Step Up to the Altar of Diversity & Make Your Sacrifice, Sinner

Considering the cries of bankruptcy and the desperate calls for gibs, I would have thought the ladies (soyboys, and aliens) over at Everyday Feminism would be out of service at this point, but surprise, they’re not. Taking a look at their most recent recent posts, I wasn’t so surprised to find the headline “First It Was All About Diversity, Then Including. Here’s Why Neither Of Those Are Enough.

I’m not surprised to see a headline like this because anti-social justice individuals and members of the middle, right, libertarian, independent, and all over (but the cancerous left) spectrum have been saying it’s not about inclusivity for a while. The goal of social justice has never been to acquire equality, it has been to establish superiority. That’s why the feminist movement has turned into one of misandry over equality. Women Against Feminism is a common idea because normal women, women who aren’t obsessed with being given perks and free money for their XX chromosomes have seen what the regressive ideology of feminism has done to sex relations and how it mistreats women who step out of line.

Freedom advocates have also been calling for more courage, not to bow to the angry mobs created on the internet or through Craig’s List job listings. You’ll never make these people happy, we said. As Delaney Tarr, a #MarchForOurLives advocate and frontline speaker blatantly said, “When they give us that inch, we’ll take a mile!”

It’s about the slow conquer. The battle to take control and subjugate opponents and to steal things from those they deem unworthy. And that’s what this article gets into; they’ve declared themselves royalty based on their conception of “victimhood” and everyone they have deemed not victim enough owes penance to them.

Ayesha Sharma at Everyday Feminism writes:


She has bought into the inclusive and diverse ideology completely. She talks about how hard she and her friends work to accommodate and make everyone they can possibly think of comfortable. They carefully follow all the rules…

But it’s not good enough.

She and her cohorts believe so strongly in this ideology they change their lives, their language, their comforts for whatever will make the self-appointed victim royalty comfortable, but calls it all a performance. Now, maybe she is insincere. Maybe Sharma doesn’t really believe in the victimhood culture she’s taken part in and feels bad that from time-to-time she thinks, “This is bullshit.” And maybe she cusses herself out for not believing ENOUGH in these people, these rules, these problems. But why does it just feel like an act?

When she does everything in her power to control the clubs and groups she’s in, to control her language and her person… why does she still feel like it’s not good enough?


She puts in the excuse that when they stop paying attention to “quota-based diversity” they’re doing wrong to the victims of society. In fact, it sounds like she may think of herself as literally Hitler when she forgets she needs to make an offering in order for her sins to be forgiven.

Oh. But wait… She can’t possibly think that her enter act is a lie because she’s not giving these people free stuff though, right?



That person over there who has chosen to get a bunch of cosmetic surgery? You not only owe them a job, but you should probably just give them your house too. And maybe your car.

Can you just hear the disdain in this person’s voice as she mentions the cis white woman clutching her Land Rover keys. Are you serious? This bothers me to such an extent, I’m going to try and put it into words that even these people should understand: How arrogant do you have to be to think everyone who isn’t you hasn’t worked for what they have? How arrogant do you have to be to believe you deserve things to be handed to you because of genetics, because of who you sleep with, or because of where you spend your money? Your genetics don’t determine your possibility for success.

I mean, look at low IQ Paris Hilton. She’s a millionaire because she found what she could capitalize on and turned it into a business. Same with most of the Kardashians. I don’t hear anyone praising them for being geniuses or creating anything. Wasn’t their empire started from a leaked sex tape or something?

It reminds me of this little rant I saw on Twitter a few weeks back:


Can you imagine how arrogant you have to be, how so completely up your own ass you have to be to receive a critic from an industry professional and think, “No. You’re wrong. I am absolutely perfect at writing. In fact, better than Shakespeare. I don’t need to edit. I don’t need to create a more emotional narrative. I don’t need to world build. Look, I’m not white. So whenever people give me a critique and say I need to fix something, they’re doing it because they’re racist. But when white people get told they need to work on their craft, shit son, you better listen because your skills suuuucks. Just not mine though because I’m black so I’m a writing goddess.”

Like, how arrogant. And yes, this is their argument:


What a depressing world to live in where you think you have no responsibility to improve, where you think the only reasons for your failure are outside of your control, so rather than trying harder, gaining skill, you know, becoming a better person, you blame everyone in the WORLD of conspiring against you and you’re just the poor little victim who can’t do no wrong and you’re just mistreated. Boo hoo, baby. Boo hoo.

You want sympathy when you can’t take what literally everyone else in the literary world can take? Bet you these people talk about white fragility, but they shatter when someone suggests skill development.

