Incel Insurgence: A New ‘Terrorist’ Budding from Sexual Frustration?

Last month, a truck drove through a Toronto crowd and murdered at least ten people. Ever since, the media has found a new target for their sights: incels. Up until now, I’d never heard this term before and I’m sure that was the case for most people outside of r9k. Incel is shorthand for involuntarily celibate. In other words, it’s people, typically men, who aren’t that great with women.

This became a big deal after the dude in Toronto admitted he was frustrated with women, striking out left and right, he hated them, so he just lost it and ran people over. Since then, the MSM has decided that incels are a huge terroristic threat — funny how they’ll see one guy have a violent bout of sexual frustration and immediately want to ‘deal’ with incels, but we can see countless terrorist attacks by Muslims and… there’s nothing.

1525586275894Across websites, I’ve seen satirical and serious stories about how we must deal with incels by making sure there are none. The communists have already spoken on the idea of men and women choosing their partners as sexual capitalization and how we need to have a Marxist revolution in relationships, redistribute sexual capital, you know? No one should be without a sexual partner, but this raises a similar concern that I mentioned months ago when some school psychologist claimed how children shouldn’t have best friends. In order to stop children from having best friends and other children from remaining friendless, then it would be up to society to assign children friends or groups that they must be friends with.

This was a very basic idea in George Orwell’s 1984: everyone belonged to everyone and you had no right to your person or a choice in who you spent your time with. This is the same thing you’d have to push with a sexual marxism. No man would be able to reject someone he wouldn’t want to sleep with and a woman would be forced to sleep with someone she doesn’t want to sleep with because she doesn’t have a right to her own anatomy.

This is a lose-lose situation. I mean, imagine all those Hollywood harlots who slept with Weinstein for career advancement. Under this system, they’d have to sleep with Weinstein, but they wouldn’t get the reward!

Let me simplify this situation for the mainstream media: incels aren’t a problem in society. We’ve had one attack caused by a frustrated, lonely man, but that’s nothing to force people together over. Lonely people is definitely a problem in our society, but it’s not caused by women choosing who to sleep with. What would radicalize this man more than being told no again and again is being ridiculed by everyone for striking out with women. He’s not allowed to fail, regroup, and try again. The failure of an incel to flirt and get to know a woman is now front page of every website and not only do they go, you poor, poor schmuck. They go, “You’re such a loser! LOL! Why are you such a loser!”

The ostracization is much worse than any rejection an individual would face. This casts a person out of his community. It makes him ashamed to try. It makes him ashamed to grow. It makes him frustrated because he will never receive help and he will never be good enough.

When incels become the butt of every joke, they’re made lonelier than they were before and they will fall into a pit of hopelessness. The laughing outside of the hole can be heard deep within and it will make the victim more resentful and wonder what does he have to lose?

So it’s not that ‘incels’ are angry because they think they’re entitled to sex. They’re frustrated and lonely because they are being excluded from some of the most basic, natural human interactions that every functioning person needs to be healthy. Sexual intercourse is one aspect of that, but the real crux of the issue is these men are not being treated with kindness, decency, and respect and every articlewe see coming out about incels, calling them misogynists or terrorists or evil or losers is doing nothing but making the problem worse. Where is the compassion? Where is the kindness? Where is the decency?

We don’t need forced sexual intercourse or people assigned partners. We need compassion. We need values. We need to encourage people that it’s not about how many women you’ve slept with, it’s about finding a person who cares about you. We need to teach there’s no shame in failing. You learn, you get back up, and you apply your learned principals.

Success, even in relationships, is a culmination of failures. Success in relationships takes research, it takes observation, it takes compassion, and it’s not easy. The people on the television throwing their heads back and laughing at incels are the same people who will be divorced at least once in their lives because they don’t know how to form a successful relationship either.

At one point in time, incels were the less social guys in your class at school. When Parkland happened, we had lots of discussion about bullying — There were people who said Cruz was a bully and there were those that said Cruz was the victim of bullying. What we know from watching these situations play out in harmless and harmful ways is that bullying creates a YOLO resentment. If someone finds no value in their life, then they’ll risk everything for revenge.

Incels are those same people out in the real world. As you target them, harass them, insult constantly, and offer nothing but laughter in their face, you’re radicalizing them. You’re the bullies here and what are you bullying them for?

It’s not about entitlement to sex, and it never was. It’s about being treated as a human being, a person who matters.


It’s sick, but a symptom of a larger, meaner, uncompassionate society.

Quick sidenote: incel women exist and you know what happens when they can’t get laid and make families? They destroy civilization. Just look at Angela Merkel’s Germany. Think about that one.


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