Netflix’s “Dark Tourist” Insincerely Addresses the Problems in South Africa

Recently, I watched Netflix’s original show “Dark Tourist” starring New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier. The premise of the show revolves around Farrier traveling around the world to experience popular tourist attractions that aren’t like most. Instead of visiting “the most wonderful place on earth,” he looks for the dark pasts and sometimes dangerous destinations. In one episode, he went on a radiation tour through Fukushima and visited the famous suicide forest in Japan. In another episode, he went to Cambodia to see if you really could pay to shoot a cow with a rocket launcher. In another episode, he visited a radioactive lake and nearby orphanage in Kazakhstan then a restrictive, but beautiful marble city in Turkmenistan.

Host David Farrier (left) on a tour a Pablo Escobar narco tour in Columbia with a look-a-like driver (right).

Each trip should introduce viewers to new cultures, but the dark attractions that they each have. Maybe I’m too familiar with American culture, but compared to what he saw in other countries, I felt really let down by the fact he only showed a JFK death tour, A Jeffery Dahmer tour, an interview with a friend of Charles Manson, and barely got into the McKamey “tour,” his trips in America were pretty disappointing. He did visit the Noah’s Ark museum in Tennessee, which was interesting, but seemed like one of Netflix’s not so secret ways of calling Christians religious, crazy zealots. He also looked into vampire culture in Louisiana, which is plenty interesting, but all he did was get “fangs,” put in, talk to polyamorous threesome who considered themselves vampires, and then went to a birthday party where a kid offered his blood to be drunk by an older, gay man. Considering how heavy the voodoo and vampire culture is in Louisiana, I think his segments were very weak.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the episode he spent in Africa. First, he went on a “slum tour” on bikes. of Johansenberg. One of the first things they show is him asking a local if it’s as dangerous as they say. The man nods. Farrier asks if the man has a gun; the man nods. Farrier asks to see the gun; the man shows him the gun that’s in the front of his pants (not a penis euphemism, actual gun). Later, he goes to a few “Spinning” events, which is just spinning around quickly in a car and hanging out the window to do tricks.

Farrier shows a lot of compassion through this whole segment, and despite being told not to go out at night, he talks about how safe Johansenberg is; much safer than he thought it would be. All I could think during this segment was, “Of course it’s safe. You’re being tailed by a whole freaking camera crew!” I don’t know if there was also security included in his traveling party, that was never announced, but I’m sure Netflix wouldn’t send their employees to dangerous places without some kind of protection. Heck, Netflix stars don’t walk the red carpet without bodyguards. They’re not sending a white man to Africa without some kind of security.

South African farmers and their allies protest the condoned race-based murder and mistreatment of their communities.

But for the whole time he’s in Johansenberg, he plays down the danger and acts like everything is super safe and he’d be fine if he were walking around alone the whole time.

For the other two parts of the Africa episode, he visits Orania, a white settlement. Throughout this entire segment, for every person he interviews, he refers to them strictly as white separatists and asks them why there aren’t any black people there. As each individual mentions culture, he uses the narrative voice-over to insinuate he believes these people are racists without actually saying it.

Think along the lines of, “Hm… right… culture…. //culture// they say… but we know what //culture// really means, don’t we class?” That was the tone of voice used.

The people aren’t stupid; Farrier has a camera, he has Netflix, and he has the ability to boost whatever message about them he wants. They never said anything racist on camera, and I bet you they were choosing their words carefully and keeping it short specifically so they weren’t taken out of context. Maybe they didn’t keep it short. Maybe the Oranians told Farrier that they would be in danger if they lived amongst the black Africans because, as we know, murder, rape, and destruction against whites is on the rise and is government approved in Africa. Maybe I’m giving Farrier (and Netflix) too much credit if I don’t think they got any footage like that.

He continually asked where the black people were, why the didn’t live with black people, but let’s go back a second to when he was in Johansenberg… did he ever ask any of them why there weren’t any white people? No. He didn’t.

After his brief time in Orania, he went to visit a family who was prepared for the foreseen “race-war” that many have foretold happening in the nearish future due to the legislative changes happening in South Africa right now. Throughout his stay with them, his narrative was disrespectful. Rather than show compassion, understanding, or any knowledge of the current aspects of South African culture and politics, he acted as though they were religious nutjobs chasing the revelations of a false god.

