Progressives Have Nothing but Hatred in their Hearts

Social media is a cesspool. While we’re able to connect with more people than ever before, we’re more disconnected than ever before. There isn’t a time I log into Twitter or Facebook or any other social platform and I’m not overwhelmed with dread. It seems to pull out the worst in people, and it’s not the “hey you bigot behind the anonymous avatar!” I’m thinking about.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

The other day I logged onto Facebook and this was at the top of my feed:


When I met Tony D’Souza, he was a professor at the University of Tampa where I got my masters degree. He was a journalist by trade for many years, a quick speaking, to-the-point kinda man, and I appreciated the attitude. What I remember most about him was his night during the lectores series when he read a screenplay for about 40 minutes. Couldn’t tell you what it was about, but he was the only professor to read a screenplay.

I liked him, like I enjoyed many of my professors and cohorts, because of the different points-of-view they brought to the table. Experience, conversation, as a newbie, I thought they had something to offer, but as I’ve learned with many professors, former cohorts, and acquaintances who are all progressives, there’s a zero-tolerance policy.  I wanted to write this blog post specifically because I’m disgusted with this behavior and I want to point out what’s damaging about it and hopefully, maybe someday, some people will come to their senses.

He says, “Someone Come and Save Us!”

Oddly enough, despite being opposites on the political spectrum, I can agree with Tony here; it’s not up to the political leaders to save you. That’s probably where our agreement ends though. It’s up to the American people to demand what they want and to cast their vote for the persons who will represent them. Sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose. The left has built in this mentality that you’ll never lose and if you do lose, it’s because of monsters.

No, maybe it’s just because other people have a different point of view. These people are toxic because they do not believe in understanding other points-of-view, though they will passionate wave flags calling themselves compassionate while they spit on you.

Notice in D’Souza’s post he calls anyone who voted for President Trump “racists and assorted monsters.” D’Souza and other progressives like him will never be able to bridge the gap between himself and those who think differently because he labels people who he disagrees with as monsters without even attempting to understand.

I obviously disagree with his approach to life, people, and morality. We voted differently, but would I call him a monster? No. Because I understand disagreement isn’t inherently evil. Yet, he will look at me, he will not even know me and label me as an evil person, never knowing motives and never attempting to, because he believes the only way you could think differently than him is if you’re evil. He’s elevated his own beliefs to be the only morality; he’s dictating morality and you know what? If you disagree? Labeled a monster and blocked. The compassionate progressive care about one thing: your compliance under their tyrannical control.

Side note: The start of his status says “We are supposed to save ourselves” and by the end, he’s putting his faith in Puerto Ricans and the “messiah” David Hogg to lead and dictate to the younger generation. Nice. I see you haven’t learned anything.

He says, “Many Trump supporters are going to die of old age before the next election.”

Do you hear the hatred in his words? How did we get so far that it is literally so common and acceptable to hope and pray and look forward to the death of people you don’t agree with? Funny enough, while scrolling through tweets about XXXTenacious’s death, there were so many tweets telling people to never wish death upon someone, yet I remember when Scallies died, it was free game because progressives had labeled him as evil.

This is such disgusting behavior and I don’t know how progressives are okay with it. D’Souza says here that he would rather people he disagrees with die than have to talk to them and attempt to understand them. How is that not pure evil? How is that not despicable? How is that not something that makes others scratch their heads? Instead, progressive applaud in the same way they applauded Samantha Bee’s comment because “Ivanka deserved it.” If a conservative woman is raped, they’d say the same thing.

He says, “Puerto Rican refugees in Florida might just swing this easily.”

Not only dos D’Souza want people he disagrees with to die, but he wants to full on replace them with foreigners he feels he can control better; foreigners who he thinks will vote his way. This isn’t about right or wrong, this is about mob rule, even if it has to be imported.

During the last election, progressives were OBSESSED with the number of votes as opposed to the actual rules of our election (a democratic republic so states have representation. Sound familiar anyone?). They want to control with pressure, power, mobs, and violence if necessary and this is why they are so obsessed with increasing foreign numbers. They don’t believe in America — and that’s what’s sick.

“But Puerto Rico is an American territory. They’re American!”

No, they’re not. They’re Puerto Rican. They have a different culture, different values, different language. I’m all for ejecting Puerto Rico into its own thing, but that’s another subject altogether. Let’s get back to D’Souza stating he’s American while at the same time stating he wants to replace American citizens with refugees from another culture. He hates America so much, he wants to replace it. Don’t you freaking dare call yourself American.

Additionally, as far as current laws go, Puerto Ricans can vote in the primaries, but they do not have electorates and they cannot vote in the general election. If you’re encouraging foreigners to vote in elections they’re not eligible for, you are encouraging criminality. You are a criminal.

He says, “We are all suffering! We are heroes for surviving this day!”

A couple weeks back I wrote a post about how making yourself miserable doesn’t make you a martyr. This is something I don’t think progressives get. They want to be miserable. They want to claim suffering because in some weird way they equate misery and suffering to virtue and a holy war.

Just because you complain about depictions on television or you hate some brand of food because they have different beliefs than you — just because you hate yourself because you’re fat or because you’re doing something healthy and you don’t hate yourself enough — it doesn’t make you a beacon of virtue. Stop thinking you have to be miserable. Stop thinking your misery makes you holy and righteous. Look at actions, not feelings. Look at cause and effect, not your desired input/output.

Stop thinking that if you’re miserable, you have a duty to make everyone else miserable because if everyone around you is miserable, then they’ll finally understand you and agree with you. You’re trying to control others through guilt, by destroying lives.

Progressives divorce themselves from reality which results in a psychotic breakdown. 


People like D’Souza are lulling themselves into delusion. They distance themselves from everyone who disagrees with them, even slightly, and then they wonder how they’ve lost. They wonder why Americans don’t have the same values as them or how America has become “worse than the 1950s.”

What’s happening is this mass exodus from reality because people don’t want to accept or understand it. Rather than attempting to read reality for what it is, they put themselves in a comfortable bubble that only affirms their beliefs. This first starts on social media by blocking or muting anyone who disagrees with you. You find other people who agree with you who spread any theories they can to explain the disagreements (bigots, bots, etc), and then when delusion collides with the reality, because as Ayn Rand said, “you can run from reality, but you cannot run from the consequences of reality,” — When the consequences of reality finally catch up, delusion is shot because none of it makes sense and I think this is one of the reasons we’re seeing so much insanity, so much violence, so much… disarray everywhere.

D’Souza isn’t an isolated incident. This hatred for fellow countrymen is the main platform of progressives and leftists everywhere. Look at the hatred our elected officials are spewing should they reside on the left. Over the weekend, Maxine Waters of California called for American citizens to create mobs and harass or attack people who work for President Trump:

You may have heard that a restaurant in Virginia named the Red Hen in kicked press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family out; they wouldn’t serve her because of who she worked for. This comes just a couple weeks after they screamed about that a business open to the public has to serve everyone equally (in regards of a gay wedding cake), but now they don’t have a problem with discriminating against customers.

Emotions are over the top, reactions are over the top. People are literally screaming in the streets in response to discourse that’s happening and if you don’t think that’s the sign of a sick person, then my friend, you might be one of the people that belongs in the looney bin too.


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