#StopTheCaravan: Foreign Armies Attempt to Takeover America

In case you’re unaware, in the next week, a caravan of 1,000 to 5,000 illegals is expected to arrive at the southern border of the United States. This caravan of illegals has the explicit goal of entering the country illegally with the intent of invading our country and taking our resources, anything they can get their hands on. For a quick rundown of the situation, I point you to this video presentation by James Allsup:

They’re coming here because they of the lax border laws the Democrats have forced upon our country, because they know our security and law personnel can’t protect  the borders as well as they should be allowed simply because of laws enacted by leftists, and because they know they have the support of treasonous political leaders, like the Oakland Mayor in California who warned illegal criminals of an impending ICE raid, assisting many violent criminals in escaping legal prosecution. Libby Schaaf, the mayor of Oakland, isn’t the only traitor in California. The country has been aware for decades of the ploy Californians are pushing to bring in more illegals to fluff their census numbers and by doing so, receive more representation on the larger political stages and more money for their “growing population” while replacing the native American population with the children of foreigners abusing our legal system. Frankly, it’s more than disgusting. California officials are actively attempting to destroy America while assisting invaders in doing so.

As far as I’m concerned, every Californian government official who has been outspoken on their support for illegals, whether it’s “citizenship,” hiring, giving them the vote or a license, allowing them to be released after committing crimes, or warning them about federal officials coming to arrest them, should be arrested. California even fought hard for “sanctuary” status, putting the entry of foreign criminals over the national security of our country and the safety and rights of our citizens. It blows my mind every time someone gets on Tucker Carlson and goes, “ILLEGALS HAVE AMERICAN RIGHTS THO.”

No, they don’t. You get American rights by being here legally or by being an American. No one gets American rights just by stepping on American soil. As far as I’m concerned, every last one of these illegals is an invader and deserves to be shot. They’re breaking the law while attempting to claim innocence. They’re trying to use our laws and empathy against us in order to benefit themselves. We don’t owe them compassion any more than we owe a burglar breaking into our house compassion.

And don’t be fooled. There are so many people on the left who will try to guilty or gaslight you. Just yesterday morning I mentioned how these hordes of invaders need to be stopped. I was called hyperbolic and told that if we didn’t let these people into our country, America would starve. Again, we’re back to the same stupid argument of “illegals only pick fruit. Wtf is wrong with you.” One, we know this is a lie. We’ve got graduates from American Universities stating they are illegal — as tax dollars pay for their scholarships and rides. Illegals (LAW BREAKERS) being allowed to practice law in some states. Illegals being given VOTING RIGHTS for our country when they are NOT citizens. I believe there is even a political figure in California who is an illegal. This is not okay. This is an invasion and they’re using guilt in an attempt to silence you and allow them to take over.

This needs to stop. California needs to be seized by the federal government, and the treasonous leaders giving OUR land to foreign nationals need to be tried to the fullest extent of the law and punished.

Enough is enough.


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