MSNBC Hostess Suggests “Socialism” be Called “Patriotism”

Earlier this month, Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC went on a short, mocking rant that “we should stop calling it socialism because it scares folks, and instead, call it patriotism.” In the middle of the discussion with her co-hosts Eddie Glaude and Brendan Greeley, she mocks midwestern Americans by donning an exaggerated accent while saying, “Socialism? What’s that? They’ll take all my money!”

As the segment continues, she claims the only reason Americans don’t embrace socialism is because they don’t know what the word really means; Americans hear the word and immediately shut off; she argues that Americans are just too stupid to understand that socialism means healthcare and affordable housing. So in order to get Americans to agree ‘in their best interest’ with socialism, she suggests “taking a page out of the republican playbook,” and in the next moment, she clarifies that she means “Let’s not call it socialism. Let’s start calling it patriotism.”

There are so many things wrong with this statement and this panel, it’s hard to believe this is a mainstream media network in the United States of America. It’s hard to believe people argue that this is credible, trustworthy news.


1. Let’s Not Overlook How They Think They’re Above Average American Citizens


The MSNBC hosts are making fools of themselves as they sit at their desks on television talking down to and about the American people on broadcast television. Here they’re discussing how stupid they think the American people are and how to trick the American people by changing words from something detestable to something that the average American prides himself in being.

Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC thinks the American people are so stupid that she can continually push socialist ideas and the American people will fall behind it as long as she calls it patriotism. This actually shows that she has no idea what patriotism actually means.

From patriotism is: devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.

This means standing by your country’s foundation, belief, and identity. In America, that means standing by the constitution and the Bill of Rights. Socialism, communism, and expanding governments are all directly against the American foundation. In fact, it is so against the American foundation that we have laws against communists and socialists taking office in the United States.

2. Socialism & Communism are Antithetical to America

In the United States, we are granted many rights. Someone in the United States is free to start a socialistic, private enterprise a workers’ cooperative, or an equal-share partnership. There’s nothing in the law that says someone cannot start one of these things as a private enterprise. Now, can that same person implement a socialist government in the United States? No.

In this country, individuals are granted the right to run their personal affairs however they set fit. Under the Guarantee Clause of the US Constitution–Article 4, Section 4, Clause 1, we are also guaranteed a republican form of government:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,”

Rah-rah-rah, I hear you going off. “I’m not a republican though!” To understand what the founding fathers (and the constitution) mean, we have to look deeper into understanding what they meant when they said “republican.” Fortunately, the founding fathers thought ahead and they wrote the Federalist Papers to give us a more context on what they meant by Republicanism in the United States.

A republican government means all citizens are equal under the law and all citizens are collectively sovereign under the law. To be sovereign over oneself means a person has supreme power or authority over themselves. Popular sovereignty is what we currently do where we elect officials to stand up for us as individuals and represent our desires. Popular sovereignty is inconsistent with any form of socialism.

And to be frank, natural and legal rights are not not only incompatible with socialism, but they are the exact opposite of socialism. They’re its antithesis.

A republican government, as promised in the Federalist Papers, requires a large private and civil sector so citizens can pursue their own interests, passions, desires, dreams, and futures in a public sphere that’s limited by exterior powers. However, socialism is completely dependent on a public sphere overseeing the private and social sectors and thus, taking the sovereignty away from individuals seeking their dreams; it’s up to the mob to decide whether an individual is allowed to pursue what he wants.

So in this segment on MSNBC, Ruhle isn’t just asking for socialism in the United States, she’s not simply saying “Lie to the people to trick them into your palm,” she’s saying we need to toss out the constitution, toss out individual rights, and do it without telling people that’s what they’re doing.

3. To Trick Someone to Buy From You Shows You’re Selling Crap

Note that Stephanie Ruhle can’t make a good argument for socialism, so instead of continuing the conversation with anyone who disagrees with her, she prefers to assume everyone who isn’t on “her level (television and above)” deserve to be fooled and lied to and tricked into a cattle position beneath her.

What I saw in this segment was a couple of TV hosts who believe they’re part of some self-appointed royal class. You can bet that if socialism were ever to take over in American, and these people helped put it in place, they would demand or make deals to not have to be part of the ‘lower class” that actually have to pay into socialism and live in dirt huts. It’d be the same thing that happened when Obamacare was passed and government officials wrote a clause that said they didn’t have to follow Obamacare rules (because they know it sucked).

They see the average American as untermensch and it’s obvious in the way these people talk, act, and believe lying to us is justified because they know better.

Look, if socialism is so good, then convince people to be on your side with how good your ideas are, not by rebranding something bad as something good. If no one is buying your chocolate bar made of shit, so you put a Godiva wrapper on it and it starts selling, that doesn’t mean your idea is more popular or that you’re the good guy. You’re still selling shit, but now you’re a fraud and a con.

Keep an eye out guys, because this is what they’ve been doing and this is what they’ll continue to do: change words on an individual basis, trick you into ideas. Imagine someone going, “Yes, I’m a patriot,” but they won’t tell you they mean they’re a socialist. That’s not someone I trust and that’s not a friend or ally.

Keep proving yourselves the enemies of the people, MSM. You really don’t need President Trump to point out your despicable deeds.


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