And what’s more, when they receive success, they think they’re beating racism, but they’re actually (hopefully) just being acknowledged for their skill. This gets me. This really gets me. In that last Twitter comment, the person says, “I don’t want people to think I was just published for diversity sake!” while also spouting whites only get published because they’re white and nonwhites have to actually work for it. Darling — darling… you just whined that you don’t want your accomplishments to be wiped away as “just because of your race” and you’re doing the same thing to white people.

What all the people in these situations have in common is they create a mountain out of an issue that doesn’t exist and they stew in this pot of resentment of, “everyone is against me. OMG. I AM DOOMED,” to the point that many of them give up, and then they see people like them succeeding and rather than seeing they’ve been living in a life, a boogieman they’ve created, they just pretend they’ve climbed a mountain that doesn’t exist.


Publishing a book is hard; everyone says so. Success is hard; if it wasn’t everyone would be successful. Success is something you actually have to work for, but what Sharma is insinuating in this article is that white people don’t actually work and they also owe everything they have to people who won’t try because they’ve told themselves they will always fail. And no one else is telling them they’ll fail because of their race, mind you. They’re telling themselves that (and blaming white people and society):


Getting back to Sharma and Everyday Feminist…


They want your house, they want your job, they want your stuff, hand it over, bigot.

For real. These people think you’re a Nazi, they’re royalty — more than royalty, they’re gods, and you have to pay for your sins by making them physical offerings.


And you will never see one of these people admit that a white person has worked for what they have. Remember when Bernie Sanders said white people don’t understand what it’s like to be poor? It’s funny the left will say this and then say, “But more whites are on welfare and foodstamps than any other raises! Why are all these white towns so poor if they’re better?!” Funny, isn’t it? But eh, who cares? Sharma feels pretty confident in suggesting every white girl has a Rover or some other nice car that daddy paid for and white people don’t actually have to work and aren’t actually poor. If you listen to some of them, they’ll even say Oprah Winfrey, billionaire, has less opportunity and is more oppressed than a poor, white man living on food stamps.

According to EF, that white man owes Oprah his food stamps or else he’s a bigot and probably a sexist.


So unless you’re giving your resources to anyone deemed “lesser privileged than you,” you’re a racist. And once you give away all your belongings, don’t think that will appease their greed and hatred. No. Everyone knows the only legitimate offering for true sin, the only thing that is equal to your forgiveness is blood.


First, women were used to get the foot in the door, then the gays. Soon, gays won’t be oppressed enough — It’s already started happening to gay men.

Don’t be fooled. This entire campaign is about stealing resources that people are too lazy to work for. It’s about mental illness and/or jealous, vengeful friends, cohorts,  family, and strangers who sit in the corner and tell each other they’re worthless, unskilled, and will never make it rather than encouraging a healthy, strong work ethic.

They’ll complain how society is telling them they can’t do it; how the success feels fake; how they feel guilty or not good enough when they do finally make it. But that’s not society’s fault, sweetie. That’s your low self-esteem. That’s your family and community telling you you’ll never make it. That’s you, believing them, but wanting so much to believe they don’t hate you when you succeed.

But, I hate to break it to you: if you come from one of these communities, if you start to make it, they’ll start expecting you to redistribute your wealth, success, and resources, because you owe them. This isn’t about racism. This isn’t about social justice.

This is about sloth and greed using manipulative tricks to steal from other people. This is about evil masquerading as a god.


3 thoughts on “Step Up to the Altar of Diversity & Make Your Sacrifice, Sinner

  1. I’m sorry that my objective analysis and critique of radical feminism gave you ammunition for your far more toxic and cancerous right-fringe hate-mongering.
    You’re a writer? You butcher the English language as much as you torture logic and infuse your analysis with mindless right-wing memes.
    You really need a more appropriate career – perhaps Breitbart pundit or Alt-Right street organizer.


    1. Please, feel free to respond to the information and argument. Personal insults are not an argument. I cannot take you seriously as a commentator or thinker considering in three paragraphs all you did was take personal shots and not respond to the critique of ideas you seem to endorse.
      At this point, I dont know what’s “far right” about not giving up the things I earn to someone because of my race and theirs. That seems far more radical to than working for your position and belongings and keeping what you earn.


  2. Ah yes, now your ideology has become clear. Even just looking at your cherry picked statements, you’re making leaps that are not justfied. The first example said that some people have to try harder to get an opportunity, not making a judgment over every single person that has reached success. Some people, like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians you reference, became successful 1000x easier because of famous names and rich connections–not because they’re geniuses. But thanks for proving the point I just made.


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