The Papa John’s “Scandal” & “Offensive Words”

Over the last week, you may have heard that founder of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schnatter, stepped down as CEO this week. It comes after what many in the media are reporting as a “controversial phone call,” which I believe is being used as a takedown against the conservative-leaning pizza mogul because it’s pretty obvious he isn’t of the same cancerous progressive lean as most of the outspoken CEOs in Silicon Valley. Earlier last year, Schnatter became a subject of controversy when he spoke poorly of the NFL teams who chose to disrespect the flag and our country while being paid to chase a ball around a field.

It shouldn’t be surprising that liberals threw a fit over this considering their only standards are double. It’s more surprising if you believed for a second that liberals believed in free speech. You may recall back during the NFL protests, they would attempt to shut naysayers down by claiming “the players have a right to express themselves! Free speech!” Yet, as Schnatter used his free speech, he was shamed and assaulted and the left tried to whip him back into place.

I’m sure Schnatter has had more than a couple run-ins like this over the years as someone who doesn’t agree with the progressive dogma and so I’m sure he’s had a target on his back. Apparently, their most recent attack was the final, successful takedown shot. (Any libs reading this, I don’t mean a literal assassination).

According to reports, during a private call about public relations, he was speaking with an advisor on watching words carefully and controversy and he said something along the lines of, “Colonel Sanders said ‘nigger’ and never had this much public outcry.” At this point, the exact quote is difficult to find, but he was giving an example. The article also claims that they were roleplaying and the person leading the scene pressured him into using certain vocabularies.

This was a private call for training purposes, yet someone on the call or sitting in the room waited for the exact moment to get what they wanted (something to incriminate with) and then spread it to the public like wildfire. This, to me, is proof of a takedown. This is the removal of a successful, beloved business owner because he doesn’t adhere to progressive ideas and now they’re looking to wash the company into something it wasn’t.

Over the weekend I received an email from the new CEO, Steve Ritchie stating once again how horrible the whole thing was and most sickening — he says context doesn’t matter. Straight up. Context doesn’t matter.

Now that’s disturbing. That’s more disturbing than any racial slur that could have been said. What Ritchie is admitting here is that he’s anti-American. He’s an enemy to the people who is ready to take you down because the context of your words doesn’t matter. You ever say, “I’d kill for a pizza”? You should be investigated as a murderer. You ever say, “Put that thing in the oven”? You could be a Nazi. Why? I guess every single rap song that uses the word nigger or talks about rape, murder, and drugs should immediately be removed and their ‘artists’ should be jailed for crimes because context doesn’t matter. (Though let’s be honest, removing that stuff from the music store would help pretty much all of humanity.

If context doesn’t matter, everything you say is considered the worst case scenario and you are a guilty criminal by default.

This is a liberal hit job to take over Papa John’s in the same way cancer seeks to eat the body for all that it’s worth.

But there’s more to this.

As I investigated responses to this and to the use of other slur words, I found something interesting… See if you notice:


Spic was censored. Any time someone uses the word nigger, it’s censored–no one will say it, but they have no problem saying any slurs toward white people. Cracker, white devil, cumskin, honky, gringo… the list is massive, but you will not see people censor themselves when actually insulting whites. Yet even the mention of any of these other slurs, not even directed at anyone, but just mentioning them, are censored.

When you censor yourself when talking about words, it doesn’t matter if you’re saying the words don’t have power if you don’t use them. The sheer fact that you’re censoring yourself shows that you are afraid to use the words because they are more powerful than others. They’re not powerful in destroying the person they’re referring to, but they’re powerful in destroying you because we’ve built them up to have such a reputation that you can’t even talk about them without risking your job and reputation.

This is insane!

Using words shouldn’t end your life and it shouldn’t threaten your reputation. By telling you what words you can and can’t say, they’re attempting to control what you can and can’t think and this is where it gets scary.

People in my workplace are so afraid of the progressive culture that they fear pointing out the new Star Wars star women and nonwhites as all the heroes and all white men make up the villains. They fear just stating that because they worry pointing it out will result in them being called a bigot. This is social conditioning to make you accept whatever the progressives tell you.

You’re not allowed to question or say certain things or else you will be socially ostracized because you dared talk about something. Guess what discussion does? It lowers the value of bad things and raises the value of good things. You want to get “crappy words” to stop having power? Then use them like every other word.

And you know what? Censoring the words doesn’t stop people from knowing what you’re saying. It’s a cheap way of ‘saying a word’ without ‘saying a word.’ When you say n-word, it’s not like people don’t know you’re saying nigger. When Candace Owens said “Sp*c”, it’s not like we didn’t know what she was saying.

You’re a coward in these situations as you say, “Don’t fear the words” and then you’re actually so afraid to say them, you don’t. You’re trying to transmit the responsibility of the words you’re saying onto me. “You thought nigger but I never actually said nigger!” Yes, you did.

I played this game when I was a kid too. I wasn’t allowed to say “crap” because it was “a bad word,” so instead I said, “k-word” (knowing full-well it was a c-word). It didn’t change the meaning and everyone knew what I was saying when I said k-word.

So let’s be honest about words. Let’s be honest about offense and let’s actually have a real conversation.

Context matters. Intent matters. Words don’t, you cowards.

And if anyone was even slightly offended by the word nigger, rap wouldn’t be as popular as it is. Victimhood is a currency because we allow people to control us with the “victim” card. Time to make that currency worthless.

UPDATE 7/27/2018: John Schnatter, founder and former CEO of Papa John’s Pizza is suing the company directors for negligence, and attempted coup, or both. He believes he was set up by his board and the “independent director,” and says he regrets stepping down.


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