My Theory on “Non-Binary” And the “Trans” Movement on the Left

The other day I happened upon an “I’m nonbinary, ask me anything!” thread on a random forum and it got me thinking: Where did nonbinary even come from? It wasn’t a thing a couple years ago and now you go on any personal app or social website and you find this BS title (and many others like it) in a drop down or self-description box on profiles. Why? How? Here are some of my thoughts I had about it:

“Nonbinary” Was Created Because Those Who Use It Needed Victim Status Again

As far as I’m aware, the term ‘nonbinary’ is really only used in SJW circles. People of all races can use it, but it’s mostly used by white girls and some beta white males. Keep this in mind. The SJW crowd is also known for its hatred of whites with their rhetoric of white privilege, you can’t be racist against whites, and all whites are guilty of whatever crime they claim by virtue of being white. White men are at the top of the totem pole of hate, being considered the worst with the ‘most privilege’ while directly underneath are white women–and white girls, if you really think SJWs are your allies, think again. They took no time after the 2016 election to start chomping down on white women as evil. The second you’re not listening to their demands, they are ready to put a knife in your back and push you down a pit. Even while you obediently obey, it will never be good enough and they will sell you at the earliest convenience that offers them some kind of benefit.

So, white women (especially teenagers and young 20s) needed a way to get back ‘in’ with their crowd because if you’re a straight, white girl on the left, you’re basically the ultimate evil, second only to straight, white men. These women delegitimize their own voices in their own groups by saying whites sucked, couldn’t talk, and neither could straight people. They looked at themselves in the mirror and in the groups, they were a part of. These girls care about social status and what others think of them, though they don’t care what others think of people who aren’t them, in this case, white men. Because they care what other people think of them, they had to fall back into favor in their groups. They couldn’t be white, straight females anymore because that was evil–but they didn’t hate themselves enough to do anything drastic.

Gay is becoming too normalized, too acceptable in general American society that girls calling themselves bi wouldn’t be enough. Heck, the LGBT has even started turning against gay white men, saying they aren’t ‘oppressed enough to be represented in the LGBT.’ So they went for the last letter: the T.

They couldn’t be rejected from their group if they identified as trans. Look at all the trans victimhood propagated! I mean, not being able to say you’re a woman and getting to use the bathroom same day? Tragedy!! By roping themselves into the T part of the LGBT oppression Olympics, straight, white girls were able to become victims again, elevating them to a status that makes their voices matter again. Yay– But wait, there’s more.

“Nonbinary” Needed Creation Because Transitioning Didn’t Feel Right.

Transgenderism is just another, less clinical term for ‘gender dysphoria’ which is the new term for “Identity Identity Disorder,’ a mental illness. But SJWs have made transgenderism an identity and have tried to take the mental illness out of it. In fact, they’ve tried so hard to remove the symptoms of the illness that they claim, “you don’t have to feel the symptoms at all in order to be trans.” That isn’t the truth, rather, it’s a fabrication created by girls who are using mental illness as a way to validate their voices and identities after they invalidated them in the first place.

Nonbinary and any other transformation outside of male-to-female and female-to-male never existed in American diagnostics until just a couple years ago and it all came along with the hatred of whites. After people started picking up transgenderism as a trend, they started saying it wasn’t a mental illness because if it was, then that meant something was wrong with them and something had to be fixed.

I’ve seen social justice advocates argue that transgenderism was the new civil rights frontier after following the footsteps of race–but what does that have to mean? In order for this claim to be true, then transgenderism couldn’t be a defect. It had to be a comparable state to normal mentalities as being white is to be black. They couldn’t acknowledge it as something wrong. By making this a civil rights issue and attempting to declassify it as a mental illness, these people actually harm those suffering from distress the most and silence the experiences of those who are in pain.

Imagine a group coming forward that said you don’t have to have cancer cells or want chemotherapy in order to claim cancer-patient status. Imagine the level of invalidation that would happen to all those suffering from the individuals and their families who have fought and died for the disease. It’s insanely disgusting–but this was something the social justice crew had to do.

They have to declassify transgenderism so they could turn it into whatever they wanted. As long as it’s in the books with formal symptoms, then they can’t paint it on themselves and do nothing. The whole point of gender nonconforming or nonbinary is for girls to shave their heads, wear androgynous clothes, and say, ‘call me they.’ In some cases with the dozens of made up genders (see demi-girl/boy), they’ll still go by he or she–whichever matches their birth sex.

They do this for the sole purpose that they don’t feel uncomfortable with their body in the way GID requires. They don’t want hormones, they don’t want to be men (in the case of girls claiming trans status), and they don’t want to change their bodies. In fact, it’s very dangerous to inject incorrect hormones into someone. High testosterone can cause suicidal thoughts and depression in women and high estrogen can cause the same thing in men. Messing with hormones is not a game and they know this; they don’t want their bodies to shift or their chemistry to change, however, how can you claim trans status if you don’t want to change your body medically when that has always been one of the long-standing criteria?

This was it.

And here’s a comic that outs them on just this very front: (Read all on the left, then all on the right)


So thanks to nonbinary and any of the other made up-nongenders, you can dress and act completely female (or male given birth sex), you don’t have to transition or change anything, maybe wear a wig or shave your head, and you can still call victim status upon yourselves. What’s more interesting is that in the SJW community, self-diagnosing of transgenderism is heavily encouraged and the transgender people who go by the medical standards are actually demonized and have been given the nickname “truscum.” Those who follow the medical standards are demonized.

Clearly, the 16-20 something-year-olds on Tumblr know much better than the entire medical community. Not surprising the denounce doctors for calling them on spreading bull.

What These People Call “Gender” Is What Everyone Else Calls Personality.

There’s complete contradiction in the nonbinary and trans categorization crew as they complain about ‘gender roles and gender expectations,’ but as soon as you don’t fall in line with what they think you should like as a male or female, they box you up into some kind of other. What these people are doing is turning personality–human differences–into genders and then trying to make legal documents and sue people based on differences in personality. It’s insane. Personalities are uncountable and no gender is expected to like something or another.

You might be saying, but what about women being marked makeup and baking. What about men being marked sports–Can we take a second to ask, “What if the market is responding to the interests shown by general society?” No one is saying every man loves sports or every woman loves makeup and cooking, however, a large enough number of each obviously do show interest in these things or they wouldn’t be marketed that way.

These people are so concerned with ‘not forcing people into gender roles’ that if you happy to like certain things psychology and the human experience may point you in the direction of, you’re a traitor, you’re lying, you’re brainwashed–you’re whatever. I recently saw a really retarded video about women shaving their body hair. It just made broad statements that women only shaved because they felt pressure to and now women were ‘taking back their bodies by not shaving.’ How about some women like to shave and some don’t? Some like to look more delicate and some don’t? And let’s not beat around the bush, shaving your body hair is all about vulnerability and delicacy, femininity and cleanness (because few women really want to wear nice panties with a bunch of curly hairs hanging out).

Everyone has a preference. Some girls won’t want to shave, some girls will, obviously enough like the look and feel of removed hair on various parts of the body. It blows my mind that the mainstream left can claim to be warriors of women and women’s rights, however, if that woman enjoys baking, shaving, and looking feminine,” she has no right to make those choices! She’s obviously doing it because someone else told her and now she needs to stop cause I told her to!”


I’m getting into a bit of a rant here, but point being, personality isn’t gender and these people are treating it like such in order to keep up their facade of being ‘marginalized.’ They’re mentally ill, but definitely not being given the right diagnosis and next time we talk, I’ll bring up what that diagnosis is…


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