Do You Take the Government to Be Your Lawfully Wedded Husband?

So this isn’t a new idea and I feel like I should be talking about the breakdown in civility what with mainstream outlets writing articles like Fuck Civility and with university professors claiming “civility is a euphemism for white supremacy,” but I saw this imagine again this morning and… wanted to talk about it. I’ll get to the complete meltdown of the progressive left in the coming weeks.

So what’s the image I’m talking about?


It comes from this article posted on DailyMail about three years ago.

What these women are doing is nothing short of marrying the government and it was behavior that was taught and endorsed by modern day feminism. Modern day feminism is built to guilt women out of wanting or doing things that will make them happy. Modern day feminism says women shouldn’t want to be mothers; they should want careers and to compete with men. Modern day feminism tells women that men who don’t like the way they look are pigs and women shouldn’t worry about maintaining a healthy, attractive body. Modern day feminism tells women that they shouldn’t need to learn how to cook or clean or care about other people because the patriarchy taught them to care for people and why can’t a man make his own dang sandwich?!

These ideas have resulted in a large number of women becoming self-centered, unskilled, egotistical Jabba the Huts. They have a high level of self-importance when they have no skills or values to back it up.

These women have forgotten that when they go searching for a life partner, they are marketing themselves; they have to have something to offer people to entice quality gentlemen to them. Traditionally women have been caretakers and enjoy taking care of people much more than they enjoy going to work. It’s natural inclination for women to want to offer care rather than… other forms of work. That’s why we see so many women working in jobs like HR, teaching, nursing, and other care-related fields.

Feminism Told Women “Stop Learning to Cook.

Traditionally women have needed to show they would be able to take care of a family by offering skills in cooking, cleaning, and home maintenance (of a domestic level. We’re not necessarily talking about roofing here). Feminism, as I mentioned before, told women, “Well why should you know how to do these things? You’re a queen. Anyone should be honored to take care of you. Why the hell is that guy so selfish that he wants you to cook him something?”

Feminism has sort of taken away the idea of complementarianism; it’s taken away the idea that people can take care of each other in different ways, they can fill different needs, and it doesn’t mean subservience. A man working long hours to pay for food and shelter is equivalent to a woman cooking food, taking care of the kids, and taking care of the home. He works the office because he loves and cares about the family. She works the home because she loves and cares about the family and without these two acting as a team, the family wouldn’t be as successful.

There’s nothing shameful about cooking for a man. Personally, one of my top languages of love is acts of service (I think that’s my #1, actually). I love doing things for the people I care about, including cooking. Feminism is so toxic that it’s told so many people that, it doesn’t matter if you like doing it. It’s “stereotypical. It’s anti-female empowerment to serve a man.”

And because of this mindset… women have no skills to offer when they meet a man. They’re also cooking food in the microwave or ordering takeout.

Feminism Told Women, “Stop Caring About Your Appearance.”

You might hate it, most women don’t though — a large amount of women’s value comes from their appearance. The more beautiful you are, the more sexual market value you have, and the more matches you’ll get — but you’ll also get higher quality matches. This is no different than a man who makes and/or has lots of money will get more matches than a man who doesn’t When a woman is looking to match, she wants a man she knows can take care of her. When a man is looking for someone to match, he looks for someone he’s attracted to physically and mentally.

When feminism endorsed the idea that “men should just like you for what you are and if they don’t, they’re pigs,” it literally devalued women. A woman with no physical value and no skills is useless to a man looking to build a family and a home.

The Government Becomes the Husband

It’s not hard to see how so many women became dependent on the state. Because women would typically become homemakers, they wouldn’t have a traditional annual salary. They’d help manage the home based on what their spouse brought in. This is still what women want, but now that they can’t cook and aren’t attractive, they don’t have anything to bring in that man with the salary.

This set the government up to be the perfect sugar daddy. If you’re fat and unskilled, apply for handouts and big brother government will act like the husband you can’t attract. That’s how you end up with women like the ones in the opening article.

When you take away anything worth marketing, you end up with people who have nothing to offer, who still want to live the female dream, but they’re too self-involved to learn to care about another person. They’re too self-involved to learn a skill. They’re too self-involved to practice self-control because they were taught everything they do is precious and they are queens and why ever try to improve or restrain oneself?

Feminism Has Rendered Women (Who Practice It) Worthless

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but I’ve noticed a common thread among radical feminists and that’s that they are unattractive, unskilled, uncaring, and offer nothing to society. Yet they demand the world in return.

Ladies, listen… if you want the life of a stay-at-home wife without the responsibility? It’s not happening. Society shouldn’t have to subsidize your laziness. The government paying for women (and men) to be fat, lazy slobs only encourages the behavior and breaks down any reason to try and be a better person.

Everyone should be encouraged to better themselves and learn the skills they need to attain the positions they want. And look — you don’t even have to be a model to find a husband, ladies. Just try not to be a selfish prick. Because even these people have found partners:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s obviously someone out there for everyone. Just stop expecting to be treated like a queen while you remain lazy, unskilled, and scream about the patriarchy keeping you down.

It’s not the patriarchy keeping you down, it’s that 200 extra pounds keeping your butt on the couch.


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