It’s not difficult to find information on the current political climate of South Africa. Independent, Canadian journalist Lauren Southern has done a long documentary on and in South Africa in addition to numerous short interviews with locals. Here is her long documentary:

Some of these interviews will show white people who live among the black populated areas. They’ll also show those white people have guns strapped to their hips and have bars across every door in the house and across the stairs in order to slow down intruders. Farrier was quick and happy to judge the whites living in Orania, but he didn’t bother to ask (or Netflix didn’t bother to show) anyone talking about the race-related murder that’s increasing on an epidemic level, the twelve-year-old girl who was drowned in boiling water, the boiling water used specifically to make it more excruciating because the girl was white. What about the murder and crucifixion of the three-year-old girl?

These murders aren’t just targeted at white people, but they are made more brutal because they are white.

Velaphi Khumalo made a statement calling on black South Africans to do to white people what “Hitler did to the Jews”‚ incited genocide on the grounds of race

“You could hear his bones breaking,” Debbie Turner, a white farmer in South Africa, said about her husband who was murdered by a group that came in wanting to rob them, who sought to rape her, and who eventually murdered her husband.

David Farrier and Netflix have the nerve to not only disingenuously cover the dangers in South Africa and mock white residents who fear for their lives, but they also slip it into a show that’s supposed to be about tourist attractions. I don’t think white towns in South Africa are tourist attractions because they’re white. I don’t think random white families who are worried about being murdered at any time are tourist attractions.

If you’re going to approach these people in this very tense situation, you don’t do it under the guise of, “Thrill seekers come here on vacation because of the dark subject matter!” and then additionally NOT cover why it’s dark. Apparently, the only thing that Africa a “dark destination” (other than a majority black population?) is the assumed racism of those gosh darn wypipo!

And just this week, the ANC of Africa has decided they will be taking land from farmers without consent because screw white people.

In a statement made on Tuesday by Cyril Ramaphosa, president of the ANC, he said: “it had become patently clear that our people want the Constitution to be more explicit about expropriation of land without compensation, as demonstrated in the public hearings. There is also a growing body of opinion, by a number of South Africans, that the Constitution as it stands does not impede expropriation of land without compensation.”

This shouldn’t be surprising considering what other African countries have done to white farmers and the fallout should also be predictable.

President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe

In 2012, president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, took the farmlands from white Africans who were providing food for Zimbabwe and gave the lands to anyone who wasn’t white. The result? Zimbabwe crops died, food became scarce, and citizens began to starve. As recent as 2014, Mugabe said, “We say no to whites owning our land and they should go.” In 2015, the president of Zimbabwe begged white farmers to come back to the land they stole because everyone is starving.

Netflix is funded heavily by George Soros, an international criminal, and retired actual Nazi. He funds many destabilization campaigns across the globe. We know Netflix is run by progressives when we look at the likes of most original Netflix shows filled with progressive ideology from “sex education” to race relations to bringing former Obama U.N. ambassador Susan Rice, offering Obama a show, giving leader in the Nation of Islam and black supremacist Louis Farrakhan a special.

I’m completely disgusted that they slip in such slights, attempts at misinformation, and character assassinations into what is supposed to be a show about tourism. Tourist attractions aren’t people’s homes when they feel they’re in mortal fear. If you’re going to cover these subjects, devote enough time to cover why people are fearful and what’s going on in the area.

Instead, Netflix and Farrier take the cheap shot they always do: calling white people racist and dismissing them. It’s disgusting.

If you haven’t heard about the traumas happening in South Africa, I’m not surprised, but I highly suggest you check out some of the film and articles being written about the dire situation and the imminent race-war. In fact, based on the assaults whites are currently facing there, I’d wager the race war has already started in pockets of the country.


1 thought on “Netflix’s “Dark Tourist” Insincerely Addresses the Problems in South Africa

  1. He was quite gentle with them, and his tone was “white separatists, they’re just like us.” They’d be keen to go back to the days of apartheid so as long as it’s not white people suffering, apparently it’s all good! But calling George Soros a nazi shows you are just like them, so I’m only commenting to see if you address this and allow it to be posted.

    BTW, white genocide isn’t a real thing.


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