Without The Second, You Will Have No First (Or Any Others, Honestly…)

So the #MarchForOurLives took place over the weekend and it’s being portrayed as some grassroots gathering of Americans who want to end the Second Amendment, but that’s far from the truth. Following the Parkland shooting in Florida, there were immediate calls for gun restrictions well before the bodies of 17 children were even cold. Rather than using logic or facts, children were thrown before the cameras, sobbing and swearing to get your attention in order to take rights away. These children shouldn’t be underestimated because we’re told they’re children. What they’re doing is incredibly dangerous and the tactics of the progressive gun grabbers shouldn’t absolutely not go unnoticed.

What progressives were far too eager to do was throw minors into the spotlight as beacons of virtue and moral and if you questioned anything they said, you were now advocates of child murder. This is nothing short of a silencing tactic in order to push through their anti-constitutional demands and that’s all they’ve ever been. Progressives are far too eager to use Australia’s “Gun Buyback” as an example of what they want while saying, “We don’t want to take your guns. We just want something like Australia did.” But Australia required citizens to hand over their firearms or face time in jail. It wasn’t an option, it wasn’t something the people voted on, it was the government that reached over the rights of the people in order to make them defenseless. It should be noticed that violent crime in Australia has not gone down since the gun ban took place, but those using Australia as an example will tell you gun violence is down. Sure, take away the fork and eating with forks will also be down, but it won’t stop people from eating. In fact, if you look at the numbers, violent crime in Australia has actually gone up since the lawful population has been disarmed. 

gun-banBut what’s the real goal of disarming the population? Complete control over us–and that’s no exaggeration. Every dictator of history has focused on removing the population’s ability to defend itself before it started shutting down every other right in the book.

Something every last person advocating for the removal of gun rights is either willfully or ignorantly neglecting to mention is that without your second amendment, you really have no protection over any of the other rights our founding fathers listed–and note the importance behind the word listed. The US founding fathers didn’t give human rights, but they recognized the rights that humans are born with: the right to protect yourself, the right to speech, the right to the pursuit of happiness are just a few. The United States is the only country on the planet that has the second amendment, but it’s also the only place on the planet that has freedom of speech is said to be protected by the state–though slowly American rights are being chipped away at.

We can look at some states with the hardest gun laws including California and New York and we also see a chip away at freedom of speech. If you don’t have the ability to defend yourself from the government, there’s nothing stopping them from taking everything they want from you because, well, what will you do? Defend yourself? With what? You’d give all those elites a nice little chuckle before they put a bullet in your head. Though, maybe–just maybe, they’d put you in the gulag instead if you made them laugh hard enough.

But this isn’t a joke. Over the past week, Count Dankula, an internet comedian from Scotland, was sentenced to two years in prison for making a joke online. It’s not surprising that a country that doesn’t believe in an individual’s right to self-defense also doesn’t believe in the right to free speech. The conviction of someone for making a joke because someone, somewhere found him offensive is an insane injustice, but what can anyone in the UK do unless they completely rage against the system and stop following the rules? Present day, the British and Scottish are basically under the rule of a tyrannical government that has no problem throwing people in jail for made-up crimes. They have even recently stated they don’t care if there is proof, just make a claim:

If you lose the right to self-defense, no sooner will the government take everything else they can from you.

And when it comes to the Parkland shooting, it’s not even a matter of gun problems, this was a matter of the authorities not doing their job. This was a matter of the school, local police, and FBI not following through on preventative measures that would have kept the shooter away from guns and possible even incarcerated for already illegal behavior. In the weeks following the Parkland shooting, many students and people who knew the shooter came out and said that his murderous break wasn’t a surprise–he’d even been reported to the FBI, but the FBI FAILED TO ACT. This isn’t the first time they’ve been at fault for a major shooting and it won’t be the last–because our alphabet soup agencies don’t want citizens to have guns. Want proof? Okay.

So, the premise of this article has been sitting in my backlog since June of 2016 when the Orlando shooter, a man scrutinized by the FBI, was dropped and ended up killing 50 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando. Immediately following the shooting were the expected social media hashtags #GunControlNow — though it should have been #FBIDoYourJob or #FBIYouAreFired.

There are procedures in place that, if followed, would have prevented the Orlando shooting and the Parkland shooting from happening. And let’s not forget the security at Parkland was actually told to stand down and let the children inside die.

Yeah. It’s sick.

What we need to look at is not the bratty David Hogg on every network saying Fuck you people, but the more nefarious game at play here as governmental officials allow people to die in order to fund and push anti-gun movements to disarm law-abiding citizens. This isn’t grassroots and this isn’t because anyone cares about stopping shootings or we’d hear about the number of lives saved by guns over the last month.Or maybe we’d have a discussion of what’s wrong with Chicago and why more people have died this month (and every month) in Chicago than died at the Parkland shooting.

Don’t be fooled: #MarchForOurLives isn’t about saving lives or the protection of America, it’s about the enslavement of America and if you don’t believe me, look at every tyrannical government of the past. What did they have in common?

You’d think people who are so obsessed with evoking the name of Hitler would be able to recognize his very own tactics:

“To conquer  nation, first disarm its citizens.” – Adolf Hitler

And if you’re not good with your imagination, don’t worry, you don’t have to. North Carolina Sheriff Candidate, R. Daryl Fisher, has suggested killing people in order to take their guns. You think it stops there? Think again.




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