, “Ew! Boys are icky! Girls rule!”`

Her argument can be summarized in, “You don’t have to worry about me molesting anyone because I’m a woman and women clearly don’t do this sort of thing.” This is the myth of female purity. Feminists of either gender will argue that ‘women are superior to men’ because a majority of crimes are committed by men, however, you won’t see feminists arguing this against any other group of people. What’s more is you won’t see these women talking about how women get off for crimes they’ve committed so it skews statistics. They also refuse to acknowledge that men being raped account for 38% of reported rape cases and women account for 40% of rapists. In order to avoid acknowledging this though, feminists will say it distracts from ‘real victims’ — who can only be women by their standards, or that men can’t be raped as every man enjoys sex with women, so how could it be rape?

That’s one of the most ridiculous assertions I’ve heard; it’s pretty much equivalent to, “A woman who likes men is straight, therefore she is attracted to every male on the planet.”

When a woman rapes a man or a boy, there are a couple different responses. Some rush immediately to their natural instincts of protecting women and claim the woman is just as much a victim as the person she rape. I’ve seen a good handful of stories where women perpetrators are let off because ‘she was in pain. She can’t be blamed.’ Women can commit crimes, such as murdering their own infants, and claim mental instability or hormones and get the sympathy of others and no punishment.

Nessel’s claim that being a woman was an asset plays entirely on this idea that women are pure, especially in the sexual sense, yet it flies contrary to the data I presented earlier and this is the issue.

She’s not the only one pretending women are pure and men are born evil, doomed to be born evil and perpetuate evil regardless. During the 2016 presidential run, we had Hillary Clinton, nominee for the democratic party play up with a literal woman card. She also repeatedly used the ploy that she was a woman and that was her qualifying trait to power. Nothing else mattered, just being a woman… Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook executives has also recently claimed that the way to get around sexual misconduct in the workplace is to hire more women.

Don’t believe anyone who says being a woman makes you pure or immune to committing any level of crime, especially sexual misconduct. The proof is in the statistics that state women are 40% of rapists. The proof is women who laugh at men who come forward about being raped.

What’s happening here is a grab for power by people who don’t have the skills but want to dictate to everyone how to think, act, and behave and instead of showing their fitness for the positions through their work, they say, “forget about merit, just look at me, I’m a lady! And look at how evil men are! Clearly, you must pick me or you want an evil workplace.”

It’s insane to me how just a few years ago (is it a decade now?), women were fighting to be seen as helpful members of society, as people with actual measurable skills and as individuals who were more than the sum of their parts, but now it seems that’s no longer desired, and instead these women racing to the top realized that once you look at women as equals, their special perks of being shielded and hailed is gone and they have to perform as well as men.

The only women I see using the woman card to get ahead in life are the ones that have no merit to themselves and no sense of ethics. I urge anyone and everyone who sees someone using their sex (or their race) as a point of “choose me,” steer clear. Making that the mark of their campaign is simply them being straight-forward about the fact they can’t and won’t work for you. They’d just like the power so they can be your mommy and spank you in a non-sexy way if you disobey.

Keep your eyes and votes on the people who present platforms, policies, and ideas you agree with, not body parts or skin pigments that mean absolutely nothing in the workplace.
And never let anyone trick you into thinking women are pure. They’re not. Women are human. Women are corruptible. Women are born evil just as any human has been born evil after the fall of man and it’s a trick set by those who have nothing to offer you other than the temple of vagina and the manipulation of your natural instincts to protect.


1 thought on “The Myth of Female Purity

  1. It is true, women have their own right. Indira Gandhi. And late madam Olufumilayo Ransom kuti . they are good example.


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