Vengence Charading as “Justice”

I’ve been thinking about Kenzie Allen of Anthropoid recently. Mostly that I never followed up after our conversation at AWP. I talked about our brief interaction in my AWP episode of Bold Words, if you want to get all the details. But here’s a quick rundown. I stopped at her magazine booth, just networking, making small-talk and all that, and we start talking about ancestry. She starts mentioning how she’s part American-Indian and how hard it was to “Be a Native American in Norway because they have skulls and burials on their beer bottles, disrespecting Indians.” I called bullshit on her, and, by the left’s own rules, who is she to go after another person’s culture? She got mad, started going on about how we live in a white supremacist world, basically pulling a Tariq Nasheed. It’s just that whites run the world and determine everyone’s success in every country across the world, apparently.

So when speaking to her, I brought up the horrors of South Africa. Where whites aren’t just being discriminated against by the government, but they are being maliciously and sadistically tortured and murdered by the black population. It’s not just children who are being murdered.  This 3-year-old girl who was crucified and raped to death by 4 men because she was white. White farmers are targeted for murder, rape, and torture. Their land is being seized by the government for no reason other than they are white.  They cannot call the police for help because they are white. They cannot go to the hospital after they’ve been attacked, because they are white. This is systemic, racial genocide, the kind the progressives complain about on the daily in America, yet they won’t acknowledge South Africa. I don’t know if it’s out of complete ignorance or just denial of something that goes against “le ebil white man” narrative. The mainstream media won’t even cover what’s happening in South Africa. If you want more information, Lauren Southern bravely went to South Africa to investigate and has loads of videos and interviews from her time there. I suggest you check them out as a place to start:

But this leads to a bigger issue… This complete… ignorance or rejection of the violent reality that’s happening because it serves the purpose of ‘punishing’ those that the progressives disagree with. If you look at every response progressives have when they hear about South Africa, they either say, “Well, the whites are getting what they deserve,” or they say, “I just don’t want to get involved” — which is what Kenzie Allen has just done.

So, this is why I’m thinking about her. I just recently followed up with her about our conversation on South Africa. I sent her a couple of interviews and documentaries about the genocide in South Africa and said, I dunno if you’ve looked into it since our discussion, but here are a couple places to start if you’re interested and I was told, “I’m not really going to get involved.” She couldn’t seem to say enough about social justice for her Indian ancestry and how ‘le ebil white man ruined life for everyone else — at least she couldn’t say enough until I said we don’t live in a white supremacist world. Then she sort of short-circuited.

She doesn’t care about injustice, she just puts on this mask that she does. What she actually cares about is what she perceives as vengeance. She sees whites as an enemy rather than individual people and she’s okay with the torture, rape, and murder of whites because not so secretly, she hates them and blames them for everything wrong in the world like so many other progressives. In the religion of progressivism, being white is the original sin and there’s no real way to redeem yourself. You can give everything you own to someone who isn’t white, but ultimately, you can’t be forgiven until you kill yourself.

You know, it’d be a lie if I said I didn’t care the progressives thought this. I do care, because it’s really despicable. But freedom of speech is freedom of speech and I’d never dare to control someone else’s thoughts or words. However, I find it just as despicable for anyone to try and depict their desire for revenge as ‘justice.’ To say they care about culture and ancestry and communities while rooting for someone to destroy cultures they feel unreasonable anger towards.

Kenzie Allen of Anthropoid, and anyone else like you, if you don’t like white people and want them to die, just say so rather than putting up this shield of “I care about justice. I care about lives. I care about good people,” while also shrugging away from actual injustice, murder, torture, and rape that surpass the evils even you’re thinking about. You complain about Indian symbolism on beer bottles as being disrespectful of white people, but you’ve got nothing to say about the government being an accessory to crimes against whites all because they’re white?

Let’s not pretend you wouldn’t be screaming at the top of your lungs for President Trump to do something if some country of whites was doing anything to nonwhites even only half as bad as South Africa. You’re not fooling anyone that you’re caring. You’re militant. You’re selfish. You’re angry. You’re likely jealous. But you need to pretend you’re a good guy, you don’t want to bloody your hands, so you ignore the obvious murder and injustice. You turn your back on actual murder, discrimination, and genocide while cupping your mouth and yelling, “Save my people!” There’s blood on your back from the murders you willingly turned your back on.

Just admit it. Then let’s talk about how we can fix this. I bet if we created our own separate countries… and got away from one another, all of these problems would just go away. So how about you leave the whites to have their countries and the whites will leave you to have yours?

Do we got a deal?


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